Xoxoxoxox. .

Mum wouldn’t stop fussing over me.

She had ofcos..typical of her..got up bright and early and packed me food that would probably last me a whole week.

Her excuse was…it would take a while for me to settle in and get to know the town and find my way around to eventually finding my way to the supermarket and all..

So these should cover for a few days.
I should say I was grateful. I was. But …she can’t be fussing all the time..
I believe I could take care of me for once…

I had my box of cloths, shoes ,bags, and all girly stuffs already in the car. I had my most precious drawings in its special box on the driver’s seat. Didn’t want nothing smearing it…that could kill me.

Pops checked the car and made sure it was good to go…filled the tank..so I woundnt stop. Marked places on the map…where I should venture and where I shouldnt venture…to my eventual destination. ..atleast that made it way easy.

Dad offered to take me but I wanted to do this on my own…Besides. ..it was a 3 hour drive…what’s the worst that could happen.???

Gramps wouldnt let go of my hand till I was seated in the car. He said he would miss me so…and I would him.

Ever since grandma passed..she had cancer..He had grown  quiet and distant…feeling incomplete.
I mean who wouldnt…he loved the old gal.

I fell in love with the old guy as soon as I laid eyes on him when I was six..

We had been leaving overseas…and he and grandma lived like 7 hours apart…from us..last time he saw me I was like 3 years old still trying to understand the world..I didnt quite remember him.

When pops finally begged for them to move down to our parts..took another 6 months before they agreed…who could blame them. ..they were leaving behind their life..their friends and all they knew to a foreign land.

When they arrived I rushed out..six years old and the joy of meeting the parents of my pop…again..now that I could accurately think..

It was snowing…I remember..
Grandpa came down and saw me coming out holding onto mum’s hand..

He bent to his knees…and beckoned for me to come..

I was like…huh?

He beckoned…and I looked into his eyes..and I saw tears..and a sparkle..

I didnt realise when I had let go of mum’s hand..my feet felt as though I was flying..and indeed I was…

By the time we touched hands..He had lifted me up and spun my around and around and around.

Mum caught us in her camera..
My hands flying in the air..laughter ..happiness..love you could see it in my face…and grandpa seemed like a little boy…happy. I loved that picture..i carry it everywhere with me.

Ever since that day..we were best friends…grandma was cool tho..she combed my hair every night and allowed me sleep in her bed..and read me stories she used to read with pops..

After a year they got used to it.
5 years later..Grandma was diagnosed with cancer…4 years later she was laid to rest. Gramps had never been thesame.

We tried all we could as a family to make sure he didnt feel lonely or depressed or sad..
Some days we couldn’t avert it..but on others…we made him fill that love again.

I was his personal valet, Butler, talk partner,game partner, walk partner,..etc

Whenever I got home from school…I would pull all three of them and make them take me to the movies..watch a game..Music or dance concert and I would be the one to push gramps. ..his legs began hurting some…so he starting using the wheels..

I was going to miss him. I would call everyday I promised.

Mum enveloped me in a hug that felt like eternity. .I couldnt stop laughing.
She was acting as though I was going halfway across the world…we are just 3 hours away…I could come in every now and then..

Pops…my favourite man. He kissed my nose and made me promise to call him if I needed anything or just to talk…or if am in some sort of trouble he would be there in a jiffy.

I was his little girl. No matter how grown up I am..even if when I have a gray hair or two..I would always be his little princess and no one messes with that else they would answer to him.

I saw him earlier stucking a folded roll of cash in my bag…He winked at me..as though trying to hide it from mum…
Well… He didnt know that mum had folded some cash in my hands a lil while ago in the kitchen and hugged me..

Lol what am I. ..five years old?…
Just yesterday both of them had given me a check that should cover my expenses for half of the year…

They had everything planned out..they said.
They can’t have me stranded just ncase things go bad..they said.
I told them I would be getting an intern fee..courtesy to aunt gigi..
Plus i will find a part time job Inbetween my work schedules. ..I would be ok…I insisted.
They still insisted I take the money…just for a rainy day…they insisted.
I gave up.
I was blessed to have such loving and supportive parents…

And now they were still stalking me up with more cash…I shook my head and laugh…not wanting the other to know like…
According to mum..

“Keep these darlyn. ..don’t want your father to think am over pampering you”..

And pops said…

“Hold on to these pumpkin. ..I don’t want your mother to think am spoiling you rotten.”..


I kissed and hugged them goodbye..
And kissed and hugged them some more goodbye…

And I drove away..watching them from my rear mirror as they stood embraced and waving and mum wiling a tear from her face…I blew them a kiss and focused my eyes on the road as they faded out of sight.

Aunt gigi…gave me her keys to her old  apartment…

She is into real estate…that’s how she made her dough…
She got a few houses here and there she put up for rent…offices, clubs and house alike..

This one was where she stayed briefly when she moved to new york before she  landed that job of a life time..

She told me that I would find it comfortable…maybe change a few things. She would have someone go in and made sure the electricity and other things are functional and get it replaced…I should be able to handle the rest…

I tapped the keys in my bag..just to make sure I didnt forget it..

I checked the map…made sure I was going the right way..recognised the landmarks pops encircled ..which was either a signpost…a shop…or a gas station…to know my turns or where to stop etc…

He goes up to new york twice every two weeks…He had a contract there so he travelled the road alot…thus the accurate description.

I put on my glasses..turned on the radio…and let the songs of Katy Perry blast through the window while I drum on the steering….

A little over four hours…because I made a few stops…

I was in  New York…
The city of Angels….grandma used to say…

That was probably due to the movie of Nicholas cage and Meg Ryan..we watched a long time ago. ..

An angel who happened to be a man and fell inlove with a human..and gave up his angel – Ness to be with her. .which didnt last a day..because she died..hit by a truck the next day after their one night of passion…and he got stuck on earth..devasted and alone.

Well… I had to tell granny that…its all fiction and there weren’t angels lurking in the streets of New York.

But I was in the city of New York..
I got an intern job in the most amazing fashion firm.
I got my own car…not classy but mine so it was pretty cool..

I found the apartment …
Aunt gigi outdid herself..

She had everything arranged..to perfection..and cleaned..

Her people must be experts…
It was immaculate..
I wondered what was left to do..

Ah yes..
I opened the fridge and noticed I had supplies and a note..

“Welcome kitty.
I hope you like the city.
Kick some ass in there and show them what you’ve got.
I hope you don’t mind but I had nana…Get some supplies for you from the supermarket…since its all new to you…
Be safe boobookitty …call if you need anything.. anything at all…and here’s a little something to hold on to.
Love you. Mwah!!!!.”
                                  …….Aunt gigi

There was an envelop glued behind the paper…it had a few dollars in it..

I had to laugh…

Where there all related?..
Well ofcos…Aunt gigi is mom’s sister…but do they all think alike..???

I laughed and shook my head.
A few more dollars to my name…they keep doing this ama be rich and famous before am twenty – two.

I called Aunt Gigi and thanked her..my fav aunt in the entire world..we spoke awhile and when she was convinced I was ok…she bade me farewell.

I called my parents…mum picked up in the first ring…I had to ask if she was by the phone the whole time..she laughed and said yes. I believe her..typical ma.

She put it on speaker so pops and gramps could talk too all at once..
I told them I was fine and I found the place ok..and the city looked mavelous just like the movies..and I would come visit as often as I can…we blew kisses and “i-love(s)-you”..and I reluctantly cut the line…wiping a tiny tear from my eyes.
Would miss those ones…my life..my everything…my family..my all.

I went back to stucking the fridge some more with mom’s packed food..and put in a plate of pasta in the microwave…

I rushed a bath…it was night now..
I went to the window..it had a sitting pave..so I sat there and ate…thinking about tomorrow..

…..Ahh New York…!!!
City of miracles in my book.

It was a beautiful evening for dreams!!…



7 thoughts on “HEY FOUR EYES!!!…2

  • nice write up. detected what i think could be an error…After a year they got used to it.
    5 years later..”Grandpa” was diagnosed with cancer…4 years later she was laid to rest. Gramps had never been the same.

    • Oh dear. Thankx hon. I was meaning to write down grandma…I must have missed it during editing. You are a life saver..ama edit it real quick. *sending plenty hugs*… and Btw..Thanks for reading…Please don’t stop.

  • Nice write up as always. But i think i detected an error in this passage
    “After a year they got used to it.
    5 years later..”Grandpa” was diagnosed with cancer…4 years later she was laid to rest. Gramps had never been the same.”

  • Is that a picture of you on the post? Pretty…mhh, but wait a minute, you got all that food from your Mom and aunt Gigi…post some out through DHL, let us munch away.

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