#RebeccaBrown. …Cont. 5


Xoxoxo. ..

Sebastian had loved talking to her…
He had even preferred watching her talk. She had this shyness about her that made her even more  cute.

Her piercing eyes…The slight curve of her lips upwards when she smiled..her light high pitch sound when she laughed…He ended up laughing with her.

He really wanted to talk to her..understand her and know her thoroughly..she kept him awake sometimes at night…just wondering how today would be. If only he could get her alone. He wasn’t nervous or shy…some people say he was quiet. Sometimes he usually is…but he was a talker…she doesnt know that yet. He needed her alone…
“can’t her friend take a hint.?…Sebastian wondered to himself.

Nicky came at him with questions she shouldn’t be asking…about girlfriends and sex…gee what a girl. He answered them anyways…atleast it would give her …rebecca …abit of an insight to know him…she would probably eventually have to ask them herself…but atleast she would know him somewhat before then.

When she went outside to meet Nicky. ..He just watched her from where he was sitting ..through the window. .He smiled when he saw them playing hit and pinch with each other…they seem close enough. Other girls would probably get angry for trying to talk to their date about something personal. Rebs seems simply enough.

He was surprised when she tapped the bed for him to sit. He was sure she didnt mean it but did it absentmindedly. .when he refused the offer of the cookie and indicated she feed him…He didnt want to find out or see if she changed her mind…Every reason to be close to her…He jumped at it.

He almost made her choke…she did sha. He nearly kicked himself. .and smiled when she refused his glass of juice. ..and he fed her a theory…and was happy she obliged.

Nicky woundnt stop talking and he had to struggle to understand her questions and answer and at the same time…fighting the feelings he was getting from  being close to Rebecca. She smelled of roses and honey …his heart was beating faster than usual..

He was enjoying her feeding him…and liked it when she rested her head on his knee and looking into his eyes as he talked about alot of different things..she seemed interested enough and laughed at his stupid jokes…

“Gosh you are beautiful”….He remembered telling her that ..She would turn pink and try to look away..He would stop her with the tip of his finger…and keep her looking at him…and when he was going to say something equally nice again…Nicky happened. …spoiling it with her unending talks or questions…Sebastian would smile when he sees Rebs rolling her eyes….and she said….”have you met my friend Nicky? ????….and we would both laugh. Mehn sometimes he felt like gagging that girl.

He realised at some point she dropped her shyness and became somewhat bold. He liked that. She didn’t move when he touched her hair…nor pinch her nose slightly. ..she did flick his a couple of times…

She was playful Sebastian noticed. .atleast they woundnt be bored.

He wondered how her lips would taste…He wondered that for half of the day…especially when he got her pinned.

He remembered they were playing little red and the big bad wolf…He remembered nuzzling her neck…and fighting the urge to remain there more than necessary.

The wriggling movement made him  yearn for something more…He looked into her eyes…it was a bit watered…
and she was smiling and laughing…she told him that happened alot when she was in rib cracking laughter.

He remember having her up and close to him…trying to reach for her nose…pretending to want to bite it off…and her head side to side movement trying to dodge from him…so he had pinned her again and trying. ..nuzzeling her too…lawd she was squirming. …his heart was catching in his chest….his blood racing in his veins…

He didn’t know why but he stopped and stared …paused and transfixed…He realised she had noticed the sudden abruptness. ..and peered from under her lashes…then she opened her eyes and looked back at him. Damn!! He knew if he didn’t kiss her soon he would go crazy from the thought of it.

That moment…He coudnt hear Nicky ‘ s thousand questions…or the distant voices of the housemates…He couldn’t hear the ticking of the clock or the sound of the shower tap coming off  and on…or the sounds of the cars Horning outside the gate…it felt as though he could see just her..that they were both alone..together..another to share a sizzling …hearth throbbing kiss…If only he could close on that .

All he could hear..was the beatings of his heart that sounded like large drums beaten…fast fast and faster….He  noticed her pulse had quickened…He looked into her eyes and was drawn in…He left her eyes and looked at the bridge of her nose..He passed that and concerntrated on the her lips that was beckoning to him as a blood would salivate Edward Cullen in twilight …

Just like Edward…This was his bella…and her lips was the Cure to the torment that was threatening his very manly essence…to shatter him to his very core…those lips…The way it moved…opened up and closed…right now it was slightly parted…she had liked them a second ago because she felt a sudden  patch…a dryness of the lips….He could hear her heart beating too…or did he…?

Sebastian was in turmoil….

He choose that moment to look back at her eyes…If she didnt stop him he was going to kiss her. Oblivious of Nicky here.
“Can’t the girl just give them one minute of space?
“…Damn Rebs stop me”… he pleaded.

But Rebecca was staring back at him…unmoving…just then his eyes caught a certain movement to her lips…she just bit her lower lip…


He didnt know when he said that out loud ….that was his undoing….

she had closed her eyes just then…his nose was already bruising the tip of hers…which was warm and his was cold…and all he wanted was to savour that lips of hers…He closed his eyes.. ready to lock it in…..and…”Bam!!!!”

Nicky choose just then to shove her phone in their faces….like some enemy of progress. ..If he didn’t know better Sebastian would figure Nicky was jealous her friend was getting game. He laughed at the memory.

He hadn’t realised it was pretty late. He told the Nicky bye and held on to Rebs hand…Sebastian wanted her to walk him goodbye.

A the gate…He wished he had more time.
He didnt want to go. He told her that or he hoped she knew or realised that much.
He realised that some times she read his mind without him having to say anything. He thought that was pretty cool.

She felt good…hugging her…He wanted to smell her hair…and hold on to her even if it was for a minute before he goes back home to his cold bed.

When he realised he was going to have an SBS…(serious boner syndrome)…just by holding onto her and thinking of what he would have done to those lips of hers…He had to let her go and shuuu her inside…

Yes..He was going to miss her…He thought to himself. And that was a good thing.

When he watched her leave…He realised he had a good day..so good that he forgot he hadn’t had anything to eat…safe from the cookies and juice he enjoyed because she fed him.

He laughed.
“Damn Rebs”…
“If only you know what you do to a guy” ..He said to himself.
He started to whistle a happy tone to himself…and walked his way down the streets…waited for a cab to take him home.

He stayed alone…so he rustled something to eat…took a cold shower to clear his head….sports wasn’t on his mind right now so he skipped on the premier league going on…turned off the TV. .put on music instead and increased the volume. He liked music.

He put his phone on charge..turned it on…Scrolled down to Rebs name…and dialed. ..and waited..

She picked on the second ring ..
“Helo?’….his heart did a dance…

They spoke for another few minutes..and continued talking on the social network. …for hours…

By the time they finally said goodnight …and dropped their phones…it was about 2:30 am…Saturday.

He went to bed…thoughts of Rebecca flooding his mind….The unfinished business he hopes to finish next time….
He was looking forward to their next meet…and he prayed Nicky would be like a million miles away or far from being a buzz kill.

…..that was about two weeks ago…

Xoxoxo. ……


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