#Sunset …part 7



He really didnt see him…
He didnt know just how it happened but one minute he was driving and listening to good country funk..
And the next he heard someone scream.. The loud shrill almost deafened him.

Too late…

He looked too late.
He swerved too late…
Tires screeching. ..running into a pavement and hitting a bin can and eventually a water sauce causing the bin to dump everything as it twisted in the air..Water sprouting from the disjointed sockets that held the hose together..

Next minutes he saw a woman come out of her house running and screaming and a few others hearing the commotion following suit…

Not to him but to someone else..
Lying down lifeless on the floor..
A little form..more like a child’s.

He jumps out of the car…Buck follows suit…and he rushes to the scene.
Afraid of what he would find..afraid of what he thought he had done..but he couldnt just not fond out…

‘Call 911″…He heard someone say..
“Is he breathing”…another said.
“Give him space. Don’t crowd him..He needs space..everyone move back”…another person said…

He was closer now breaking into the crowd and falling on his knees..and a few feet lay the lifeless form..
Yes…it was a child.
A little boy not more than 6 years old..
A few bruises on his body..a cut to his forehead and blood coming out the side of his mouth..his eyes closed…

He was death stricken.

Someone grabbed his shirt…hitting him and crying. .continuously. ..
He didnt stop her.
He didnt even see her face..
He assumed she is the mother..
His visions seemed blurred..He couldnt even breath..

He realised people were pulling her away from him…

He looked around ..as if trying to replay the scene..

He had been driving…Buck was barking and the music wasn’t that loud..He was staring at the road…
But where did he come from…
He hadn’t seen him..
He was sure he didn’t run him over.
Atleast he thought he was sure because he didnt see him..but that didn’t mean he didn’t run him over.

His head had begun to hurt from the voices talking around him. Woman sobbing..people talking..some hissing. ..He coudnt hear a word..
Far away a distant sound of siren…could be the police and the ambulance..
He couldn’t lift himself up…
Voices in his head were screaming now..
The shrill of that high pitched sound came back to him..

He remembered swerving after he heard the scream or was it during before he hit the pavement..
“Was it then??”…sam thought to himself..
“What had he done”…He cried …putting his face in his hand…

He was riding a bike..must have been hit then..his bike had received some damages..worse for looks…must have been crushed by the trucks heaven tires..
He noticed didnt notice the puppy someone had pulled from under his car…left broken..and it was yelping in pain…

The ambulance had arrived.
The small crowd had given way so they could do their job..
The wailing woman entered..
Two people joined her..

He needed to follow them…He knew that..He couldnt bring himself to stand up..his body felt as though it wasn’t his own.

“What have I done??
“What have u done??..
Those words came out repeatedly from his lips and all he could see was the lifeless form of a little boy not more than 6 years old and hear then Voices in his head and the vision of a wailing woman chocking him with her beating…


He had been in holding for two hours.
Not a word from anyone.

“Can anyone please just give me information on the boy..Please? “.. He asked the police man on duty.

He hadn’t stopped pacing the length of the small cell. He coudnt relax.

“Was the boy dead?..”..was all he could think about.

He had requested for audience but no one wanted to answer him nor give him any information.
He had to wait it out.

They had rushed the boy to the hospital. And the police had apprehended him so they can get to the crux of the matter.

Since he coudnt verify wether he hit the kid or not they were asking for eye witnesses to come forward..
And until then…He was been kept in holding.

He didnt have any living relative close by to call..
He called his friend Damon..and told him what happened and to go find the hospital and check on the boy.
He wanted so desperately that maybe some sort of miracle would happen and it would be all a big nightmare.
But not a wprd from Damon. It’s been two hours.
He was besides himself with worry.

“Oh God please…”..He prayed.


“Dr Blake??”…The intercom buzzed…
“You have an emergency in room 34…your attention is needed”……

I have half expected it to be nothing..untill I had walked into the room and a little crowded of 2-7people towering over a little form.

“Nurse please…excort this folks outside “…I pleaded.

A crying lady.approched me…frantic and almost hysterically. .
“My baby boy…He is not opening his eyes…Help him doctor”…she cried holding on to my lab coat…

I had to carefully pull her away taking her out side.

“Ma’am..take it easy
Let me take a look at your son. What’s his name??…I asked.

“B-bran” She managed to reply.

“Yes…let me take a look at Bran and I will get back to you. Be strong and have a lil faith…”…I urged. Beckoning to a nurse to come take be away..

“Give her something for her nerves”…I told the nurse and entered the room.


His wounds had been cleaned and patched up.
He was just in shock and had fainted.
I put him on drip…checked his vitals and looked into his eyes..
His injuries wasn’t life threatening.
The bruise and cut to his head was due to his fall.
No Internal damage..
If he was run down by the truck described…He would have been worse for wear..
This was due to a fall..presumably from his bike his mother he was riding.
He would be awake in a few hours..
I wrote a few things on his chat and stepped out. 

I had to find his mother..


It was almost 8pm.
No word yet.
Sam had already begun to give up hope and waited for the worse.

The police on his duty came into the room..
Shuffling his keys.
He heard him but didn’t open his eyes..nor did he raise up his head.
He had been sitting down on the hard surface of the earth…his hands and head rested on each other on his raised knees..

He heard the cell gate open and didn’t bulge untill he heard..

“Mr Sam Michaels you are free to go.”..
“You  can pick up your personal gadgets at the front desk.
He said opening the gate wide for him.

Sam hesitated.
He didnt know how to proceed..

“Mr Micheals”…came the voice again.

“I don’t understand “..?..was all he could muster rising.

“No charges are been pressed. You are free to go. You personal gadgets are at the front desk. You fill out a paperwork and you can go.”…He said dismissively.

Sam gets up and walks out of the cell. Following directions to the front desk.

Damon was waiting for him..He turned when he heard footsteps.

“Mehn you look like shit”…was all he said as soon as be laid his eyes on sam.
Ofcos…given the trauma he had been through. .who wouldnt.


They were outside now.
He noticed his truck was out front and his mechanic bud was in the front seat…He waved.

“Did you find the hospital? ??.
“How is the kid”???
“Whats going on??
“Why did they let me out??”
“Where is the hospital”??
“Is he okay?”…..
“Can I. ……..  sam asked nonstop without even breathing…

“Hey man relax…”..
“First off…all you need to know that the kid is ok.
“A few bruises but he awake now.””

“Jesus!!!!!..” Sam exclaimed.
“I ran the Damn kid over mehn…I didnt see him I swear”…..He sounded broken..

“Well….yes you didnt see him because you didn’t run him over…

“It was a Damn dog that ran under your truck. ..some old lady had shrieked..frightened the little boy..
He was riding his bike and ramped straight to the side hitting the dumpster falling off..his bike rolled and that was what you crushed…before swerving to the side and running into the pavement and yadiyadiya.. you know the rest”….Damon finished.

Sam looked shocked and relieved and dismayed at the same time….

“Bottom line..A eye witness came forward.
If you ran him over..with those gaint tires…that kid won’t live to see another day so cheer up!!…Damon slapped him hard on the back.

Sam didnt sound convinced..

“But the injuries..The blood. ..He was lifeless. ..” Sam was saying looking at his hands as though he could literally see the scenes from the palm of his hands…

“Ever had a bike fall when you were  little??
“Lemme demostrate lyrically..
“Ok add speed ..add dumpster. .add hard surface pavement and add a roll…on rough solid earth…”….He dramatised. ..” he said looking at sam for emphasis..

“Good”!!…now you need to go home and deal men.
“God got your back on this one.

Sam didnt know what to say.
But he was thankful he didn’t run the kid over.
But he was still dismayed that the kid got hurt.

“Did you get the address of the hospital…The name of the kid. I need to see’im and make sure he good.

“I can’t just go to sleep like that. I feel haunted already. Just to see him for myself…”…sam pleaded.

“Hey hold your horses soilder”…Damon queried walking towards his car…and urging sam towards his truck…

“No visitors allowed after hours except family..and you my friend ain’t family.

“And just  because I know you to well I will hoard that info from you and pick you bright and early tomorrow so we can do justice to that….before you best me and take a leap to the hospital and scare the kid…”…He had opened the door and pushed sam in gently..

“Straight home”…He told the mechanic…
“No stops no nothing “…

“Just go home. Take a shower. Rest..eat..Infact say a prayer to God and be grateful. .let tomorrow take care of itself dude…”….He pats sam Ln his shoulder..

Sam was drained. He gave up.

“Thanks man”…He finally mustered.

“Sure anytime bro… now get outta here…I have a warm bed and warm body waiting on me and getting cold..i don’t plan to pass that up…” he winked walking away..

“Say hi to betty”…sam called out.

” old school bro…its Monica now”…He called over his shoulder laughing.

Damon was a womaniser..
They were probably more alike than he cared to admit.
But he was always a good friend ..
And that was more than he needed.
He was grateful.

He closed his eyes..His head was still throbbing.
He knew he wouldn’t sleep.
Not until he looked into the boy’s face and hear him say he was fine.

Some mysterious being was obviously taking care of him.

Today was one of the most horrible days of his life…
And he knew he had had some in the past..
But taking one’s life…knowingly or unknowingly could destroy a man..
He was thankful. ..it was averted.

He was tempted a religious man, sam wasn’t.
But he said a silent prayer of thanks nevertheless .

Hopefully whoever or whatever out there was listening…and affirms it.



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