#Sunset. ..Part 6


Xoxoxoxox. ..

As every other day…Sam woke up at about 7am..
He had a precise routine to his life..and he hated when it’s messed up..

He would wake up…and take a little run down his street…out to the woods..where few people did their work outs..

There was a beautiful park not far from there..and he liked to cut through from the woods and back to his house.

He hated the busy road..and hated running into people who just wanted to chat and mess up his day…He always had ear phones on so just ncase some called out to him..He could pretend he couldnt hear..He puts the music on from his playpod and increases it to the highest just incase.

Then back from his jogg..He would do pressups and clear out the scrubs and weeds sprouting out its head…He never had the fancy for flowers  nor did he intend to make a garden…so he mows it all out…and pours granite on the ground…

He would shower and then make breakfast…
Take out his tools, carry his work cloths and head out to work..
He was a busy man..
He only returns  home when the days business was done.

On weekends..He would complete his fence…that was taking him a few weeks to complete because he always postponed it…He mentally told himself he would finish it.

He had a barn …where he left his horses..which he breeds and sells off. That was also a profitable business aside his  mechanic car shop out at Brookville ..where he fixes cars up, sells used or parts…He saw opportunity in everything.

It took him 5 years before profits started rolling in. He was thankful he was determined else he would have thrown in the towel and given up.

He got himself a dog last year…He named him buck.
Friendly fella…He never goes anywhere without buck. He was his companion…and he has somewhat grown to love this wretched animal.
Man’s best friend his Pa old Bart used to say…

So last year while he was having drinks with some fellas at a bar opposite his shop..
It was freezing cold and he came out to take a few drags of his cigarette.
There was non smoking policy in the bar so he stepped outside.

He really didnt smoke but he was cold and wasn’t in the mood to get drunk by having more beer…so he asked for a stick from his pal Damon. .who was happy to oblige.

He noticed something shivering at the corner close to a dumpster…
At first he thought it was a child because it was hiding under a dirty cloth..He couldn’t tell but it was shivering..

He crossed the road to have a closer look..lifting the cloth up with his booth..whatever it was wasn’t a child..but it was something alright..

He kicked the bucket next to it and there was a small yelp..

He threw the  cloth open.

It was a puppy..probably scared one too..shifted deep into the cloth trying to hide itself or run from the cold…

Sam figured it got separated from its family. .or someone lost it or forgot it..

He beckoned for it to come out but it probably didnt understand..so he reached out and pulls it to himself..The small yelps continued and it’s nose was cold..and it was shaking..like someone dumped it in a bucket full of ice.

Sam covers it with his jacket and heads to his truck..
He calls Damon out..and shows him what he found.

Damn suggested that since it had no collar for identification there is a possibility that he was new..born or new buy and maybe got separated or lost.

Sam asked for directions to the vet clinic and then where to go to for situations like this..Damon gave him and he bade him farewell.

Well…Unfortunately. .After he got him to the vet..and had it treated and was told it was a male.
He left him at the dog shop..giving his name and address just incase someone picks him up so he knows it’s being returned to its owner.

After a few weeks of waiting and not receiving any call..He went back and was told  no one had come forward to claim him despite the notice..

A week later he brought the dog home..named him buck..and they have been friends ever since..

And as everyother day..

Sam and buck would do his runs ..
He wasnt much help in helping to move woods and planks. .but he sat quietly why sam worked..and waited patiently
Sam got his meals…and was a good boy when he was being bathed..

And when sam opens the door to his truck…He quickly jumps on..wriggling his tail and sticking out his tongue as excited as a dog it is to hang with its master… and when sam speeds off..He would put it’s head outside the window..

Sam figured that was his favourite part of the day..makes him laugh..


Sam decided to stop by the supermarket to get some groceries for his house..

He ran into a few neighbours. .

Mr and Mrs Glint next to his house..
He tipped his hat at them and walked off…

Ofcos he knew Mrs Glint had the hots for him..

She never relents to bring him cakes and sweets whenever they have a party and she chooses to bring it herself and hangs around a few minutes more after he accepts.

He didnt want to be rude so he askes her to come in and offers her a cup of tea..and chats with her but careful to avoid anything personal and always makes sure he askes about her husband and kids.

He liked women..but he wasn’t a cougar and most definitely didn’t do married women.

And Mrs Glint was the two combined.

Sam wasn’t usually a lonely man..
He had tons of company. .and had his own share of women. He never loved them..maybe liked one or two but eventually they bore him or along the line he finds someone other than them interesting…especially when they begin to get emotional..or desire commitment.

He was out and onto the next.

He never worries whether he hurts them or not..when one leaves out of anger due to the fact he wasn’t interested in taking it  seriois other than to the bed and that’s the end…He doesn’t flinch..

He woundnt consider himself a violent man  but he never backs down  from a fight ..
He had not particularly liked hitting woman but some asked for it and he metted it out accordingly.
Not as violently as he would hit a man…
But to put “some sense in her like” his Pa “Old Bart “..would say.

Tons always flocked around him. Wasn’t his fault..He was geogoeus and he knew it..so why settle for one when he could have a


Two nights ago he had a girl name Gloria. ..back at his place..

She was fine and well rounded..and they both had fun..

But other than that she wasn’t fun out of bed.
She was loud and incredibly annoying…
She always talked about her friends..bitching about who had these or had that and how she was going to make a ton of money one day and run her own booty-house..
After awhile she bores him to death.

She is a waiter he met at the bar…
But these days he wasn’t interested.

And there was nickota..she was half red – Indian. .she was a fox..and liked it rough…that wasn’t much of his thing but it was a good adventure..He dumped her after a month..

There were some his Mind couldn’t recollect..but it didn’t bother him.

He didnt believe in love.
He understood..fantasy and infatuation but love…nah! Wasn’t a thing that existed in his dictionary.

He was a typical man.
He sees what he likes..He goes for the kill..and with his charm and killer looks..it doesn’t take time and she is eating out of his palm..

Maybe that’s why he didn’t really fancy them for long..
They were too easy..
There was no fun…no chase..no challenge…just easy.
And before you know it they were under the sack and before long she is pouring her heart out professing love..

“What a joke”!!
He never liked romantic movies..it was just a big lie…
No one falls inlove the way they claimed..it was too unreal..to easy too
Else how  come it never for once happened to him..?
Was he incapable to love..or he wasn’t made for such foolishness??
He usually picked the latter.

“Maybe there wasn’t anything called love’…He often mused to himself..
So he never gave it a seconds thought. .

He enjoyed his women.
He enjoyed the company of friends..
He liked his privacy and his dog buck was his only companion because he choose him..and that’s all that mattered to sam..all these and ofcos his business.
He was living an okay life.

He was done purchasing all that he needed ..went to the counter and paid for his groceries. ..

He knew he had eyes on him..
Some chicks checking him out even they they had their men on toll.
even the lady behind the counter was smiling broadly and bent a little too much revealing her cleavage to him…

He sized her up..
Apart from her heavy makeup…she wasn’t all that bad.

He thought to himself..He woundnt mind some company tonight..

While she bagged his items he asked..
“So when do you get off”…??

She was too excited and replied…”at around 8pm”…she said.
She had an heavy accent…

Sam looked at his watch and realised it was barely 30 minutes from now..

“Good…I’ll pick you up then…what do you say sweetheart?”…He winked

“Sure”…she smiled seductively. ..making her colleagues jealous somewhat for hooking his attention.

“Keep the change “…sam tells her taking his bag and brushing his hand slightly asking hers..

He tips his hat at dead and flashes his million dollar sign smile at them…that got them giggling like little girls.

He knew he always had that effect on women.
Even the men felt intimidated with his presence especially when they had their girls with him.

But just like he vowed not to date married women and cougars. .
He chose to stay away from his friend’s women…that was a guy code you can’t break..just like the one that covered..”dating your friend’s sister was prohibited”…

Well that one went down the drain.
Alot of them broke that role..him included. .

He reminisced..

“Veronica was too fresh and ripe and she wanted him as he did her..He coudnt help himself..

Not when she wrapped her soft legs around him and pressed down on his crotch. ..and bite his ear Lope and wispered …
“Fxxk me sam”…
“Am nothing but wet underneath”…

As soon as he touched her..He was lost..
He never could look his friend in the eyes again..and could never say that line with his heart anymore..He broke it and he didn’t even regret it.

He chuckled from remembering and shook himself.

He walks out to his car..dumps the bag at the back seat and waited.
No point going home..

He brought out what he got for buck and fed him while he waited.

He  noticed her come out… he flashes the light …and stuck out his hand and waved..she rushes over.


Back at his his place..she said she had had dinner so he felt relieved …He didnt have to rustle something up..

She was a quick fix…
In another hour they were at it again..

Two hours later they were both exhausted.

She had done him a mean one..when she took him in her mouth…it felt good.
When she asked him to go down on her..He had declined…

Not because he hadn’t done it before but he hasn’t really felt the urge to do that since his colleague sweetheart.. sweet innocent daddy’s girl “Didi”…

Atleast he thought she was innocent then..and  she was the only one..he had and really fell for…and she told him…no lied to him that he was the only one too…before he caught her  cheating on him with his best friend who was obviously richer and finer and more popular and got her everything she wanted..

He beat the boy black and blue..
And slapped her across her face when she told him if he thought she liked him.

She only hunged with him because he helped her with her homework and he was her personal body guard plus sex with him was boring…she liked richer men more..she spat at his face..

He didnt know when in his anger he landed her one on her face. .she flew to the other end of the room..

That was the first time he hit a woman..and he didn’t regret it.

Returning back to reality.


Now he didn’t want to go where everyone had gone. Plus he didnt force her to go down on him..its not a criteria for him to do so too. So he declined.
She wasn’t happy about it but he didnt care.

He went another round with her just so he could exhaust her so she leaves him in peace.

By morning he was up and onto his daily routine.

Dropped a few cash on the table and a note saying..

“Thanks for last night”

Hopefully by the time he was back she was gone…unless some who had twisted believe that a one night stand would amount to anything. .then he had to deal with the long process of patiently getting rid of them

He really didnt have time for that now..
He hoped she took the hit..


Sam got in an hour later..

Buck hard on his heels..running circles around him when he paused at the door to catch his breath.

He waited another five and then entered..

Heading straight to his fridge to get water to drink …

Pouring some into Buck’s bowl so he could participate in his ritual.

He takes the stairs two at a time…and opens the door.

He went to the bathroom.
Empty as well.

Well the room looked empty save for the rumpled sheets on the bed.

“Atleast she took the hit.”..he muttered.

Buck had followed him upstairs and pounced on the bed…making circles and then eventually lays down resting his head on his paws..liking his nose..

He needed to wash those sheets
“Down boy”…sam commanded. .buck obeys..

He quickly changes sheets and replaces it with a cleaner one..

Dumps it into the washing machine and clicked on “wash spin and rinse..”..

Today was Saturday. ..

“Fence”…He muttered. .to himself and immediately felt lazy.

“I will do it next week”…

As if reading his.mind…Buck barks twice..

“Right..I know I know”…He replies to buck as though they shares a secret communicative understanding…

He heads to the shower…

Today he didn’t feel like doing anything…

Today..He was going to treat himself…

To what?

He hadn’t the faintest idea…

But work was the least thing on his mind..

He finally settled for…shopping.

He knew he needed to buy new work cloths..
The one he had was worn out plus some car oil stains has refused to go off…

Plus get one or two tools that  needs replacement….

Then he would drive out to the Smiths place to check up on the truck he service.

He promised the doc he was going to come by last week…and it just kept skipping his mind…

Today he would go and find out what the doc has been complaining about the engine and the car nog starting up proper…

Then he would come home..
Make a mean rabbit stew..
And watch the games…
With his good pal buck..

His Saturday seemed settled…


Little did he know his day was going to get entirely messed up…BIG TIME!!!!.


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