Beautiful Imperfections.


You know…
                That overly perfect girl or perfect guy? That one ..that one that is so utterly perfect, no spots or blemishes, no commos or downright abbreviations to their perfect form.

That one you feel you cant possibly be from thesame planet …that one that stands out in our already standard world…
Why because…hell! !

They are exceptionally smart, intelligent or even genuises..

Their dentition is infact flawless, physique is impecable..intonation? Their eyes and smiles..
Aahh!! Heavenly divine.

They don’t lie to get out of bad situations..they man up and take responsibility. Surely you should know by now that they aren’t sissies..

FYI…: Sissies are just over-sized babies who actually needs to do some growing up..doesn’t matter if they are huge and are atleast 34.

Like they say..”Maturity isn’t about the age..”

…Anyways, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by me..yours truelly.. (Forgives)

These perfect ones are a beauty to the sore eyes.
They don’t cheat..but cheat death. They dont lie..but lie in the arms of who they love…they dont steal but steal their lovers heart… (as Hitch would rightly agree with me).

they are a bunch of faithfuls fanatics..they would give you the perfect 100% of themselves..

These perfect ones are a perfect combination of this and that..The total package of everything and whatnot…and everyone who is anyone wants to be everything that they are and much more…
A perfect assimilation of bla bla bla and bla…

But that’s all a bunch of fairytales bullshits right…..?

Wouldn’t you agree?

The real undiluted fanatics of our life time are flawed. No matter how detailed they are, to perfections and what not.. especially no matter how much they try to cover up their defects,…they are individually defected in their own way.

we are all exceptionally flawed..but we make do yeah?

We see them and think…yeah! My life is screwed up in all the wrong places. “Look at that…beaut sight!!!”
And you forget to look into the mirror and actually take yourself seriously too.

And you think to yourself…

How can someone be so awesomely cool. Amazing beautiful and perfectly genius. ..and possibly stinkingly rich or just totally loved…and possibly have the most fairytale life..Dream everything and not a care in the word?

I will tell you…

Allow me blow your tiny mind with…nonsense ……..Sensible thoughts.

Mostly..its all make believe.

The celebs we sought after..
The stars they have become…
The gazillion likes and follows and views has just made them into something everyone wants to become…We made them. Without us..obviously they wont be anything worth soughting after …the famous them..but they will be just the plain’ol….plainly so and so and nothing more.

It still doesn’t mean they are better than you…or anyone else.

Yes they may have it all and much more.. but guess what….

Real Fact…: they still take a shit and piss just like everyone else..maybe their farts stinks a whole lot more than ours  due to the excessive pretends they got going for them.
AWESOME RIGHT? *rolls eyes*…
Am sure you didn’t know that.

Oh did you now?
*scratches hairless jaw*



Btw…(No beef)…. (Every pun intended).

From a scale of 1-10..Everything was stepped up a notch and some others went off board and some others just flew off the racket.

We talking…twin towers enhancments..bread taut chicks enlargements..nasal passageway making it all straight and narrow..pointed and knotted…contours driveway..curvy and cindarelaly…liplocks. .Full or thin..barbie looks or like some will have it. …superman in a dress with a barbie features…aka..C.J..  and then they go all sort of muscle twitching on all the facials (Go figure)…and then they come out looking like they stepped out of waters of perfections of their own making…and then w..holdup…back up….just a minute…..

Ya’all got what I did there right.?

If no…you shouldnt be here…thiz really ain’t for the lil shallow minds…ya gat to read in between the lines….seriously you didn’t?  JUST GO BACK UP AND READ IT SLOWLY..IT WILL COME TO YOU…*winks*

If you got a high five.

Moving on.

So they come out looking like something or as the case may be someone God made specially and what do we do?

We drool over them like dogs pining  for that ribboned bone on the shelve out of reach.

We think they can’t make mistakes and they are living the life.

Yes..they seem to got it all.

In fact they do.

What’s worse…We want it too.

Point is… (which is what I have been trying to pinpoint from the very begining)


They have flaws and bad habits too. They make wrong decisions and also ruin their homes.

They travel the world and spend their dough. Yes..they lucky and that’s no joke.

They didn’t drop from the stars. They found their stage and made something and became it.

Did they excel? …mmmm yes.

Should we envy them. No!!

Are they perfect or made from a different planet from ours. What? Hell No!!

Do we ruin ourselves trying to be like them. Bad mistake.

Do we put our lives on pause only to watch them live theirs…wrong choice of living.

No one is perfect.

Yes we are made in the image and likeness of God. That should be content enough..why change you?


We all are imperfect.

But we are beautiful and amazing individually too.
We all got our own spark and glamour and identity going for us.

Trying to be anyone else apart from you is a waste of energy and a drain because you have to keep pretending all the time to keep up.

Being what you arent will always make you change things about your self to suit the environment,  the people, The association you belong to…all in the name of fame…that doesn’t bring happiness and most definitely won’t last for ever.

These perfect people we see…Have to live up to expectations so what they keep doing…is all summed up in all two words..”Distortion of Self!.

Because they are a far cry of what they are supposed to be to what they changed their selves to be…at a point in time they eventually become a shadow of themselves..or what they once was..they might even forget.

No one is perfect.

We should accept our flawed imperfections and only then can we realise that we ooze some inner beauty that shows just how amazingly beautiful we can be without all the baggage of change we Burst into.

So next time when you turn on that tv, walk down the sidewalk, seat next or talk to or get bumped into or whatever the case may be and you go…”

Wow!!..I wish I can be like that, own that etc…Such perfection…

Shut up!!
Take a mirror and take a good look at yourself.
You are beautiful and perfect  just the way you are. Bruno Mars probably knew what he was singing about..and am reffing that to everyone out there.

You don’t need to change anything. Just be you.
Smile..your smile can melt ones heart.
Your laughter can bring happiness.
Being you..just being you may just be what everyone around you needs.
Sometimes it’s not all about the looks.
It’s also your heart …
Your inner beauty is just purely divine.

You may not have the the killer looks or the curvaceous figure.

But you are you.

The ones who alter themselves aren’t themselves any more. Sometimes there ain’t no come backs from their journey..but you are lucky still have you.

So don’t gloat. Don’t envy. Don’t think or believe anyone is perfect. Just know you your own way and even if you don’t have that glam life and whatnot…
You gonna shine two ways Sundays in that lil self of yours…So just smile.

Trust me. You are going to sparkle.



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