#Rebecca Brown


It was my first year in the city and I had made quite a few friends. There were some who mattered and others that were just doves and rare jewels.

Those were my back bone and had shown their worth in these past months. And there were some who got lost in the tide of friendship or forgotten down memory lane because they chose to say goodbyes instead of staying forever.

So tonight we were all going out to celebrate one year of true friendship. The ones that stuck around. We blossomed like the sunflower and glowed.

Nicky my wild pinocchio friend. She got that nickname because of her pointed nose and the fact that when she wants to lie she does it with a snort and a twitch of the nose. Quite silly tho.

At this point in, she was busying trying to frustrate a poor guy down two seats from ours. I could only pity the dude..when Nick digs her finger in a prey it’s so difficult to let go. She doesnt mean harm really. .but the poor guy looks as though he’s gonna run from the slightest chance he gets. She just likes the attention and when she don’t get it. ..whoever in her line of crossfire gets it instead. Smh

I had rejected the liquor offered to me by Linda and refused sam from fussing over me. I asked for ginger ale instead, I stood up reassuring Peter that am fine..and told him to watch Nicky for me,His girlfriend gave me a thumbs up I mouthed a “Thank You”..i winked and took myself away from them and sat at the end of the pub. Where I could take a view of the city at night with its dancing lights. Quite beautiful..If you could see it too.

And then I remembered..
My mind drifted to a place not so long ago.

My Name is Rebecca Brown.

And this is my story….

Xoxoxo. …….

Sometimes tho
Sometimes I wonder..
“Why am I still here??
“What am I waiting for??
‘What’s the end point of this??
…I really ..*sighs*
Sometimes tho..

Xoxoxo. …..

It wasn’t  love at first sight…second or third.
It was “love unexpectedly!!! Yet it hit me with a BANG!!!

I remember seeing him briefly walk across to the customercare table to fill out forms and submit it back to them.
He was tall and lanky…I noticed.

He had a simily resemblance to someone I knew or met or he was just one of those faces..in the crowd..or something like that and one thing stood out..”His nose was slighty or a tad-bit big”..and I smiled. Well that’s a slight memory flick of some newly-acquired family member . And I forgot about him almost immediately.

Barely a few weeks letter. While I and my newly bestbud had to join the community of comrades and fellow “ayes’ and step in line. We couldn’t find our division. We had the name and number but..where the hell were they? It was crowded,hot and sunny and ..being lost or don’t know were we fit in kinda sucked too.

And there she squeals..
“Hey I see a familair face’ he is in our division…let’s go over there”
and she points..
“See that tall dude?” He was giving thesame Sub-division as ours”..
I was like
I could only see the back of the tall dude so…and I wonder how she’ll know that..
She lets on..”he is on the same alpha section assignment as me”
“Oh”! Was my only exclamation.

So we walked over there..
We waited our turn in the line while er’one was signing in. We were right behind “this tall dude”…she infront of me. I had an unbrella cos the sun was burning hot so I was protecting my delicate skin too.

He had to bend to sign..and he turned..and she went “Hi there..can I borrow your pen??
He gave it to her.
He had an accent I noticed
I couldn’t see his eyes..he had shades on. Cute ones by the way. And he was so tall.

He waited behind me. I could somehow feel I was been stared down on..but hey..it could just be the burning sun on my back.

She signed and then I signed next and turned. She was talking to him. Apparently they’ve talked before… more than just “Hi (s) and Hello (s).She seemed confident enough.

Then he looks at me.
“Er Hello” my reply with the briefest smile i could muster.
He stretches out his hand..it was long. Which was obvious enough because of his height. He had long fingers but slim. More like a pianist. I realised I was staring and it seemed awkward because he was watching…and waiting..
“Hey” he chuckled. “Down to earth missy”..


“Oh am sorry..”…what did you say?”.
“I said…my name is…Sebastian.” he looks at his outstretched hand again.

*Oh bollocks*..I mentally kick myself. I quickly take his in mine. They were exceptionally soft for a guy. Damn.

“Rebecca. Rebecca brown.” Shyly. “Nice to meet you.”
He smiles. He had the cutest smile.

You know what really strikes me about a guy?
His smile and his eyes. It’s like a theory I can’t explain..but his eyes must reflect what’s in his heart..and when he smiles it should reach his eyes..One cant work without the other to know just how genuine he can be.

“What section are you in”?….He asked toweling over me. I felt intimidated. I was an average. I was barely over his waste line. And that ascent again. I grimaced.

“mum told me not to talk to strangers….”…I blinked four times and dangled side by side on my feet….just like a lil girl would. It disappeared just as soon as it came.

“Darn”…..He exclaims feigning hurt…

“Especially ones having shades on. You could tell alot about someone from the eyes you know…and I can’t see yours. But I really like your glasses..can I see’im?

He had the broadest smile. “For a second there I thought you would walk away….breaking my heart in your wake.”

Lol. A Words man. Right.

Nicky had seemed to assimilate herself into the small crowd around us..pops her head out once in a while and screams..”am over here”..when she feels I was looking for her. I would smile.

He had taken off the glasses and handed them to me.hmmm.
“Here try it on”.
“Really?”…I said trying it on. “Am a sucker for cute things. I could very well keep it if it suits me you know.”

“You can. You should. I will let you have it gladly”…
“How do I look..” turning my face from side to side..like someone posing for a camera click.

Guys and their way with words. I roll my eyes in my mind.

I took off the glasses and then I was mesmerised. I had forgotten about the eyes but as I saw them I felt I was being sulked in…into light blue waters surrounded by a soft glow of dimly light golden sunflowers.  Then he smiled..and it light up like firefires on a burn fire night.  Damn those eyes.
I kick myself again.

“Its cute..erm your glasses..its nice..Cute. .really cute.”.
“I actually do meant you can have it tho..for real. It suits you more than it does me. No joke.”..He says

Of course you would say that. Men.!

“Nah I was kidding about taking it.”..I laughed.

Nicky appears out of nowhere. “Hulo”

“Oh hey..can I have your number..?”.He says …talking to Nicky…”You know for AphaSection info. You could relay to me just in case am absent and all. That cool? Don’t want to entirely flunk my programme evne  if am not thrilled about it….”

“Yeah sure”…”here’s my pin to”..reffing to her phone..”just send me a request” ..Nicky says smiling.

Forward Nicky. i shake my head. Typical.

I figured it was time to move on to the Biz of the day. I looked away scanning the small crowd dispersing into their various section houses…I got tapped out of my reverie..

“Can I have yours too? That accent.
I smiled and shoke my head..from side to side.
“We arent on thesame team..I am decipherSection 50…”….”that’s not the reason am asking for yours” he cuts in.

Oh.! Durr Rebs. I kick myself again. Maybe a bit harder. I figured if he really looked he would see me grimace in pain.

“Er..ok”…I called out my pin and left him hanging without the number.
My house door was closing ..I had to ball..didn’t want to be the last one in when everyone was seated. I hated the spot on.
“Later Nicky”….”bye”…looking at him.

He looked distraught.  I wondered whatever reason for. Men can be strange sometimes.

I looked back briefly and saw both of them walking to their AphaSection house together behind the small crowd infront of them. Nicky was chattering and he was just nodding and saying nothing. Flicking his phone on and off.

I entered into the crowded room. Took my seat. Got out my writting materials and forgot about him inmediately.

Unaware my subscription had expired two hours earlier.

That was 2weeks ago.
We had tiny programme break so everyone went home for two weeks.
I had had issues with my phone so been off the social netwrk for that while.

I got it fixed and renewed.

Like a thousand messages came in and a few pin invites.

I sifted through and accepted the few.

One with “GotoguyMtSabs”..Had the much pings.

I had just settled in from a section class. Nicky was rustling something in the kitchen and i was surfing through my movie collections to watch something other than my mirror.

I decided to reply the pinger..

#BrownbarbieRebecca. ..”Helo”…

#GotoGuyMrSabs……..”Hi”…”Rebecca? “Rebecca brown”?
“Girl am gonna whoop your ass when I catch you”
“You’ve driven me half crazy for these past 14 days”
“I thought I got the ping wrong..do you know how many times I deleted and resent it..? …” like a million times already”
“Argh I knew you were mean..how could you treat a guy like that..couldn’t even drop your number…I nearly died out of frustration. .”
“And right now from attack when it finally got accepted.”
“Damn girl…you know how long I waited…”
“How are you?..
“Can I have your number please please please…?? You possibly can’t put me through this torture again..I will die..For reall and come back and haunt you….Please! !!!!!!

I had to smile.

Lol. I had give it to the guy. He was funny. And persistent. Silly man.

#BrownBarbieRebs….”well…ok. fine. If only you promise to be nice now”

#GotoGuyMrSabs. …”No.!!

#BrownBarbieRebs. …”What!!?

#GotoGuyMrSabs. …”Lol. I was kidding”. “Ofcos I promise.””Just give me already ok. God knows what might happen in the next one second and am back to square one. That will really hurt a nigger you know???”

I gave him. The call came in like magic.

We talked for awhile. He got to find out I and Nicky lived together and nearly kicked himself for not bugging her for my number. He would have gotten in touch with me a long time ago…and said we might have been in stage two by now.

I asked what he meant. He laughed it off and changed the topic.

That was a month ago.
Xoxoxo xx. …
…………To be continued……


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