#HEY FOUR EYES!!!!…..3



“Marybella smith Heatherway “???..
..a chubby lady in red chiffon blouse and a a-cut black skirt to her knee.. pearls round her neck with a gucci belt round her waist…and an equally deep red lipstick on to complete her looks came calling looking around the little crowded room.

“Yes please”…I answered.

“Come with me if you may’…she said walking away from the room.

I got up from where I was seated among five other waiting people in the reception area and followed her as she beckoned to me.

“Knock and wait for the “come in”..then you enter. “….she said walking away and leaving be by myself  staring at the closed door.

Knock knock!!

There was a faint “come in”..

I took a deep breath..plastered a smile on my face and opened the door.

I entered to what seemed like one of those offices in the vogue magazine.
Immaculately decorated.
Trophies and awards won.
Pictures of celebrities who wore their designs.
Models…males and female alike…
Tons of pictures expertly taken hung in a section of the office.. and a few designs opened on the table she was looking at.

It had a brown and black colour mixture to add to the finishing…gold palette at the edges of the chair handle and round the table which was her desk…The carpet was a deep brown with flowery shimmers that sparkled when the sun gets to it…

“Please sit…Marybella is it?”…The lady..probably in her middle forties…and a husky voice said to me.

She reminded me of Catherine zeta – Jones. .when she acted the movie American sweethearts..

With the long black hair..The resemblances was striking. .The only different was the voice ..and when she smiled she looked different..even welcoming.

“Thank you. Yes marybella but you can call be bella”…I said sitting down and giving her one of my awesome smiles.

“Good” bella”..she repeated sitting straight..and crossing her legs. She was beautifully dressed…that came with the territory..I figured. You cant work for a fashion company and be shabbily dressed . You have to look the part else no one will take you seriously.

“I have seen most of your work..The drawings and all. I believe you have a good potential.  Despite that I am doing your aunt …my friend ..A favour..I wouldn’t want someone who has no irking of the idea “fashion “..come and ruin something good here plus my reputation. .so you have to impress me..

“Show me you got this and not just a charity case.

“Be creative..give me originality and then stand out and wow me at the same time…

“Your internship is for 3 months. .you do good..you get a spot with the staffs..

“Not so good then we have to say good bye.

“Can you handle that much”..she asked.

“Yes..yes I can and I promise not to let you down”..I replied confidently.

“No honey…you would be letting yourself down. I believe this is your dream…so if you loss it you blame no one but yourself.

“I can only open the door for you but you have to work hard to come on and stay in and keep going harder.

“Its a competitive market here…everyone is fighting everyone..its  a sharks game..fighting to drop our line in the biggest way…

“We want anyone who is anyone to wear our stuffs…Kids,  celebrities even the elderlies and we can’t achieve that by sitting on our asses. We need to outsmart and outshine our competitors..

“We have to give the world something different..cool, breathtaking and refreshing than what others are giving them to wear and we want them hooked and keep them coming back…and if you aren’t ready for these I think you are in the wrong place…”….she said looking me straight in the eyes despite her see through glasses at the bridge of her nose..

“No of cos ma’am I am up to the task…
I may not look like much but I can assure you I am here for whatever it takes..its been my dream for so long and now that I am here am going to work it till I kill it”…I said quickly almost going out of breath. I smiled.

She smiled.
“That’s the spirit”…

“You will report to Mis Daniels she is at designs and creativity department. Tell her you are assigned to her..she would tell you what you need to do.

“Welcome to the fashion industry Miss bella. Btw…love the colours..but you might want to dull them down a notch…its too bright for my eyes…next time add a mature glint to it…would be totally refreshing. ..”….she said dismissing me with the wave of her manicured painted fingers…

“Er…ok. “…I said shyly
“Thank you ma’am for these opportunity…”…I said standing up.

“Hhumhum. Tell the secretary to send in the next person please. “…she replied without looking up.

I left her office.
I didnt realise I was shaking a little untill I was outside…


“That was intense”..I muttered.

I gave the secretary the message and asked for directions to the D &C department.

Miss Daniels wasn’t so much other than myself..

She had the most welcoming smile and made me feel right at home.

Interns wasnt given special offices but we had our own large office space separated into different sections and

Mine was next to a girl names Lisa and Luke …Both L initials…they were best buds and even rumoured to be dating..

I settled myself in…cleaning and arranging my space..

Placed a picture of my family and me.
Piled my desk with a few designs I was working on..and my laptop..and other valuables in the drawer attached to the desk and chair provided for me…

Next I joined the rest of the team..
We were a team of ten in each department. ..miss Daniels was our department’s head and supervisor..

She would be delving out different things..designs .. for us to work on..
Which comprised of mimicking famous designers to see how we can recreate a work of such art…
Then originality when we have to create something of ours..
And joint forces where we have to work with another member of the team to produce magic..as she fondly calls it..

“It would require patience, understanding and team work to achieve this…”  She was saying

“Btw..everyone please Welcome …Marybella smith…she would be joining us from today. Please help her to fit right in and show her what she would be up and about it. Thank you..”

She concluded. Smiled at me and walked off.

Everyone closed in to shake my hands..nice words of welcome was said..smiles and a pat on my shoulder ..

I was immediately sucked it..
Like a voluntary initiation.

When it was all over…

I was asked to join the team and learn a few things…

There were in the middle of a weaving tutorial class…

I had no time to waste.

Mum always said..no knowledge is lost..even if you think you know it..there was no harm lost for sitting in..

And at the end of the day I watched how magic was made..

I was here..
My dream.was unfolding right infront of my eyes.
I didnt have to watch from a distance or from the side walk..
I was in and living it.

I am here…and that’s all that matters.!!!



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