#Rebecca brown……xoxo Cont.2


Xoxoxo. ……

It’s been an entirely rough week. Though tired and spent..I was excited and nervous about this evening.

Points to take note off today.
1. Don’t over talk and be too quiet. It gets chattering and boring.
2. Don’t stare at those Damn eyes
3. Don’t blush when he smiles and stares with those Damn eyes.
4. Remember 1,2 and 3.

Nicky had walked in on me talking to myself to what seems like the 100th time that day. And rolls her eyes at me. “Chicken” she mutters under her breath.

“whatever!!” I reply and stuck out my tongue at her.

The day begun.
First I had a scheduled 501 prog class today and it would end at about 3:30..
I needed just about 15 minutes to get home…freshen up and am all good to go.

I wondered if being on time would scream ….”I have been looking forward to this”
Or maybe I should just flung back another hour and let him sweat it out…but again..would it scream….”playing badass?!!

Gee. I don’t know. I rubbed my forehead.
We are not supposed to think through this right?

For the past couple of weeks…We’ve had interesting conversations.

He seemed ok enough. Chatting with him. We could go on for hours and I have already become comfortable and looked forward to hearing from him. He told me he liked me.

I didnt know what to make of it. So I let it pass.

He liked music. Not the usual kinds..but music that actually made sense you know…He did like country too. Ha!!Mum would love this guy. He was something of an intellectuate. He spoke history like he was amongst the past. He read alot of books. A sucker for spots. Game freak. He was playful. We joked around a couple of times. And I find myself laughing silly.

He wasn’t dull. That was something.

But that’s just a side that people might want you to see. What if he was different from all that…gee!!!! That will be sour.

I noticed it  became cloudy outside.

Way to go rain. Spoiler alert.!!!

We agreed to meet up at my place. I was comfortable at my place. He agreed. He would come back with Nicky after Alphadivision duties. They had field work.

It had begun to drizzle a nickel…bit by bit.
Damn..where the hell are they.??

My phone beeped with the glow of the red light flickering off and on.

#GotoGuyMrSabs. ….”Hey you! How did your day go.
#BrownbarbieRebecca. ..”Hi! It went ok. Am just beat up. Yours?

#GotoGuyMrSabs. …”well it depends…..
#BrownbarbieRebecca  …”Depends on……what?

#GotoGuyMrSabs. ..”Gee lemme see…
1.i couldn’t concentrate so I got multiple finger burns because I kept burning them instead of the screws.

2.i got hit on the head by a huge spatula all because I didnt dock as it swung by because I was day dreaming.

3.i couldn’t understand a word the programmer was saying because it felt as though he was speaking Russian whereas I was reading our conversations from before so when I got asked a question I stared blankly for like 5 straight minutes..mute.

Eventually my brain rebooted so I was saved from the misery of embarrassment..not without a jab from my buddy frank. He snickered all through the rest of the class after that…and sends me countless same message of ….”Sabs been pussy-wooped!!!!”
“Don’t worry I Jabbed him back. He’ll be a good boy from now on.”

#BrownBarbieRebs . …..”lmao. Silly!!
#GotoGuyMrSabs. …”So watcha up to?

#BrownBarbieRebs . ……”Er. .well…trying to take a nap. So tired you see.

Lair Rebs. You sitting by the window praying the rains don’t come rushing down and you got all prettied up..checking your time every two minutes. Waiting to see when a cab will pull up and Ta-Dah!!!!

Shut up Rebs.

You shut up too Rebs.

Ohk am going crazy talking to my selfs.
Literally…..how many of you guys are there eh? Knocking my head.


#GotoGuyMrSabs. ….”Ping!!!
“Ping!!!! “Ping!!!!!!….”Er Rebs…are you there?
“Hulo ooo! !!

#BrownBarbieRebs ….”Yeah sorry…What was that?
#GotoGuyMrSabs. ….”uuukkay. Er…so its about to rain. I was thinking we should take a rain check? I don’t want to keep you waiting till after it stops plus…I won’t be a gentleman if that happens. Maybe tomorrow? ? The forecast claims it will be bright and sunny….

Excitement level drops from 99% to about 00.1%.

#BrownbarbieRebecca. …”Yes totally. Sure. Of course. I was about to tell you same thing. Plus am all tucked in…its getting cold and am tired and feeling sleepy too. Woundnt have been much of a good company by the way…you know. Sure. Totally. Tomorrow. ..right yeah! Thanks for understanding.

Lair lair Rebs is a big Fat lair.

Shut up!!!!

*Sebastian smiled broadly. *silly girl*……he says to himself. He looks out of the window…blawdy rain. Just a few minutes more and I’ll be good.

The girl seating next to him kept chattering nonstop.

“I mean who talks that fast and that much and without stopping to take breaths in between. ??? ..” he thinks to himself ….

He keeps feigning interests but his mind was elsewhere.

The girl next to him said…”Not long now”

Now that was the only thing that he was interested in. He smiled and laid his head back and closed his eyes.

Xoxoxo xoxo. ….


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