#RebeccaBrown. ..Cont. 7


Sabastain had watched Rebecca and Nicky from a good distance..

Really he tried to kid himself that he wasn’t hiding when apparently he was..sortoff.
That tiny bit of information seems uncomfortable to admit.

He really wanted to meet her up alone.
Nicky has a way of ruining such chances if she was close by…like she was deliberately trying to stop them from being close or she wanted him to notice her instead.
Whatever the reason..He didnt want to be bothered…Rebecca was all that he thought about..

He saw his chance.

Apparently Nicky seemed interested in a  boy across the hall and he watched she and Nicky exchanged a few words and she walking off..

He waited..

Rebecca walked out..Following the small crowd in front of her. He waited just to know where her final destination was.

He knew she woundnt leave without her best bud so he relaxed.

She had gone into the restaurant.

It had a see through window so he could actually see what she was about..who she was talking to Ecetera.

He waited another 15 minutes then he ventured in…

There were a few people coming her way..

Two boys broke away and stopped at hers..

He paused..and sat down on the seat next to him..close to the door..and in complete view of the table she was in..

“Maybe they just want to say hello”…Sebastian said to himself..

“I would just wait another five”…He relaxed.

One of the guys sat down as he watched..shuuing the other away.

There was a laugh..and talks..

From where he sat…He realised that the dude didnt seem like he was going to get up soon.

A waited a few more minutes..

He wasnt getting up.

“Maybe I should just leave and meet her up some other day..”..Sebastian said to himself..resigning..

So he got up and was walking out of the resturant.

On a seconds thought. .He turned back and headed straight to the table..

His legs apparently had plans of its own..

When he looked at her..He knew he did the right thing coming over..she looked as though she wished she could wave her magic wand and turn him into  a rat and chase him away..she needed out of there or needed him out of her face..

He smiled to himself. .

He was close enough now and with the crowd of people coming in and out..talking and laughing..footsteps and a slow music playing..

He wasnt surprised she didnt notice him…

He had seen the guy reach for the bag of snack on the table ..wanting to know who had it and why she was seating alone…

That was his chance…and he took it.

The look on her face was epic…

The way her mouth seemed too suprised to form a word..was equally satisfying.

He felt like a boss there and then.

Ushering the guy away…
Acting as though his lady was waiting on him and even added “sorry am late”..

Gosh he knew he was smooth like that. .He just needed to add “cool” to the mix.

When the guy..who looked too off ..
Alcohol ozzing out of his breath by this time of the day…he wondered when he had the time during the meeting to down some bottles.

And the fact he didn’t get the hint that Rebecca wasn’t interested..made him conclude he was slow on catching up on the forecast…

He was tempted to nudge him out of the way…when he was not gonna budge even after been told …that he was the missing chair occupant next to the pretty lady and the foodie belonged to him..

Plus who tends to delve into a bag of foodie that wasn’t gotten for you…

“This guy is slow..dumb..and in need of some proper gentleman manners”…Sebastian chuckled to himself..

Now, ..now that that was out of the day..
Sebastian focused on the lady infront of him.

He saw she was fighting and battling with the expressions between happiness of him being the one to come to her rescue and anger of him not replying her message and the loss of words to communicate whatever that’s is going on inside that pretty head of hers.

She had her hair in a ponytail..The urge to pull out the rubber band and let the hair fall was strong..and run his fingers through them was tempting.

So he folded his hands and stared at her.

That made her shift uneasily in her seat. He liked it..

Still didnt stop him though…

He broke the silence….


“Hello beautiful! “.
“Missed me??….He asked.

“Pfft”…I scoffed
“Er No ofcos Not”…I lied.

He had this knowing look on his face so he smiled.

“Well me neither”..He replied..looking me straight in the eye..

Then he smiled.

I changed the topic..
“You weren’t around for the meeting..seemed as though you just came?”…I asked him…giving him the inclination that I checked.

“Atleast now I know you were looking out for me…am touched Rebs”….Sebastian said..Kicking my feet under the table..

I didnt say anything…Other than
“Shit”! …
Under my breath.

“Way to go Rebs…telling him you have been silently stalking his every movement…”
…I said mentally to myself.

“….I was around for the meeting Btw. .
Came in a few minutes before you both..”..

“And yes I looked out for you too..or infact …I was looking at you for the entire duration of the meeting…”…He admitted.

“So you can smile now”…He finished .

Pfft. Like I would give you the satisfaction. I mused…
I bit my lower lip to instil pain so my chicks don’t betray me with a smile. I looked away..


“Damn.”…Sebastian thought to himself.
she oozes such sexiness even without putting an effort.

Rebs biting her lower lip like that..
She wound be the undoing of him..
He knew it.


It was almost 4pm.
Where the hell was Nicky..I wondered..

“Your bud balls out on you with that bloke across the hall didnt she?”…He said reading my mind.

I smiled.
“Yeah I guess I was not much fun at the moment..” I replied flicking my empty plastic bottle.

“Can I get you another”..He indicated my empty bottle.

“Before you say no just think about how am going to frustrate your life or call bugger boy over there to come take back his seat..seems as though you both were having so much fun…”…He winked .. indicted the dude that I was talking to earlier on when I felt like screaming…

He had gone to meet up his friends but kept eyeing my table every now and then hoping this was a hoax and Sebastian would just get up and leave so he resumes his position and talk..

Hell  Nah!!!

“Sure…thanks”!!!….I quickly said. Giving him the go ahead for another bottle of what I was having.

He nodded and got up.

Returned five minutes later with two bottles..and a few bars of Cadbury chocolates..

“You like”??…He asked dangling it infront of me.

“I love!!”..I squealed.
I had to cover my mouth and look around the resturant. ..”behave Rebs”!!..

I smiled and blinked my lashes at him.

That got him laughing hard..head back and all.

And this lyrics came to mind…
“And he threw his head  back and laughed like ah… little kid”….Credit to Taylor Swift. ..

I smiled. The sight was lovely..and refreshing…

“You see I know you more than what you give me credit for”.. He said after laughs.

“Here let me help you with those”…
He reached out and opened my drink and then tore open the chocolate and handed it to me…

“Signorita!!…He said.

“Signor”!!….I replied…taking them…

“Gracia’s!!!”..I added…thanking him

“Ha ha!!..I see you pick some languages up ”

“Just the simply ones…”…

We both laughed.


We had been there for over an hour.

I was literally getting visibly tired. I looked at my time again.

I thought maybe I should just go home and rest..probably Nicky wasnt intending to come back soon enough or had plans.

“Maybe you should call her?…He said reading my mind.

I yawned…”Yes maybe I should”…
Picking my phone from my bag and I dialed her number..

It rang. No answer.
I tried a few times…still no answer.

A worried frown crossed my face.
“I hope she is ok”…I muttered to myself…

“Nicky is a big girl…am sure she is fine. Probably isn’t close to her phone”…He said…apparently I wasn’t all that low when I muttered my worry over Nicky.

“Well i can’t stay here all day…my feets are killing me been wearing this shoes all day and all I want to do is…flex them and lay on my bed and sleep…”….I said rubbing the back of my neck…turning my head side to side…


Sebastian felt sorry for her…
She looked all vulnerable …He just wanted to cradle her in his arms and rock her to sleep.
“Where is that Damn girl…?…
“When you need her you don’t see her and when you don’t need her she pops up like a shooting rocket….”…He shook his head.

Xoxoxo. .
“Maybe I should try her again”…
I said…breaking him out of his thoughts. .

Still no ready.

I typed a message on my phone and sent to Nicky.
“Babes..been trying to call you but no answer. Been here for almost two hours waiting on you. Am tired. Heading home. Hope you are safe??”…

I finished and looked up.
“Thanks for keeping me company Sebastian. ..preciate it much”..

“Anytime lav”…He replied…with a British accent.

I laughed.

Xoxoxxo. ..

I really would have loved to stay and chat…but I was so exhausted. ..and I would probably kick myself later on but I didn’t want to nod of talking to him.


I got up picking my things..
He got up as well….

We walked outside together..
The cool breeze sweeping past…
I yawned again…

He stopped a cab and I was suprised he gave the address without asking me..

Heh! probably when he came with Nicky to the house.

This was 6pm already…

I yawned again..and waited.

Sebastian was indicating for me to come forward..I did..He held the door open..for me…

“Hmmm….aren’t you a gentleman”…
I said smiling and bending to enter

“Yes I am indeed”….He said shutting the door…

“Will you be ok?…He added.

“Am a big girl Sab..Ofcos I will be ok”…I said waving him off with a yawn and settled back in the car.

I could feel him staring at me for a moment…

“Driver you can go now”…I said Inbetween yawns.

“Damn why am I so tired like I did manual labour all day.?..” I asked  myself…

“Wait”!!!…. I heard him say.

I shoot forward from my seat….suprised of the outburst.

“Scoot over…”…This he said opening the door and settled himself  nudging me to move which I did reluctantly and still puzzled…

“Er…what are you doing??….with a puzzled look on my face.

“I can’t be a complete gentleman without taking you home right…?…plus I want to make sure. You get home akay”

“Plus you look like you are gonna fall off the wagon any moment only that this is a car you could properly hit open the door and roll out…”…He said this laughing.

“Ha ha!!”…
“Very funny Sab”…
I replied…but I was secretly glad for the company.

I could close my eyes for a.few minutes then.
Super! !

Xoxoxo xo

“Stupid Sab.!”
You really gonna let her go like that?…

She might fall asleep in the cab and sometimes you don’t know how dangerous that harmless act can be for her…

If anything happens to her how can you ever forgive yourself”…

Sebastian was kicking himself mentally.
So he made the decision under a second to accompany her home..

As soon as the driver sped off…she had her eyes closed…head thrown back…just right after she muttered a
“Thank You Sab”…with that sweet smile of hers.

Damn!! The things he could do for her…He really haven’t fully realised all of them yet…but he had a feeling it will be alot.

He looked at her..she seemed peaceful..The yearn to cradle her in his arms seems all too powerful now..

Just then the car hit a bump and her form came falling into him.

“Really …do I have my own private cupid pulling stunts on me now?”…he chuckled to himself….

He raised her abit letting her  head rest on his shoulder….

He traced a finger down the side of her face…her skin was soft.
That much he figured out…now he just comfirmed it..

His eyes went to her lips…his heart begun to race..He dropped his hand from her face and focused on the road..

“Get it together dude “…He chided himself.


“Hey wake up beautiful”….
I felt someone shaking me slowing..

I opened my eyes and let my eyes focus on the face infront of me…shaking me awake..

“Damn”..did I just sleep off??…I muttered out loud..

When I realised where my head was…I sat up immediately. ..
“Am sorry”…I said shyly.

“No it’s fine.”…Sebastian replied. Paying the fair and stepping me down…offering his hand.
I took it…thanking the driver and got down..

“Wouldn’t you take the cab home”…I asked…

“No”…He said closing the door..

“Ama wait with you so the big scary bear don’t come and pounce on you while you snore away alone in the room…

“Plus I like to watch you sleep…just like a baby…”…He winked.

I blushed.

I walked into the compound without saying another word. He followed silently behind me.

“Why did I feel nervous all of a sudden?”…I wondered to myself.

I got to the door..stuck my hand into my bag fetching for the keys..

“Shit”…I swore.

“Whats wrong??…voice behind me asked.

“Oh no oh no oh no!!!!”…I said hitting my head.

“Nicky is with the key. Crap Crap crap”…I said…visibly perturbed.

“You are kidding right?….
“Hey don’t do that”….He said taking my hand to prevent me from hitting my head again.

“And you aren’t stupid…which am sure you are calling yourself right now”..

I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes it’s pretty obvious with your reaction and no I don’t have magic powers…I just read people alot…and you my dear is a good terrific read…

“Just call Nicky again..hmm?.

“Yeah sure”…

I gave her about a couple thousand rings.
Well not a thousand I just needed the exaggeration. ..

“Ok if she isn’t already dead somewhere when she gets back I would kill her myself.”…I muttered visibly angry now.

He smiled.

“I mean it”…I said again…looking at him so he knows I was serious so he shouldn’t think i was being funny.

“I didnt doubt you…I didnt say anything Rebs..”….He smirked.

I rolled my eyes.

“Let’s just wait abit..here..sit down..”…He said…seating himself down on the pavement pulling me down with him.

“You look cute when you are angry..do you know that??

” If that’s a plan to deter me from my murder mission….”I was saying..

“Is it working?…He cuts in

“……its not working. “..I completed.

“Well…atleast I could write on nick’s grave that I tried to save her…for what it’s worth”…

“Hmmm it’s the thought that matters right?….I said dusting my hands..After picking up stones from the ground and throwing them to hit a lazy crawling on the wall.

“Sure is”…He said picking up a stone and threw it into a bucket of water at the security house corner..

“Nice dung!”…

“Yeah am smooth like that”…He popped his collar..portraying the superman stance…

“Am super fly too”…

“As anyone told you you are vain?”…
I asked him laughing. .

“Well….yes..you!!”…He winked.
“But you see I don’t mind…a lil show off is good for the soul…

“Ofcos only you would think that…

“Well……” he shrugged.

I stuck my tongue out at him..

“Do that again and I will pull it out”..

I did it again and ducked before he could reach for my tongue…I was fighting him off and laughing when he held me fishing for my face and I was turning my head from side to side to avoid his fingers from getting to my mouth..He ended up pulling my nose instead…I snorted. He laughed…I laughed…and finally broke free of his grasp..

I felt good tho…but ofcos I wouldnt admit it.

It was almost seven…

Sebastian got up…

My face dropped to a sad look….

“Oh am sure you are equally tired. You really didnt have to stay…its fine if you need to go”….I tried to hide the sadness from my voice.

We were having a good time.

“I know..and yes I have to go and no ofcos am not leaving you here alone.

He said taking my hand and pulling me up.

“Do you trust me???”..

“Ok is that a trick question??”…I asked puzzled.

“No silly”…He said laughing.

“Its just a harmless little question. …do you trust old man Sab???”….He winked mischievously..

“Well…I suppose I do”….my hand was still in his.

“Then I lead you follow okay?”…

I thought for a second.
I wasn’t scared …that much I was sure..

I nodded.
He squeezed my hand and he picked up my bag with the other hand …smiled at me and walked outside the compound with me…

All the way To the junction…

It was getting dark…I noticed how quickly the day turned to night. ..

He stopped the first cab and gave him directions…

“Sure you don’t want to take back the “I trust you and go back and wait for nicky”?.

” for all you know I might be taking you to the slaughter house”….He had this with a mischievous glint in his eyes…

I thought for another second.
No I wasn’t scared…
I was sure of it.
Where e’er the trust came from..it seemed solid.

I shook my head.

“Then I will make sure to give you a good run for your money….”….I said bravely.

He smiled.
He obviously liked my answer.

“Tushei'” Rebs. Tushei!!!

“After you…”..He said holding the door open for me to enter..

“You keep doing this and I might just get used to it..”…I said entering the cab and shifted so he could seat..which he did and tapped the cab so the driver could take the hint.

“Just so you know”…He turned to me…
“Spending the day with you was my top priority. …am just glad everything seems to me working to my favour…I tell you I have a special genie I don’t know about granting my wishes…” he concluded matter-of-factly.

“Really now!!?..

He smiled..taking my hands on his..and rubbing them…

I had to admit.
I liked that he was keeping me company…I probably would have missed him if he had gone.

I had no idea where we were going but I could guess.

I was getting more and more Comfortable with him…and I liked it.
He made me laugh alot.
He was funny…and he also seem to enjoy my company too…that’s a bonus for him.

This time I was the one who rested my head on his shoulder…

“I would love to see where these wind blows to”…I mentally told myself…

I relaxed into him…and closed my eyes…



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