#RebeccaBrown …..Xoxox Cont.3

Xoxoxo. ….

Soooo stupid Rebs.

Kicking my self both mentally and physically.

Awww don’t be so hard on yourself Rebs.

Shut up Rebs.

Gee…Damn girl ….okay. I was just trying to help.

Get lost.


*bangs conscience door*.

“Oh well!!…muttering….”What was I thinking?
“That he was as thrilled as I was to finally hang out after a couple of weeks of nonstop chats and calls.? …*scoffs*

I had stopped pacing the length of my room…and threw myself facedown on the bed.
I immediately jumped up and turned facing up. I just put fresh bedsheets on the bed and I couldn’t possibly smear it with my makeup.

Looking around the room now i realised i had actually tried to clean it up some.
Nicky sometimes can be a dude.

Dumping her cloths on the ground as she comes in taking them off. And going into the shower.
I literally pick them up after her.

Then she’ll brush her teeth…After pressing the paste from the middle. Gee who does that? What ever happened to pressing it from the bottom. Argh…she never listens.

Then her makeup and accessories. ..jewels all scattered everywhere cos she never stays at a place. She tells me no one is that “clean” and so “arranged”. I tell her …it makes me umcomfortable..and I cant sit and wait for her to pick up her shits. She never does and i have to  do it. I feel better afterwards.

Damn…The pain of a roomie.

Now…no Nicky. So its all prim and proper.

The room had a pinkish feel…I like pink ..Well…we like pink and we touched it up with a lil blue…so we don’t come off as entirely. ..girlie. well even though we actually were…but hey!!*shrugs*

so the wall had a shade of both pink and light blue…dancing around the edges had a drawing of a sunflower…disappearing into the far end.

There was a poster on the wall that depicts a beach…fruits…and wild trees.
A girl in bikini was nipping pineapple and smiling at a stranger who had a cowboys hat..With a drink in his hand while he basks under the piercing sun..peering at her under his hat.

I got up from the bed and shifted a ballerina portrait because it was blocking the view of the  clock on the TV stand.
We had one cushion, a wooden chair and table for serious study work…With a flashbulb on top.

I had not bothered to look out the window again because I knew he wasn’t coming.

I walked back to the bed tying my hair into a bun. Changed into a denim short and a pulled out a loose fitting shirt and immediately noticed that it had words of…”silly lil girls”….. written infront.

“Oh come on!!!!”….. I exclaimed.

I wore it anyway.

“No better way to cheer a girl up than cookies and chocolate with a glass of berry blast”……I opened the table top fridge beside the bed…ok…Nicky happened.

“Atleast she saved me a bar.”….”Damn girl eating all my goodies without even buying for once.”

Making a mental note to pinch her silly.

I crunched on the chocolate. Scrolled down to Taylor swifts album on my phone and clicked play..filling my ears as i plunged in the ear piece. I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes. Tay songs blasting through till July.

Xoxoxo xo. ……

That’s why I didnt hear the car pull up..nor see two people alight from the vehicle.

The shorter of the duo was fighting to open up her unbrella and mistakingly hits the taller one with it. He wriggles it out of her hand and opens it like a stud. She mumbled a “sorry”…He nodded an “okay”…covering them both as he paid the cab fare.

Xoxoxo xo. …

Sabastain had wondered why she didnt ping afterwards.
He decided to let her be. No need bugging her some.

The girl beside him hadn’t stopped chattering. Mehn the girl can talk. How does anyone cope with that? He possibly couldn’t.

Reminds him a lil about his 6years old baby brother. But he was inquisitive. He asked about a thousand questions in like five minutes. And when you done answering one he adds another two hundred. The lil dude never gives up.

Follows him around all day when he is home. Like his… his hero or something. Their dad was late so…He was his next best thing. After he gets all pampered up by ma and sissy tania. ..He hangs around him for the Boyz stuffs.

He loved the lil guy. So much of Pa in him.

That’s why it doesnt bug him some when he jumps up and down on his bed…while he is listening to music.He picks him up from his feet and dangles him from side to side…makes him laugh. Piggy rides are his height fav.

Study time…big bro becomes stern and lil teddy got to learn…. else he will smack his butt hard. “All play and no homework makes lil teddies dull” he told him always.

He flicked his wallet open and looked at the picture of his family. His father..ever smily. His mother..With the hugest of love in her heart…looking at her husband with love and trust. His sister tania and him in a warm shoulder  embrace and lil teddy on his shoulders, legs swung around his neck..With a red baseball cap smiling from ear to ear with both hands up in the air. He missed them. It’s gonna to be another 3 long months before he gets another break.

He got snapped back to reality…
“We’ll get off by that brown gate there…”…she was saying.

He sat up immediately. And smiles to himself. He didnt know her all that well..but he was pretty sure she was going to flip. But what he wasn’t sure was if it’s going to be a good or bad flip. Well he was about to find out. ….*whoop! !!!!!! On his head*

“Wtf!!!!” ……He exclaimed docking too late and rubbing his head.

She apologised and he acknowledged and quickly…takes the unbrella from the struggling girl and opened it up. Covering them both not without having a few drops of rain on both of them. He pays the fare. Thanks the driver and turns.

“Lead the way’?….He asked
“Er sure….”…..she said.
they both walked to the gate.

She knocked. Five minutes later.. The gate opens slighty…as the security man peered and recognised a face..he opened it all the way and let them both in.

It was more of a flat he noticed. About five rooms. They shared the place with  other colleagues. Girls and guys alike. He gathered from when Nicky was chattering in the cab.

Some where friendly and others weren’t.  They kept to themselves mostly and fratenized with ones that were friendly enough.

As they walked in…noise of laugher was coming from the far end of the wall.
“That’s chimaera and her groupies”…
“They are usually loud that way”
“Party when they have the chance….still have time for subsection duties so…” ..*she shrugs*

She knocked on the door as we turned right. Sebastian had placed the unbrella standing by the side of the wall so the water could drip off. He heard footsteps and looked left up and noticed two dudes coming down the stairs….

*hey Nicky!….The first one called out…”How ya doing?”….” Guy what’s up?….reffing to Sebastian. ..

“am fine dearie..just fine.”….she replies grinning from ear to ear…
“Is Rebecca home?”….she asked

“Hey what’s up man”….Sebastian answered and  nodded to the other dude. He gave a thumbs up and a head acknowledgement. They were too far apart so hand shaking guys rituals couldnt take place.

“Er I think so….am not sure tho…its been pretty quiet”….The first guy..says

“Its always pretty quiet when Rebs alone….”the other guy interjected…

“Well true!!”..first guy Continues…”just knock harder or better still call her…”…….”Later guys”
And they both walked into the living room …….”dude am going to crush you in soccer”
“Yeah you wish”….voices faded as the sound of the TV came on….

*knock knock knock*
*knock knock knock knock!!!!!
“Rebecca Brown open the door damnit”..

Xoxoxo xo. …..

I was singing the words to little big town’s “Girl crush” at the top of voice. Legs crossed on the wall…back to the bed and hands at the back of my head moving from side to side.

I didnt get it but I liked the song. It came off as gay tho…you know….judging from the lyrics…
“I wanna kiss her lips…yeah cos it tastes like you..
“I want to drown myself. ….in a bottle of her perform…Ecetera Ecetera. …”I have a girl crush…..Ecetera Ecetera…

But I liked the instrumentals…I liked the way she sounded and the music sounded ….but I still will  check sideways twice before I be singing the song at the top of my lungs outside..

People probably wouldn’t get that.. …and I think that…she crushing on a girl who got her man or probably took her man from her..so because she cant get him back and missing him like crazy…she ends up crushing on the girl that he is with because that’s the closets she can feel,touch or be with him. Gee iono…can’t even explan it…too much….I rather just sing the song.

I was on the last verse of it when I heard the knocking that sounded as tho the door was about to fall off…
I started…I listened..There it was again…*bang bang bang*…my heart skipped…I looked around swiftly…nothing to use as protection just in case I was under attack…

*bang bang bang*
*BANG BANG BANG*…I jumped up standing on the bed…legs apart..One hand crushing my phone to my chest and the other hand deciding  what to do by flexing its fingers…”What? ??….”Really now??…I look at it…

My face began looking from side to side..eyes darting really fast wondering and thinking of what to do…heart pumping. .sweat breaking out on my forehead….

Crap!!!! I removed my ear phones swiftly as I heard the last BANG. Just when I was about to say the Lord’s prayer….. to surrender myself to the fate behind the door…I hear a sweet familar sound..

“Rebecca brown open the   door damnit!!!!”

Mehn!! I have never breathed a sigh of relieve this much in my entire life. I managed to calm myself and  screamed back….

“Gimme a second..”….i grabbed the key from the table and scooted to the door. We never leave the key in the key hole.

I put the key into the key hole and turned the knob while still talking…….pulling the door open backwards and staring ….
“jeez girl
..you nearly was about to give me a heart attack just no……”

Xoxoxo. …………



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