#RebeccaBrown. ..Cont. 6



I was seated in the third roll…I and Nicky.
The place was cramped…with everyone.
There was a general meeting for the entire team…merged together.
It was slated for 12pm.. we got in 30minutez earlier so we could get a good place to sit.

Plus I hated the spot on when entering a crowded room..I was shy like that..
With everyone seated and then a  girl walks in and if she is fine a whistle goes off here or a howl there…could make a girl miss a step if she ain’t confident enough…

Nicky didnt mind so much…she loves the attention..
But I did….. plenty…
And I had earlier threatened to disfriend her just ncase she thought to wait a good one hour before entering the hall…and I didnt want to walk alone nor seat alone and I would make her life miserable if she dared to leave me by myself…
She submitted…..
Our friendship was bondful like that.

Folks trooped in…in ones..twos…fours and in groups…
You could tell who were friends and who wasn’t. .
You could fish out the wannabes and the groupies…and the clicks.
They weren’t hide to find..

Thankfully we weren’t seated by divisions or Sub-divisions. ..so people mingled.
Friends hailing friends they hadn’t seen for a bit..
Our divisions kept everyone pretty busy…hardly anytime to play..

That’s why it’s been a really long two weeks..
I sorta missed his face…
But atleast we chatted some…spoke over the phone…it wasn’t entirely bad though….

“Better that… than none”…I mused.

The meeting had commenced..
Basically talks and orientations…
Official visits and supervisors Appraisals.
New Informations we needed..
Tasks and more task…
Redistribution and pairing…
And a whole bunch of mumbo jumbos I really wasn’t entirely interested in…

I checked my phone…He hadn’t read my message yet….”The..

#BrownbarbieRebecca. …: hey champ..where you at?..


I flicked my phone off. Probably busy and haven’t checked his phone. I didnt see him come in…

Well..Yes. I was looking…Maybe I was looking too hard…probably would have missed him by a second…
“Oh well…!!’..I shrugged.

I drew my attention back to what the dude with the microphone was saying..He was asking a question
..and was being answered by the guest speaker.
I listened.


Nicky was busy pulling my hair from the back.
she was apparently bored…and looked for waya to amuse herself…now I was a target for her frustration. .

“Stop it already”….I scolded..
She stuck out her tongue and pulled.

“Ouch”….I poked her ribs hard.
That did it.

“Play your candy crush and lemme alone”…I told her.

“Yes that’s true”….she said excitedly

“You are a bad student…aren’t you supposed to be listening?….I asked her
.With raised eyebrows.

“Yeah…and you are such a good student yourself right?…when you haven’t stopped checking your phone for the past hour and half…waiting for your prince charming to reply….”

I was caught.
I rolled my eyes.

“Such good students we are abi?…she said laughing.

“Oh just shush and play your silly candy crush….” I said pulling her own hair…
“Oww!!!”..she exclaimed.

“Now you know how I felt.”…

She laughed.
I tried to listen…really I tried…but I was thinking about him…

“Was he here at all?..
“Well he has to be…its important. .
“Attendance was paramount.
“But how  come he hasn’t replied my message yet…its Been like an hour already…”..
I literally sulked.


Sabastain had ofcos come in just five minutes before and saw Rebecca and Nicky come in…holding hands.

He figured Rebecca was doing the hand holding trying to keep Nicky from leaving her side.
He never figured Rebs to be the shy type…but that pretty much looked like a girl who hated the spot light.

He settled himself in and watched…from where he sat..at almost the second to the last roll..you would have to really strain your neck back wards and look up..and that would take some noticing from people around..he wasnt hiding though byt he wasnt trying to make himself visible for obvious reason…

He saw them talking…He was thinking of going to say hi…but thought against it because the meeting would start soon and it would suck when he had walked up there and started a conversation and he wouldn’t want to leave.
Bests wait till after.

He saw her ping..and even read it.
He had thought to reply..but also stopped himself …He smiled.

Atleast he knew she was looking for him..but what he wanted to know if she misses him..somewhat atleast.
Being two weeks seen they have seen…and he hated that he couldn’t see her and he missed her terribly..For no apparent reason.
He thought to wait …

“Would reply her later”….He muttered to himself.
He watched her the whole time.
Noticed when she turned her head…stylishly…looking…one side..and then to the other…then back front..

He saw her pick up her phone a couple of times…He swore..on his last breath that…she must have been scrolling to his name and checking for a reply..
He hated that he was keeping her in that state…

“But hell!!!”…nothing wrong in waiting on the last moment.

He tore his eyes away for her only on intervals to atleast get what’s going on in the room…Listened on the information he thought was important and skipped on the others.

His buddy frank was really not interested either…He was busy scoping the chubby chick beside him.
He said he liked his girls with flesh…

“enough cushion to hold on to”…He often joked about it.

He liked Rebs just fine. He wasn’t a fan of chubby chicks. Plus he didnt know the theory behind it but…tall guys usually dig average girls…and slim and portable…easy to carry…
He put up a picture on his dp ..A drawing his friend from college had made…

“Tall guys do it right…you just got to love them!!”….

He thought it was dope..left it there for a week…Ofcos his not so tall friends Hated..and the chicks who didnt quite agree bitched about it..and the chicks who did agree….where all smiles and thumbs up…a few started up a convo..The tall guys went all…”Aye aye captain! !…you know how we keep it real”..

He laughed from remembering.
He wouldnt mind carrying Rebs. He had a feeling she would love it too.
He couldn’t quite place what was unique about her…but he knew he liked her..
And he liked that feeling..


Finally. .it had ended.
A good 3 hours was a long time to sit one’s butt down…
Felt good to stretch my legs and stand up.
And I was famished.
I could literally eat a huge fat roasted and totally sweetened spiced cow.

We waited while crowds of people trooped out.
I didnt want to get all mashed up with people or stepped upon or pushed because everyone wanted to go out at the same time..

“We wait for a few minutes’…I was telling Nicky.
“Yeah sure..”….she answered absentmindedly. …

I looked up from carrying my bag from the floor to see the moment of distraction.
She was smiling sheepishly with a dude cutting her a sly smile from across the hall.

I shook my head.
Typical Nick.

“I will be back in a few”…..she tells me and shoots up from her seat even before I could answer…

“Er sure”….I was saying…she was gone in a split second.
“Don’t let me stop you.”…I completed to myself.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number…
“What?..”..she answered not turning back..
“Am hungry.  Going to the restaurant our front. You would probably find me there when you are done leeching the poor boy”…I told her.

“Hehe. Sure.”…..she laughed.
“And hey…buy me a sandwich and coke?..

“Get your own Damn sandwich and coke”….I threaten…

“Thanks sweets you are a darlyn”…she replied.  Blowing kisses into the phone and cuts..

“Hey I didnt ….”..The line was dead..
“Silly girl”..I laughed.

I checked my phone again.
I gave up.
I picked my bag..there were still a few people lingering around…chatting and all that. .I left the hall.

I found the restaurant abit serene.
Peaceful ..calm and unruffled.

I bought pie and a piece of chocolate cake and a pack of cookies..with a can of berryblast. I made another other got what Nicky wanted. Paid the attendee ..thanked her and carried my chair to the back…

I ran into the twins…becky and Beverly
They go everywhere together and had same clicks of friends..
One time I heard a rumour that they once fancied the same guy..
And because they didnt want to hate each other…they decided to let him go…After boning him first.
I guess their bond was messed up like that.
I wasn’t judging.
We chatted for a few minutes and left.

I was by myself for a few minutes before tommy …also called boozy came by with sam on his heels…

“Oh hey rebs”…
“Looking pretty as always.
How are you doing? …He asked. .his breath already smelled of beer …
Gosh I Hated alcohol. ..and the smell of it gives me a bad taste…even without drinking it.

“Well helo tommy. Thank you.Am fab. And How are you?….I thanked and asked him in turn.
“Sammy?…i nodded to the other dude.

“Am super…”…He replied seating down…telling Sammy to go play.

“Rebs brown….whatever he tells you…tell him no. Am a better competition. ..”…He said winking at me and backing away.

I laughed.
“Fxxk off buzz kill”..Tommy said and turned to me smiling.

I smiled back.
I prayed he would go soon. I didnt remember offering him a sit.

He asked..
Trying to place his hand on mine..

“How about that date I asked for?..
“If you don’t give me a chance …how would you know we can’t be good together Rebby?

I quickly pulled my hand away.
He has been up my case for about a few weeks now.
Strangely. he wasn’t bad looking.
He just had a raw personality. He is loud..and got a thing for boozing alot even when it’s too early for a knockout. ..and I frankly don’t think that in guys…

I like my men somewhat off that.
I needed to get rid of him.

“Yeah about that. ..cant happen.
Am sorry.
Am bipolar…really won’t be able to handle such crazies about me.
Am really doing you a favour…so..”..
I said matter-of-factly.

He looked confused.
“You really should look that one up.”..
I said knowingly.

He still didnt get it.
“Er Google it up”….
“I believe you do know how to get facts on that….or know what Google is and is for?….I asked…now I was begining to wonder if i should add dumb to that list of why i don’t fancy him.

He had the must bizarre puzzled look on his face..
“Why you sitting here alone. ?…
“A beautiful girl like you shouldnt be here by herself taking lunch….
“Who’s the other bag for…”…
He asked…reaching out to take hold of the bag.

Dude couldnt you take a hint.??
Plus Calling me Rebby wasn’t cute. Felt like was  a barbie doll with a hideous hairdo.
Plus was he trying to be cute right now…
Playing the…”a beautiful girl like myself can’t be here by myself…”

Really what’s so wrong with that like a girl sitting and eating by herself would mean the whole world has come to an end.
Or that she is planning something awful to do or she just got dumped or have no friends or no boyfriend to keep her company and rid her of all scums like you???

Ok one of those should be accurately true…but doesn’t me I would admit to it.

Just when I was about to answer his question.

A hand out of nowhere stopped his hand from tearing open the bag..

“That would be mine…”…a voice said…taking it away from the culprit…and drops it back on the table..

The voice spoke to me..

“Sorry am late babe”…it said.

We both looked up…Tommy and I at thesame time.

The voice had a face.
A very clean..shaven…and georgeous one.
..with an amazing killer smile…and blue eyes…that drew me in. I was lost again in that deep sky blue water.

I went weak to my knees and my voice caught in my throat.

Tommy still didnt get the hint.

“And you are?….He asked..still sitting.

“Dude….move”….I said mentally.

He had the sweetest smile…

…..and I thought he was going to say….

Instead He said…”Someone who’s seat you’ve been on for a little over 15 minutes. ..”..

……….Ok he wasn’t going to say that.

“Say what rebs?”…my MiniMes asked.

“Shut up. None of your business now get out of my head”…I retorted mentally.

He continued…

“And if you don’t mind…its rude to keep a lady waiting and since am a gentleman. …I’ll love if you take your business elsewhere. ..”….He completed…

Tommy looks back at me.
“Later tom”..I gave him those goodbye waves…

He got up. Obviously bested.
I really didnt miss him.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
My lifesaver sat down..

Gosh he had the sweetest smile on.

But I had to pretend atleast…I hated him.

Atleast for a couple of minutes…

But he was staring at me with those blue eyes it was hard to break away.

Damn those eyes.



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