Today wasn’t much different from every other day..
Infact I had woken up exactly by 6am..
Just the exact time my alarm goes off every morning…
I had yawned and turned on my side and lifted myself off the bed..
I had strolled Into the shower and rushed a bath..
I came out towelling myself and just like every sixth day of the week I had washed my hair and had a smaller towel wrapped around it so it could dry..

While I dried my hair I put on some cream..deodorant and some perfume..
I liked the ones that smelled of flowers..and a mixture of sweetened chocolate cookies …and I would add a little of tommy girl to it..and I was content I smelled good…
Then I would proceed to do my makeup..mild but catchy.
I was beautiful..I didnt need artificial to mutilate my looks.

And like every day I would get dressed..leaving the house a little over 7 so I could get to work just in time before opening hours..by 8 am.

I worked in a lingerie and boutique store for unisex..
My name tag read “maggie”..and I had the prettiest of smiles and the softest of voices…and the most welcoming of looks..
My customers liked me..
Some even gave me gifts…
Christmas cards and tips.
I never asked. I was grateful and I thanked them.

I liked my job. I made women happy..I picked out suitable lingerie..for what to wear…for their spouses and intended.
When they needed a new wardrobe. .they would beckon to me for advice because they thought I had a good eye for fashion or what was trending..or what would fit with this or that..
Even the men came with their wives to show them to me so they could thank me for being such a good eye..

I never harmed anyone. I just loved my job..and I got paid for it.

And like every other day..Monday through Saturday except my shift days on Wensday. ..
I would work through the morning…go out for lunch with the girls by 1:30 am down on fifth avenue to our favourite resturant so we could have our favourite meals.

I drank a particular drink..I didnt like alcohol. ..the smell nauseates me..and it was too harsh.
I never smoked..I never liked it.
We always sat..down at the end..where we had a good view of the outside world and far away from the door so strangers coming in don’t take the privelege to beg a sit  next to us and chat when we just want to eat in peace for 15 minutes and chat for the next 25 minutes before heading back to work time.
We called it “girls moment”..we could gossip..joke..talk on crushes or bitch about  nothing in particular..

It was usually us three..me, tonia and vicky..
Being friends going on 3 years now…becky joins us once in a while when her boyfriend is out of town or when he is around she uses the 30minutez to go “roll in the sheets “with him as she fondly says it.

After we would all return  back to work and be there till 5pm..while store is been closed.

On Mondays we usually go home afterwards..same as Tuesdays. .but on Wensday. .which is my off..and theirs as well.yes..we picked same day and allowed others to cover for us..

We have girls night..usually we do it in turns..either of our houses …
We take care of breakfast lunch and then dinner.
In between we go to the spar…
Go skating or some other sport..
Karaoke  bars are my favourite and then movies at the loot cinema..then we end up at McDonald’s. .usually the highlights of the evening ..that’s if we are up to it we go clubbing.

I usually aren’t a fan of that one but..I can’t say no when they make puppy faces at me and calls me a chicken.
“Afraid to have a good time or getting back in the game?”.
They never stop taunting me about being single for two years  now..After I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my roommate in college. ..
I was done with men…I didnt have the time nor the heart..

“Give it a twirl”..they would chant.
“What’s the point of having it and you don’t use it”…Ofcos indicating my womanly sexual organs …
I would scoff everytime..
I really didnt think of that anymore.
I really didnt miss it.
Ofcos that was a fat lie but I wasn’t going to admit it..not to them.
I needed time.

“Two years is enough to mourn that asshole”…they would continue the chant”..
“And you not letting go and find someone else to make you happy is making him win…”…they had a point.

But I didn’t want to get back in the game because I didn’t want him to win.
I wanted to get back into the dating sphere when I was ready not because of some ex and most definitely not because I was horny.
I wouldn’t just shag a random guy. That wasn’t my thing…it theirs yes..but mine…No.
“I will when am ready and not a minute before then”…I would tell them and change the topic.

On Thursdays and Fridays. .We have this jazz concert that goes on and comic shows..it was usually fun.
My best was the lyrical act…it was amazing.
We go for drinks afterwards but I skipped on that and take something softer.

The pub bar had snookers..dart games..and cards..
I stuck with the darts..and snooker..
I won myself a few change the last time.

Some days tonia and vicky leaves with different guys..
I would be chatted up by one or two but I never let it pass first name basis and what you do for a leaving.
When they turn the “can I take you home or you wanna go somewhere with me”…I pretend I get a call from my boyfriend which is usually an imaginary caller and move away..it should probably give them the hint.
“I wasn’t interested “.

On Saturdays we work half days…
I usually have my laundry done..
Go for a pedicure and manicure and meet the girls later for picnics..
Sometimes they carry along their dates from the night before..and get all mushy mushy ..
I am not even jealous…
I feel sorry for them infact..they are done with before the next Friday. ..
It was sort of a game for them…
I told them to be careful.

“Why not stay with one?…I would ask.
“Where’s the fun in that?…one would ask back..
“Why have one when you can have alot”…they would Chant.
“Besides they would do thesame thing …you of all people should know that…we are just beating them at their game..when they time comes for settlement…then Imma find a good pick outta these bunch..”..they would continue.
I never quite saw the logic in that but I was taught never to judge so I let them.

On Sundays …I had that to myself..
I would watch my favourite soap opera.
Got to the supermarket to get groceries because I always never do it on a Saturday as I promise myslef I would..but they never let me go home till late..

I would get movies from the movie store down the street.
Check in on old Mr peppers down old block..Water his flowers ..take in his mails and clean out his garden..whenever he was out of town which was usually on Weekends.

Then I would walk home..with my ipod in my pocket ..playing some old country song or funky music..
I would do some exercise …on the treadmill..
Then I would shower for the second time…
Pop on the sofa..flip to a movie or a dvd..with popcorn by my side or a cup of chocolate while I watch “pretty woman” for the 100th time or “love and basketball”…or “Heirs”.

I usually fall asleep by midnight..with my stereo playing midnight blues..its soothing and calms my nerves.

I would call my mum over at Georgia and find out how she is doing…
She is remarried to a guy named Tom Michael and I have two baby brothers.. Sean 5 and sam 2..love them to death.
She had me when she was 21 and my Dad up and left when I was 3.
Came back 5 years later and wanted back in. Mum served him the divorce papers and finally got to marry the man who stood by her 3 years and counting when every thing looked bleak.

Apparently Pops was into dope. He needed some cash…to maintain his junkie life.
A year later he was found ..dead in his own crap…
I was about 10..I knew I didnt miss him.
Tom had been a father to me and will always be..I loved him for that.
I never thought of my father again.

And like every other night…
I  will stare at the stars and wish I had someone special to share this moment with me…
Then I would turn of the light..
With the music searing through the room in not so loud a sound..and I would fall into a blissful sleep..

Waking up to the sound of my alarm wvery morning by 6am and my daily ritual will begin …

Just like every other day…


And just like every other day..For the past couple of months..
He had watched her..
He had followed her …

He knew how she smelt ..like flowers and chocolate cookies…and something else that spices it up more..

He knew her favourite resturant..
He could make her favourite meal..
He was a good cook..

He sometimes envisioned her sitting opposite him while she eats her favourite meal prepared by him.

He would drink alcohol while he gave her something mild…He knew she didn’t drink..
He knew her that well.

He knew her friends as well and their crazy lifestyles…He liked that she was reserved..and mostly alone in her house..

He went to her favourite spots..Sometimes he even got there before her..to watch her come in…and wait to watch her leave.

He could close his eyes and draw a picture of her in his mind…

He wondered if she would be as soft as she looks..
Whenever he thinks of her..touching her his body stirs..

And as every other day…He knew all her routines at the back of his hand…

When she leaves the house and when she comes back..
It gives him time to go in…stay awhile and have a feel of her presence. .

Her bed where she sleeps..where she baths..her lingeries. ..He touches them and smells them…smiling evilly..it hardness him…He doesn’t stop himself…He takes out his Johnson. ..while smelling her panties..He closes his eyes and wanks himself till he comes..
He does this every other day..

He put the  camera in her house..facing her bed and in her toilet…even in the kitchen and her palour and backyard..He never wanted to miss anything she was doing.
He watches her sleep..
He watches as she scrubs herself while she baths..

He watches her..while he slides hard and fast into a prostitute he blind folds…and hands tied …while he hammers her..unconcerned how she screams..Afterall she is gagged to prevent her screams from ruining his moment with watching her..shower…

It excites him…seeing her naked..her breast bouncing up and down from her movement..her bottucks while she scrubs..and her private part while she washes…everything about her excites him…He is like a lion..He doesn’t stop..He hammers still he is exhausted…

And as every other day…He waits..
For the right time…
To have her..
To own her..
To make her his..
He won’t tire of her like the other girls…not too early …He was going to savour every moment with her…

And as every other day…
He waited…
For the right time…



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