He was a smooth talker.
I would give him that.

Having had our midnight snack.
The night felt too good to end this way.

I really wasn’t thinking about it.
I wasn’t  even thinking it just because the vicky and Tonia said I should get right back into the dating sack and leap for it.

I just felt sort of connected. And he and I clicked. Right on the go.

It was funny actually.

So when he offered to walk me home.
I didnt object.
When I offered him a cup of coffee in my apartment when we got to my door..
He didnt object.
Infact I was glad even.

It was a nice night.
A cool night for anything magical to happen and I didnt feel the least perturbed about it.

I figured..”yeah well…when is the right time for anything really?”..


“He was a good kisser”….I thought to myself.
“My gosh”….I exclaimed.

I had all the tingling feeling all at once what he was doing to me.
I felt good.
I had never felt this good like this In a long time.

The girls were gonna die out of jealousy when they hear all my juicy details by Monday.

I never prided myself to be the “kiss and tell” kinda girl.
But even I would blush just thinking about it.
It would put all their sex excapades to shame if I could just tell them just what and what we have been up to tonight. .

Even I couldn’t and woundnt want to just pass out on the temptation to delve into details….i would die happy just to have that blissful… look on their faces when they hear it….

Was all I could mutter.

I couldnt think.
At this point I don’t even think you were allowed to think. How could you?

I could just feel…all of him on all of me.
His lips..his touch..his caresses…him inside of me…

I bite my lip.
He was a gentle lover.
Patient yet…fulfilling.
Totallying breathtaking.

I was literally out of breath by the time we were done.
Cradled in his arms..listening as his racing heart went back to normal.

I got up to have a shower.

Not sooner than I had the warm feel of the water..course Down my skin…I felt him behind me…all awake. Literally poking me from behind…

I hadn’t ever done it in the shower before but I must admit..it had an electrifying feel to it…exciting more like..

After wards he bathed me..I giggled all the way. He laughed at my silliness.
He had a deep resounding laughter. 

He carried me to bed. Wrapped me in his arms…and kissed me goodnight.

“I could really get used to this”..I muttered.

Yesterday I would have cursed the girls for even thinking it.
Today I was squashed in bed with a total stranger….
And I realised I liked him.

Tomorrow I would tell him.
I wasn’t that kind of girl that just scouted strangers in a night club and ended up in  bed with any of them…
This was my first and my last.

Maybe we might go have breakfast out at macdonalds and talk…
You know get to know him proper and all.

He seemed like a pretty nice guy…well not because he made me feel good under the sheets…but other than that…
He seemed ok.
And I would love to spend time with him.

I placed a kiss To his jaw..and settled in to sleep.
It felt nice indeed.


He had followed them all the way…
When they stopped to eat.
Hoping that the stranger would have a good sense to leave at some point so he could carry on with his plans.

At every point he realised that the stranger had no intention to leave..
The angrier he got.
The more bloodthirsty he became.

He Walked behind…careful to be out of sight..

When they got to her apartment.  He knew undeniably the end .

He paused weighing in on his options.
He could attack both of them…
But the possibility of hammering Down the man first would leave the girl screaming her guts out thus alerting her neighbours. ..He didnt need that attention. ..not now.

He thought again. He really could take the guy.
Who seemed to be a little bigger than him…and got weight on his side.

But being a small man..Bob was a good fighter.
He was swift and well built even for an average man. This stranger had nothing on him.
But he didn’t need the attention..

“Fxxk!!”…was all he could mutter hiding in the shadows and watched both of them going in.

His blood boiled.
He knew he was going to have to kill the fxxker too. Eventually. ..He liked that too.
That would treat him…for touching his most prized trophy.

He had everything planned out…
How dare a he come soil what he had planned for months..
How dare he dare to touch who he had envisioned ravaging for months on end.

He wanted to be the one to do all those to her…pleasuring her whilst giving her pain…

“Fxxk”….He muttered again.

He had gone back to his apartment. …just in time to turn on his television and watch as he made love to her..
The camera he placed in her apartment didnt leave anything out..it covered all the edges and corners of the room.

In her bedroom and in her shower..He saw it all.

All the while..though he was mad as hell…it didn’t stop him from getting excited.

He went to his other room…dragging out a gagged girl not more than 18 years old…she was screaming and kicking out.

He usually have them…two to three times a week.

He kidnaps them…but he never leaves them more than two days in his apartment. Once he was done…He kills them off and dumps them in the river with a heavy iron attached to their form.
It takes a longer time before they are found..by then…He was long gone.

He hits her…punching her sides..and tells her to shut up.

He stands her up…undressing her.
She had full breast and good bottom.

He takes her infront of his viewing tv were he watched Maggie and her lover ..

He bends her over…hitting her again harder this time when she struggled.

When she couldn’t take it anymore she remained still. Like as though resigned to her fate.
She was bleeding from her nose…corners of her mouth and had bruises all over her body.

He rubs his protruded self with a lubricant…becuase he knew she wouldn’t get wet. But he liked the smooth feel of going in and out..

Still staring at the screen…increasing the volume to the highest so he could hear every sound…The groaning and moaning…thrusting and butt slapping…everything about the sex….excited him. She excited him.

When he was ready…He plunged in hard and deep into her..her muffled scream did nothing to him..

He had one hand pulling her by her breast…The other hand on her waist. .she was bent over…Head hitting the wall…as he continually thrust into her…

He wasnt a gentle man..
He didnt care..
And he could go on and on as though he was on sex steroids. ..

She had begun to bleed. .she was screaming. ..no one could hear her.

His eyes was fixated on the screen.
The more he watched and saw how Maggie was enjoying  her self with the stranger. .
The more violent he got…The harder he thrust. ..faster and faster..harder and harder..deeper and deeper…

By the time he exploded and spilled. ..
What was left of the girl was limps and bones…broken head…blood ozzing out of the corner of her head..where she continously hit it against the hard surface of the wall…

She was nothing but a lifeless bent over form.

He looked at her. Pulled out and the body fel the ground.

On the screen.
Maggie and her stranger where curled up in embrace. Fast asleep.

He felt disgusted.

He didnt even flinch when he looked at the girl.

Instead he pulled on back his trousers sipping up.
He goes out and gets a body bag to get rid of the girl.
Cleaning the mess she made on the ground.

He loaded her in the trunk of his car..
It was pitch black and there was no one about..

He drove out into the night..He didnt bother to put on his head lights..
He really didnt like the attention.
He drove to a destination only he would go..at the dead of the night.

From over the bridge. .He dragged the bag out of the trunk of his car. Dumping it on the ground…carrying a rope…He ties the bag…with the stuff iron he got out of a truck tire..which he placed on top. .He ties it..dragging the body lifting it to the edge.

He pushes it over without a seconds thought.
He falls plunging deep into the water..
Disappearing immediately out of sight..

He waited until the troubled waters stilled back to normal.
He wasnt bothered because he knew it would sink in because of the weight.

He adjusted the baseball cap on his head.
Dusted his hands over his all black overalls.
Entered into his car and drove silently into the night..

His thoughts went back to Maggie and her lover wrapped together in a naked embrace.
This made him flinch…and he tightened his hand around the wheel…his  knuckles turned white due to the act.

Then he smiled.
He was gonna stop by the tools shop.
He just envisioned the perfect tool for the big guy.

Then he laughed.
He kept laughing …He was still laughing…and he continued to laugh…
And he finally settled down to a snicker…and then he chuckled…then he finally started whistling a happy tone….

If I wasn’t mistaken…it sounded like..
” Mary had a little lamb”



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