Everyone is special too!!!


Xoxoxo. ..

Often times we forgot that we have gone a whole week without eating.
We have walked miles and had sores under our feets..
We have slept on hard surfaces so much that our bodies have become used to it.
We have been beaten so badly by the rain…it had become our shower.
….I think people forgot that we are humans too.

Often times the scorching sun burned our skin…
We are tired out from… begging  from hand to hand to feed our mouth…
Sometimes they fail to see the tears in our eyes…when they turn us away…
Or the old woman by the corner…battling flies away from perching on the little boys sores…that’s the woman who bore me and my little brother sick from day memoral….
Don’t they see we also deserve a little care?..

Often times….we have walked …using our hands for directions or sticks to make sure we don’t fall into a gutter…or hold on to another person so atleast we don’t get run down by another car.
Everything is pitch black…no one cares to ask why…everybody just turned the other way…and pushed us on our way…regardless we were too blind to know  which way….
Can’t they tell…we are like babies without eyes…?…blind as a bat…and not a help in sight..

Often times….we had wished we could tell a sound from the other…or be able to hear our mother’s voice or the sounds of laughter of the children  close by. we have often wondered what it would be like..to be able to hear the sound of a car Horning before it hits us…or the sound of gunshots and ducks to the ground before it pierces our skin…and drops us to the ground…or hear them calling out to ours…when there were a few crumbs of bread in the gabbage can…full of smelling leftovers..that we could eat from?… can’t they notice that we don’t know what they are saying?…how do I relate?

Often times….we have arrived a few minutes too late to our destinations. ..pushed aside by a mopping crowd..stepped on because we couldn’t move out in time. ..or when everyone was running for cover ….we were caught and beaten…regardless if we were at fault..it didn’t matter…we were the ones they could catch up with when everyother person ran for cover..
Couldn’t they tell we are a bit different…shorter than normal not because we were dwarfs…can’t they see  we have no legs? We crawl on our hands…or woods with roller legs taken out of boxes or trolleys. Did anyone care…?

Often times we have cried while we slept..We have prayed the night would end..taking us with it…
We have given up hope…no body really cares…

We walk around and see people driving cars and splash water on us…we have walked past homes and saw them giving dogs foods meant for humans…and threw us the bones…
We have seen the government tell lies to enrich themselves…and care not that we also need abit of help.

We have asked God why…a million times to
o many.
Did they forgot…that we also need attention.

Did they forget that we are humans….
We breath…laugh and sleep alike.

We hunger and thirst and hope alike.

We pray and fast and want a better life alike.

We are thesame.

We may speak different languages and are  borne out of different mother’s. ..but the process of conceiving and birthing are thesame….we all own one umbilical cord that gets to be cut…that same cry of life…

Then why do you treat us differently?

Is it our fault we are like these too?

Alone. Despised.  Misunderstood. Casted away..?

It’s also your fault because you looked away when you could give.
You looked away when you could help.
It’s also your fault when you preached  but not act on it..
It’s also your fault when you shouted at me to stop cleaning your car because you didnt want to give me any money.
It’s also your fault when you wund up your window so you wouldn’t hear our pleas.
It’s also your fault when your crossed the road so we wouldn’t bump into you and you release that which you have.
It’s also your fault when you threw away food instead of giving it to us.
It’s also your fault when you  cursed us..becuase you think us to be less human and undeserving of your love and car.
It’s also your fault when you have the time of your life and forgot to show us just a little bit…of that happiness.
It’s your fault too…we are the way we are…

If everyone cared just a little about us…I guess we won’t be this way for ever but we would be ok too. ..

Instead everyone washed their hands of us…everyone thought it wasn’t their responsibility to care for us because they weren’t the government. ..but they didn’t know it’s people that make up the government. …so its your fault too…

Just because we arent lucky or opportuned to have what every other person have doesn’t mean we are less of a person.
Just because we have one shortcoming or the other doesn’t mean we never try to be better than we are.
Just because you see us on the streets day in and day out doesn’t mean we didn’t Try to change our situations but no one gave us the time or the day..doesn’t we didn’t atleast try..
Still doesn’t mean you should treat us as nothing but trash like the earth’s scum

We may be less privileged..We may be among the low caste…we may be among the undernourished but we are still humans. And we also deserve your love and care too.

Who are we?

We are that child, that elderly man or woman..we are the beggers. .we are the blind and handicapped..we are the deaf and dumbs…we are the crippled…we are the disease stricken…the undernourished and improverished…and we need your love too.

We are humans…and we are all special too!!!


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