Xoxoxoxox. .

“Babes…you got a looker…at 3oclock.”…Tonia nudged me gently…

“Huh…what?”…I asked..turning around to look.

“D-dont look silly!!”…Tonia queried. .
“Just act cool…I bet he wants to come over here…and I and vicky are probably dulling him some”…

They  both snickered.
I stuck out my tongue at them…and rolled my eyes for effect.
They ofcos laughed…and continued drinking. ..
I sipped on my lemonade instead fighting the urge to turn and check out the dude obviously checking me out.

We were seated in a round table chair ..
Facing the stage…watching act after act come up and perform..

Some people were dancing…some others sat just the way we did…some others lounges close to the bar…close to the drinks..
The waitresses in miniskirts and pushup bras showing too much cleave from their dress walked around  carrying drinks to serve or clearing or waiting tables…

I tried not to bother myself some…
If he wanted to talk…
he would come over…

I pretended not to care..


He sat watching her closely…
Not wavering…taking in all her movement…
Even taking a mental picture of what she wore…how she smiled…
He still could smell her….
From his last visit to her house..

He had waited for so long.
Maybe tonight..
Today would be the night to introduce himself. ..

Just the thought of it got him excited.
He had everything prepared and arranged..
All he had to do was meet her personally and everything would proceed from there..He mused…He even chuckled to himself when he realised how much fun he would have with her..

He continued staring at her and sipped his drink…a strong mixture of liquor …
That would make the ordinary head swoon…instead it made him brightened. ..even more lucid than he had ever been.

He watched as her friends had each found themselves a companion  and moved a little distance away from her chatting and laughing totally absorbed into one another….

This was his chance..
He gulped down his drink.
Tipped the bartender…

“Thanks ricky…keep the change…”…he said getting up and ran a hand through his hair…adjusted his glasses at the bridge of his nose…

“Gee thanks Bob”….Ricky the bartender said…pocketing the tip and smiling…focusing his attention back to his customers..

When he was satisfied with his appearance.

He got up and walked towards her….


“Can I join you???”…a male voice asked…coming from my right hand side…

I figured it was the dude Tonia noticed earlier staring at me.

I turned…and looked into grey eyes…
By god he was georgeous. …I had to swallow a lump in my throat. ..

“Er sure ofcos”…I replied..
I looked around for the girls..
I finally caught vicky ‘ s eyes….she gave a thumbs up…
Tonia looks back…and makes a nasty gesture with sticking her finger in her mouth and poking the inside of her mouth with it to the side so it pumps out to the side..in and out ,in and out… continously.  I wondered why their dates didnt notice…

“Gosh those girls are sick”….I muttered to myself laughing…giving her the sign to  cut it out…Ofcos she changed to something even naughtier…smacking an imaginary butt and vicky was making horny and sex – zoned faces…..I had to look away…

“What did you say?”….the stranger asked…smiling…He had followed my eyes and saw them too.

I blushed.

“Nothing..”..I smiled and adjusted my seat.

“Am Bob. Bob micchen”….He said…

“Maggie. !!…I replied taking his outstretched hand….

What kind of name was “Bob micchen? ?”… I thought to myself

I didnt bother to ask.
He looked good..nice built too.

I stopped myself from thinking .

He had soft hands.
I returned back to reality.

I had to wonder what he did for a living..


We spoke for awhile…
We even danced…

He was funny…and such a talker..
It was nearly midnight and funny enough I didnt want the night to end.

I got to find out.
He was an editor for the publishing house.
Never  been married…
Just out of a two years relationship.. being single for 6 mouths. ..
And he hates pizza. .

Who would hate pizza..
I wondered.

But he had the cutest smile..
And what with the glasses.??
His eyes looked much better without them….
He said he liked the geek nerdy look…
I told him he looked hotter without it..
That got him laughing.

He got me my second and third drink.
I noticed he drank only a particular kind. I asked why. He said the flavour was harsh…He liked it.

He wondered if I would like to try it.
I told him no.
I preferred my special brand of liquor. ..lemonades,  juices and smoothies…with ice Inside…plus my head wasn’t made for strong drinks.
He nodded…

“Cheers to us”…He said raising his glass to mine.
I clicked it with my almost empty glass..

We spoke about everything worth talking…

Before long we were holding hands..
Or while dancing his hand had gotten comfortable at the small of my back…
I didnt mind really..

Infact…I was hoping he held me closer..
But he seemed respectful.
I liked that. ..about him.

I realised I was hungry..
I needed food not junk..

Tonia had disappeared …vicky still had her hands entwined with her date by the bar sharing a french kiss…

I excused myself for  a minute..

I walked to vicky and cleared my throat..it took abit of clearing ofcos…

“Oh how smiggle”…she said Inbetween kisses…

“So am gonna head out…to get a bite…you want anything??..” I asked…skillfully avoiding to look at what her hands was doing close to his thighs….

“Yes I do…but not what you are offering..”…she replied…biting his ear..

“Ok so am gonna head out…be back in a few ok.?…

“With boozy ova there right??..she asked nugding me with her free hand”…

“Nah…not to worry..we are leaving soon just as soon as Stewart his driver gets here…”…she shoos me away

“Go have fun finally and give me all the juicy details …Afterall it’s been awhile am sure you would have alot to tell”…vicky added smiling at me with a wink…

Her date was busy entertaining the side of her lip while wispering sweet nonsense into her ears I knew I didnt want to hear…

I blushed…
Walking away but paused…
“Tonia?…I should say bye….”… I started to say..

“Girl just go already…
“You really want me to point you to the direction tonia is??…you might want to take along a censored glasses because it’s gonna be xrayed…..”…she replied.

Now he laughed.

I adviced myself…smiled. waved. Told them I would call..in the morning. ..

It was Saturday night afterall…we won’t be seeing till Monday. ..

I shrugged.

He had gotten up…wearing his coat.
Picking up mine and helped me with it.

Such the gentleman. I noted.

We walked into the cold night together

Somewhere in the room..
People were still laughing. ..
Some were still dancing and some were still snuggling. ..

Somewhere in the room..
Everything seemed to be going on like normal..
Nothing amiss…

Somewhere and everywhere in crowded room we just left…with a total stranger  named Bob..the room seemed to carry on as though and by right as it should …

Somewhere in the room…
In that same crowded room..
Someone glared..
A Nose flared. ..eyes turned red in anger…
Knuckles turned white from holding on too hard to the chair edge he rested himself on…
An evil deadly glint in his eyes….

From that same crowded room…someone followed us from behind….with every evil intent possible. …and no one else noticed in that same crowded room…we were just in…


Author’s Note…

P.s  Life really is a whole lots of shades of gray…




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