#RebeccaBrown…Cont. 8


Xoxoxoxxo. .

It had begun to rain while we were in the cab.
I had checked my phone.. Nicky hadn’t returned my phone calls nor my messages. I hope she was ok..

The driver took a left turn into a close and stopped infront of a black gate.
I figured this was our stop.

Sebastian paid him and looked at me..
“Do I have something on my head or what??..”…I asked him as i consciously started running my hand over my head as though warding off whatever it was.

“Well…not that.
“Am actually concerned about the rain getting to your hair. You know how you girls get with these..things”…He said turning his finger round..and around.

I thought for a moment…
“But not as though you can magically make a unbrella appear can you?…I asked turning around to check how bad it was…

“Is it far from the gate…
“Where ever we were going to??…. now I became concerned…

“Hmmm.. like five huge steps…that’s because it’s me and am taller and my strides are longer..

“But you…give it 15 jumps”….He said laughing.

I had to punch him..

“But you need to decide fast cos the cab guy doesn’t seem to appreciate us wasting his time…”…He wispered  under his breath.

“He got paid so he can take a chill pill”…I replied back…

I looked out the car window…

He stretches out his hand to open the door..

“Ready?…”..He asked.
” Btw what girl doesn’t carry an unbrella in her bag??…

“What guy doesn’t have a trick or two under his sleeves…”…I retorted back..

He laughed out loud.
I stuck out my tongue at him.

“Do that again and I will bite it off…all of it”….He dared..

And ofcos I never backed down from a dare…

I did it. Once, twice, thrice…and laughed wickedly for good measure..

He had this sly smile going for him. He didnt say a word.

“Ready when you are missy”…He said..Indicating the run.

“Oh bollocks. Shoot. Go”…I said bracing myself.

He takes my hand and together we ran for the gate…into the compound and straight for the corider having a roof covering overhead.

That didn’t quite stop the rain from drenching us. It was a heavy downpour..

“My hair..my shoes..my bag…my everything”…I sobbed….

He was laughing.

“You are such a girl”…..still laughing holding his stomach and wrecking with laughter.

“You actually look cute when wet…ah mean with water running down every part of you….ermm….Never mind. ..

He said nervously…..

“Come let’s get you cleaned up before you catch a cold”…He turned and pulled me with him.

When he turned he muttered under his breath..to himself ..

“Wtf Sebastian. .”.look cute when wet??…what the hell was that???….
“Water running down every part of you??…. who says those things???….

He shook his head mentally.

“What did you say??…I asked…having thought I heard him say something.

“Nothing lav”…that accent again.

He fished for the keys deep inside his pocket and opened the door.

I had already begun to shiver abit…

“Come in….rebs”…

Lemme get you a towel and something warm to wear..

I came in and ofcos couldn’t sit because I didn’t want to drench his sofa. It looked too clean..

Sebastian came back five minutes later holding a t-shirt and a clean towel.

“Everything you would need is in there…The bathroom is over there so….” he let his words trail off and directed me.

I thanked him and left to change.


I came out 15 minutes later …having had a shower..
I wouldn’t sleep with rain water on my body. I wouldn’t be comfortable.

The t-shirt he gave me was his apparently. .
I figured it would look sooo okay on him and on me it was reaching my knees…
I had laughed when I wore it.
It was white and gold buttons top to bottom. ..kinda cute..

He had taken off his wet cloths and was on his briefs..

As soon as I got out of the bathroom he stood up gathering his cloths…as though hiding whatever I don’t know..

“Gosh you girls sure take alot of time in there…I almost slept off..”…He said reclaiming his bathroom.

“We have delicates to attend to”….I answered mater-of-factly..

He was already out of earshot.

He kept a neat room..I observed.
It wasn’t as big as ours…I and nicky’s but it was neat and arranged for a guy..and just okay for someone who stayed alone.

I noticed his game attached to the TV.
Ofcos…men and their games. It was their other mistress. I couldnt even be jealous if I wanted to be.

He had a sofa and a reading table…and a chair and the bed.
I really didnt want to sitdown anymore…my ass was killing me.
I needed a warm bed………it was calling out to me…literally.

I sighed and plunged for it.
It felt good as it looked..

“Nicky”!!… my thoughts went to her again…
I jumped for my bag…dug for my phone and just then…

“Speak of the devil”…I responded into the receiver as against hello.

“Where are you???”….she asked innocently.

“Been home for abit and you aren’t  back…are you….”….

“What??”…I cut her off.

She shouldn’t even try to play cunning.
I was onto her big time.

“I waited on you in the resturant for like forever. Called you like a gazillion times. Sent you a message you didnt reply to and a few thousand calls to go with it..

“I had gotten home and realised you were with the key…been there waiting outside like a refugee and you still weren’t picking your calls and I was begining to wonder if you were kidnapped or something..”….I was fuming. .

She laughed.

“Its not funny Nicky and am upset.
“Where the hell have you been?..

” am sorry Babes.  Just held up and didn’t realise my phone was on silent…”…she lied.

She was lying and I could tell….it felt really untrue. For hours unending.

“C’me one Nicky you could do better than that”….I thought

I asked.

” and you somehow forgot that your friend was waiting on you.?

“Ok why didn’t you call or send a text if somehow you knew you woundnt be coming back early and I should go huh???… I fired at her..

I wasn’t gonna let her go that easy.

“Am sorry. Where are you. Am home now…the other housemates said they saw you sitting at the veranda with a guy….but later you were gone…

“Yes I was. “.

..I wasn’t in the mood to answer any question she was going to ask next…

“had to go to a friends..now it a raining and my cloths got wet and it’s late . Once it stops and my cloths drys out I would be back…”…I said. Not realising what the time was.

“Er…it past 9pm Babes. ..when do you wanna get here..midnight? ?….she asked…

I looked around for a clock. I didnt see. I pulled the phone from my ears and checked the time.
It was 9:35…
“Shit!..was all I could say.

“Are you with Sabastain? ?….she was fishing.

I rolled my eyes..
“When the rain stops..I will….. “I trailed off startled…as someone pulled the phone from my hands.

“See you tomorrow nicky”….he said.

I didnt hear him come out of the bathroom…probably listening to my convo with Nicky. .and took the phone from me..and spoke into the receiver..

“Oh..you stole her from the house right didnt you Sebastian. ..??
“Naughty naughty”…….Nicky said….cooingly

“Hi Nicky.  Bye Nicky. ..”..Sebastian says…and cuts the call. Not bothering to answer.

“How do you expect to go anywhere in this weather young lady?..”…He asked staring at me.

He was wearing a white shirt and black and blue stripes shots.

He smelled off lavender roses…or was it the soap he used.
I never quite realised how cute a guy looked just out of the shower.
So fresh and so clean…

It wasn’t until he crossed his hand over his chest did i realise he really intended me to answer…

“Well”….I shrugged.

“Well nothing “.. He replied.. now go sit down….lemme warm something up for you.

“Bossy”….I hissed…

He didnt reply. But I could swore he smiled.

I heard him busy in the kitchen. I hoped he knew what he was doing.
I was tempted to  call out but stopped myself.

15 minutes later he came back bearing a tray with food …

My mouth began to water.
I didnt realise how hungry I was untill I began to dig in like someone starved for a week..but ofcos I had to be ladylike with my table manners…didn’t want to scare the poor guy. I snickered.
He went back for his…

He asked what I would like to watch. I told him i would go with anything other than boring drama’s.
We finally settled  on…a
Comedy….one of Kevin hart’s flicks…the wedding ringer
And then …identify thief…

We spoke Inbetween mouthfuls.


After eating…I offered to help with the dishes..

“Relax princess…you are my guest. So enjoy it…”…He disappeared  and appeared a few minutes later…


My hair hadn’t really tried so I poured it down and ran my hands through it . Couple of times..
Legs tucked in under me..
Eyes glued to the TV. .


“She so Damn cute in that shirt”…Sebastian coudnt get the image out of his head.

He was fighting the battle within himself to really appreciate the view…

He tried not to stare when she got up or moved…when she touched her hair or rubbed her legs subscnciously. ..or when she smiled with her eyes sparkling…or her lips when she says something..

He liked her hair down…He so wanted to relief her hand from brushing the hair but didn’t know wether she would see it differently.  So he didn’t move.

Instead he talked…alot about other things…about the movie…Music. ..about her…He really wanted to know her…everything about her..maybe then his head would stop throbbing when he thought about her alot…
But Damn. ..she was going to be the undoing of him in that look.

Really he didn’t plan to bring her home. but he couldnt leave her alone by herself either.
She looked vulnerable and he just wanted to protect her…
.He infact wasn’t ready to leave her just yet and he did the very first thought that came to his head and quite frankly he didn’t regret it.

He prayed he remained sane throughout the night and fight the urge that’s screaming to take her in his arms and kiss the life out of her..

He sighed.

“This was going to be a long night ” Sebastian thought to himself..


‘Gosh…can’t believe am going to spend a night at sebs”….I thought.

He had turned off the light and the only light in the room was coming from the TV. ..

We both sat at different edges of the bed. He had gotten an extra blanket for me to cover incase I felt chilled…and another for himself talking a pillow from the bed and arranged it on the ground…

‘Don’t worry…you can have the bed all to yourself…”…He winked…taking his place on the floor.

I felt guilty.

“The bed is big enough you really don’t have to discomfort yourself for my sake really…”…I said.

“What the hell was I doing??”…I thought to myself again.

He smiled.

“Nah its cool. Besides I roll around alot I wouldn’t want to crush you….you seem too fragile”…..He lied

“Am not fragile really”…..I knew he was lying..

I really wasn’t fragile. I tried to convince myself.

“What the hell Rebs? ?”…my MiniMes asked…

“Shut up!!* I retorted inside my head.

I really didnt know what I was thinking.
I just knew i didnt  want him sleeping on the floor.
It really didnt have anything to do with the fact that…I wanted to be close to him and none of whatever I was thinking…..

“How would you be a guest in someone’s house and the host gets to sleep on the hard floor while you get the royal treat?”… I continued thinking.

Ofcos I was lying to myself.

I just would prefer him close.
That was it.
End of story.

“Liar”!!!!…those MiniMes were at it again.

I ignored them.

He thought for a moment.
“If you insist.”…
“But I won’t be held responsible for any of my actions…”….He threatened ….
“Am kidding “….He quickly added when I almost had a supposed frightened look on. And laughed at my expression…

“You should really look at your face right now”….He said popping up on the bed.

It sunk in a little and regained it’s original state.

Awkward silence..


“So I seem to remember someone’s feets were throbbing awhile ago”….He said pulling my legs from under me…i tried to pull away but he held on…

He began to massage my feet.

I had to admit. It felt soothing. I relaxed..

“Well…I had worn shoes all day”…
“Its to be expected. ..”… I was enjoying the feel of his hands more than the act. I closed my eyes

“What do you like?””…  He asked calmly

“Well alot of things actually. ..
Movies, books…good music…beach…chocolate. ..cookies..juice…lots of cranberry juice…a good time…that doesn’t involve alcohol, clubs and the crazies, me time, family time,you time,…” I said peeping with one eye open looking at him…He was smiling.

“What do you like?”….He asked again…more calmly than the first.

His hands hadn’t stopped massaging my feet..but it became a little slower…

Did I know what he was asking?
Maybe I did. Maybe I didnt.
I actually wanted him to spell it out so I don’t blurt out total nonsense or something other than what he was asking…

“Er gee lemme see”…i thought for a second…

“I also like clowns in tutu outfits…they are really cute especially when they do the ballet and look totally ridiculous at the same time…”….I answered mischievously. ..

He threw his head and laughed just like a little kid.

“You are such a clown”…He managed to reply Inbetween laughs. Pulling my legs…I fell back on the bed and popped up almost immediately. ..

“So are you”…I stuck out my tongue…and did the funny face at him with both hands sticking out my ears…eyes rolling head rolling…..

I looked silly. I knew. But I also made him laugh more. I liked it. I liked the sound of his laugh..it was cheerful and hearty..makes you want to join in.

“Did I not tell someone if she did that sticking out tongue thingie again I would bite it off..literally?…He asked…staring at me with one finger to his jaw as though considering or thinking I couldn’t tell…

“Damn”…that was my only thought before…

Without warning he pulled me to himself in one swift motion and pinned me down…

In another minute we were face to face…only a few inches apart…I could feel his warm breath caressing my face.
I swallowed. I was speechless.

Gone was the tough retort back girl.
Here was a girl as everyother girl..pinned down by a guy she likes and she didn’t know what to say or do…so I stared into those deep sea blue eyes that always held this magical pull for me..sucking me  in..breaking all my resolve..capturing me in still blue water…The ambience of it was breathtaking. ..I couldnt breath.
Or atleast I thought I couldn’t breath.

I swear if he listened more closely he could hear my heart  beat like a drum competing for a festive parade.

i noticed he was also staring…
Was he closing in or I just imagined the space between us was closing in very slowly…

I swallowed.  Was that the first time or the fourth or fifth time?..
I coudnt remember ..

And I did what ever other girl would do naturally when you are in this situation…

I closed my eyes…..and waited…



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