Today was my first day at the fashion firm.
I was going to work as an intern for the next 3 months. It’s summer…and this was going to be my best summer yet.
I knew it.

Aunt gigi pulled a tough one when she went out of a limb to call an old school buddy to take  me on.
Plus…it was my dream come through.

Ever since I was like five years old…I  could understand the word “fashion”.
I was an only child …and was completely doted on by parents and aunts and uncles..

See…my parents had been high school sweathearts. ..they dated into college
..and he eventually proposed freshman year…

By the third year they were married…and I was a product of that achievement. 
Yay!! Lucky me

My mother is a teacher now at Avalon high….she taking the kids on English Classics.
Pops..like I fondly call him…works over at the contruction of sims&sims out at baloy bay contraction company.

We own an apartment on markson’s street.
Really lovely,cosy and homely.
Those sort of houses with an antic and a warm earth for woods when it gets really cold or snows..

I started decorating my room when I was like eleven.
At first I thought I was going to be a prime ballerina.
I loved the way the dancers moved..it was magical.

Mum enrolled me in summer classes..but I broke my arm during a spinoff and I told her I wasn’t ever going back. I was in a cast for a little over two months and everyone got to write on it and gramps got me all sort of goodies to make me feel better.

I still love dancing but I didn’t want to do it professionally anymore. But I never turned down an apportunity to watch any dance shows going on and I would be the first to get tickets to the Chicago Broadway shows. It was malevous.

My fav actor plus dancer of all time..was Patrick Swiss. .from dirty dancing. I never get tired of watching him do those electrifying dance steps..and that scene when he told her to jump and he got her…..
Loved it!

I cried my heart out when I learned he passed. It was my first heart break from a man…I told my mum. She laughed. She didn’t understand.

Then I wanted to become a singer.
Their voices felt like melodies In my ears. They were infact indeed melodies.

I didnt understand how people could have such beautiful sounds coming out of their mouth. It was captivating.
I told mum I was going to join music class…play the instruments and find my voice. She obliged.

By 7th grade I was excited to have my own cello .
But halfway through it…my music teacher Mrs Christy told my mum I didnt have the gift.
What the hell did she know.?
I could make sounds but…the voice wasn’t there.

Growing up..it felt as though I ate alot of frogs…my voice was hoarse.
I was lucky I was darn pretty..so people complemented me on that.
I had to give that one up too..

But I stalked my shelve with cds of Maria carrie, Celine doin, whitey Houston. .I threw in a pack of country music too with the likes of…Kenny Rogers. ,Dolly Parton. ..and ofcos Boyzmen…and a whole bunch of soft rocks. I loved music. Just because I couldnt sing didnt mean I should give up on the love of it.

Then when I got into college …I realised that I could make out a mean draw…it wasn’t perfect but it was recognisable. I started fantasising about having a couture line one day. I then started drawing the sort of cloths I would love to wear.

I came back home and showed my parents. Ofcos they bought every idea I came up with.

I remember asking mum one of those days why she never ever shouts down on anything I wanted to do..discourage me or something.

She told me that she was grateful and ofcos I was curious and asked her why.

She said..she was sure that probably other girls would be having a serious headbutt with their mothers  over how  they want a nose,belly,tongue piercing ..a tattoo. .,to start smoking., even indulge in sex and boyfriends at a very tender age, clubs and parties…

But me…all I wanted to do and come to her for is music,dance, and drawing?..which mother wouldnt encourage that and know they have one less thing to bother about…

She said..

“Every mother wants their girl to grow up..but not too fast. A day would come for growing up and doing grownup things..so if all you want right now is these..I will encourage you and support you. When you are finally mature and grown up enough to do adult stuffs..like have a boyfriend…and talk about sex…and life…I will be here to talk to you too”…..

“So am just happy that…you are focused..and even though you haven’t yet found what gives you joy….but the fact that you are so full of life and willing to explore such free gifts of live…its well soothing to me and your father so please come at us with more…we don’t mind emptying our pockets for our little muffin pumpkin “…

Mom said squeezing my nose.


All through my four years in college …studying creative and applied arts..
And a double major in English Classics.

Yes..I eventually followed in mom’s footsteps.

I started harnessing my gift of drawing.
I became pretty good over time and ofcos my parents breathed a sigh of relief.

“She finally found her calling”..they joked about it.

Yes I guess I finally did.

I attended all the fashion shows I could get tickets on.
I dragged my friends along with me.

It was electrifying. Seeing such pretty designs and have people just catwalk in them to the cheers of the crowd.

I so wanted so so badly to have my work out there and have my name on the dress tag reading…”Marybelline courtour”..

Oh what a dream come through it would be.

So I patiently waited.
I studied .
I didnt have time for Boyz. ..party and friends that wanted to just play around and add nothing meaningful to my life.

Whenever I was free…I would knit,draw and draw some more.

I had stakes of drawings of my work…I kept them safe.

During summer Hollz or when we were on vac… I decided to take it a step further. My friend adara advised me..so
I enrolled in a sewing school.
Mum and dad where happy to foot the bill.

By the time I was in my third year..
I started making half of my dresses.
At first people discouraged me and told me I should give it up..I didnt have the flair for a georgeous fitting.

I didnt care. Mum told me I should follow my heart and I did.
I picked out colours I loved. Picked out a design in my book and I made it..

I ofcos started with dresses…and then jackets and scarfs…and I loved it.
Eventually my college pals came around.

Like I said. It wasn’t awesome  but you could rock it and you wouldnt get laughed at. It was new and original and that’s why it stood out.

I was ready to take it a notch higher…get into the best fashion firm and reach my goal.

Life was good.


Graduation day…
I studied and came out with honours.
My parents were proud.

In fact they were so proud they got me a graduation gift.

A car.

I couldnt believe my good fortune. I was overjoyed.
A red audi. Just what I needed. Mobility.

Gosh I love my parents.

They really shouldnt have but they did.

They said they wanted to get me something really nice and I deserved it.

Plus…it was time.

I was twenty – one. .and all my friends probably had their first car when they were like sixteen. Not that it bothered me some but…I wasn’t and didn’t fuzz about it.

So they decided to save up while I was in college.
They didn’t want to get me a hand-me-down Car or overused.
So they saved and with contribution from my fav aunt gigi and gramps…they got me something almost new..used just by one person..not more than a year.

I was excited. I didnt care. I loved it and I was happy to have my very own.

No wonder mum kept bugging me to take driving lessons and I got  cleared about a month ago..and was given my license two weeks ago.

Now that was why they were being sketchy for the past couple of months with a box…I could swear where they keep money for savings…it had my name on the side and I never bothered to pokenose…else I would’ve smelt the rat a long time ago.

I couldnt stop laughing and Hugging and kissing them.
We all went for a ride after tons of family pictures..and later on a family brunch.
It was a memorable day.

Xoxoxo xx.

I was ready to step into the world.

So I bugged my aunt gigi.
She told me when I was done with education I should buzz her up if I was still interested.
I was.

So she called her friend “Demmy”…who works at the most prestigious fashion firm in new york…
“Zanzebar  Designs and courtour line”.
She was the Human resources manager and Close friends with the Ceo.

They have been working together for 10 years so yes their bond was really strong.  but never the less. ..she could get me in…but

She  couldnt just give me the job like that …just because she and my aunt were best buds in school.

I had to earn it. So that’s why she was signing me up to be an intern for atleast 3 months first.
I prove myself..then I could win myself a spot on the team and beat the Competition  out there.

“It was a fierce place”…Aunt gigi told me.
“They eat fresh toads for Dinner.”!!

So if I was going to be a sissy I would be thrown out as fast as I got in.
If I think I was good. I would meet people who are better. So I have to be upping my game every minute.

I told her I wasnt going to disappoint her.
She hoped so.
I hoped so too.

This was a one chance only slot I got.
I needed to make it epic.

I was going to new york.

I felt lucky.
For the first time in my life I was going to be alone…in a strange place by myself..
Working my ass out to be the best.

Where else would I rather be spending my summer in?.

My friends where going to flip.
And they did just that as we had our accassional sleepover pajama party.

I was going to miss’em.
But to look on the bright side. .one day their friend was going to be famous..and they would be glad I went.

Sleep took a long time coming

I was going to  new york tomorrow.

Oh heaven!!!!!!

Xoxoxo xo.


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