I had tossed and turned…unable to sleep anymore..
I soon realised why…I was freezing and hadn’t any duvet to cover my freezing body.

I checked the time only to realise it was a few minutes past 2am.
It was the wee hours of a Saturday morning.

He was an arms length away. Must have crawled into bed during the night. Passed out as he does usually from a long days work.

The sounds of voices coming out of the TV. ..I realised he forgot to turn it off. I picked up the remote from where it must have fallen to the side of the bed. I muted the sound….on a seconds thought I turned it off.

He flinched abit..probably due to the change in the sound of the room.

It was freezing cold and the curtains was drawn upwards..allowing the cold air to rush through. I could get up and fetch the duvet but I was darn too lazy to do so..I wasn’t sleepy but my body felt too tired nontheless.

I stayed motionless for a few minutes. I willed warmth but ofcos I knew no magic…so that was plain silly.

I picked up my phone..and tried to read something off the Internet …stuffs about dolphins and malequins which ofcos didn’t make sense. I flipped the phone off and looked at him.

So peaceful.

I realised why my body felt weak to stand up…He had one leg sprawled over mine..was weighty enough for me to feel as though I got weighed down by a truck..and i didnt want to wake him up by moving. I laid there.

My teeth was already gritting and I had goosebumps appearing on my arms. I shivered. “Darn it to shickles ” I muttered to myself.

I tried moving him but he wouldn’t budge. He muttered something under his breath. I tried again and it just made him roll over and now i had both legs over my form crushing me.

“Damn it”….
“If your legs weigh a ton …..I wonder what your entire form would weigh”….I muttered trying to wriggle free.

Ofcos I didnt have much strenght so I gave up.
I felt crammed already.

He hated been woken up from his sleep. He says it distorts his functionality in the morning because good sleep requires good work. Bad sleeps screws everything up. And he hated when his days gets screwed. I don’t hear the end of it.

He can be sweet when he wants too. And terribly mean when he wants to too. Right now I don’t need no mean sam.
Had enough of mean sam the day before the day so…I think I was going to pass.

I was cold and stuck. Buried under leggy weight. And it was about 3:45 now…i still wasn’t sleepy. If i stay like this till morning I would be a cold turkey for stake out. sure he woundnt turn down the idea of eating me up. He got twisted Ideas Sometimes about cooking my kidneys and feeding it to the birds…I know he was joking but there was sometime sinister about it.

Another 30minutez. ..I didnt care about mean sam again..I could hardly flex my fingers. With all I got I pushed both legs off my body…rolling it hit the ground with a thud…

My first thought and exclamation  came in unison. it took about 10 seconds tho…and his eyes flew open…
“Wtf?….He spewed..

My first reaction…play dead. Don’t move don’t make a sound. Just stay still and it will pass like a hurricane. My heart began to beat like a thousand different drums in one minute. I was scared he would hear it. I stopped breathing.
“SHIT!!! SHIT!!!!SHIT!!!
My brain started working over time.

He sprang up as tho he caught fire up his ass. He looked from the bed to ground…and probably wondered how he got there. Then he looks at me..

My heart caught in my mouth…I could see him while I peered from the corner of my eye.
Plus I got full lashes helped some.
Plus the room was dark save from the sunlight coming in from the rising sun from the sunset through the window.
Some heavenly being be watching over me tonight.  Yes!!!!

It still didn’t stop him from taking a closer look..I realised the position of the room has shifted..or was it him that had moved somewhat closer..I almost gave a yelp but caught myself.

He was two inches away from my face..

“Oh am gonna get mean sam this morning…”…I began preparing myself for the worst….and resigned myself to what’s to come forth….I have to start making my apologises…besides if I didnt move him he would have crushed me to death…or I would have frozen to death right right???….I thought….

Not as though it would make him bother. I woke him up. Sam hates that shit…fudge!!!!!!

He was peering checking to see if I was asleep. Next thing I saw his right hand going up….
“Oh lawd”
” it’s coming down…..”

I couldn’t watch..I couldn’t and I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the inevitable.


I took a minute before I registered what I felt…
It wasn’t pain…but soothing relieve.

He ran his hand over  the length of my arm and cursed…
“Damn liz…you are freezing”

He got up..opening the warddrop pulling out a duvet..He pulled the window shutters down…still allowing the faint glow of the sunset in.

He laid down…covering us both.

I felt him pull me to himself..turned me …and hugged me from behind. .tugging my feets inbetween his legs…just the way he knew I like to keep them there…

He started to rub my arms till I felt the goosebumps recinding back. I stopped shivering….my teeth stopped the cracking sounds too. His hot breath on my neck sent warmth down to my spine. I relaxed..

“Silly girl.”…He muttered nibbling my earlobe.
‘I knew you were awake the whole time.”…..

My eyes flew wide open.



2 thoughts on “Sunsets!!!

  • I love this story, “sunset”. The use of flashback is awesome, but the suspense is overwhelming. I am tempted to think there is a piece missing to connect events in chapter 12 to chapter one. big up though, creativity at its best.

    • Thank you so much. Lol. I am yet to finish it. Paused to finish some other pending stories I am.working on.
      But don’t fret, I would soon go back to it and then you can put in all the missing puzzles together. Thank you so much and stick around.
      Check out other stories too.


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