Helo Everyone..



Thank you all so much for following and reading..

Without you there woundnt be this..
So here’s to me appreciating each and everyone of you…you all are awesome.

This really isn’t just an hobby..its something I have loved doing right from when I could read and write.

I wanted a world where I could be free…intellectually to truelly express myself how I want it…through my perspectives or how it should be..

So one day I had a pen and paper and I started to scribble..a whole bunch of nothings at first and i couldn’t stop
..literally couldn’t stop…it just kept pouring out…

I realised that I enjoyed it.
I started with pouring out my thoughts..
Then my pains..experiences. .my highs and lows in life..my happiness..my turning points…my breakthroughs my joy…literally…
I wrote better when I could totally relate…that was my inspiration…

And writing is to enable someone else who reads it be able to relate to as well.

Yes I could really doing fictions..which I do sometimes and majority of the time..it could just be people’s experiences of life…real time.

It could be about…love…yes majorly because am a hopeless  romantic and a sucker for an food love story anytime any day.
Other times it could be about pain..there is a lot of pain in the world.
It could also be about life..
Virtually whatever I write…is sentimentally attached …not to me necessarily. ..but someone anyone anywhere could sit back and say…yes…
I could relate..
Be able to laugh about it..
To reminisce about it..
To think about it..
Or to be able to go “awwwn”..

But whatever it is..
Am glad to be able to atleast ..be able to get your attention and keep it..so it a good thing.

Yes I know am still an amateur writer but hey…practice makes perfect. ..that’s the saying right?

So that’s what you are here for..
Like..comment…critics are welcome..they make you see your flaws and also help you improve..lol I think.

So anyways…here’s to me appreciating each and everyone of you cos the bunch of you are totally and amazingly awesome…Mwah!!!

So…just because you enjoy stopping by so much am you won’t find it much of a bother to you…and you wanna help hey this way out there…

Here’s a little something you can do..


Yes… that’s a picture of me.

If I don’t support me who will?? * winks*

You can use a paper , cardboard or go all the way and Art it up…I tried but am not much of a artist..but Heh I make do. Lol

So yes..you can do one for me too..
Join the campaign. .For the #sweets.

*get a paper and a  pen or whatever works for you.. and scribble boldly..




And you can send me a picture of you and it here , tag me on instagrams  and post it on other social networks as well…mine and yours too.

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The Sweet Perspectives

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Thank you so much and don’t forget to share the love..

For the love of ..


Thanks again fam.

And remember  you are awesome.


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