The Last!!!


Nb: Taylor Swift  …”Last Kiss”…playing in the background.


She was beautiful , young and free..
She was a daughter. .a sister a lover..
She smiled just like you and me…and she also loved true.

She believed in fairytales..magic and castles..but she lived in a real world where there weren’t prince charmings and fairyGodMothers. .that was a dream…Make believe…she knew they weren’t real.. but

But she also and always believed in love.

You see…
She never realised..that he was going to be the most important person in her life when she first met him.
No!! She never knew..

So when he walked up to her..
All tall and beautiful. .
Introducing himself and making her heart go PUFF!!!

She still didnt realise it ..just how inlove she was going to be.

When she did…she was Completely lost.
She gave her heart..body and soul…she gave all of her 100% without asking back..not even a cent.

She never realised how strong that force was…untill..

She couldnt sleep without making sure he was ok.
Whenever he walked into the room her breaths caught in her chest..
Whenever he looked at her she felt like the only lucky girl in the world..

He wasnt perfect.
He had his flaws and unbearable mistakes.
But no one was…not even her.
She looked beyond his imperfections and still loved the view..

Albeit that was her undoing…

He said he loved her..
He made her believe it too.

You see…
She had had the worst of times..
She had had her heart broken and crushed one time too many..
She didnt need any of that..
Her heart wasn’t made to go through another..

But you see..
He made all her doubts go away.
He said he would make her smile again..
Make her believe that there were a few good men who were true..and he happened to be part of that tiny lot..
Am loving her was all he worth.

And for a time…
She believed. Not doubting.
Loving and giving and sacrificing and risking and staying…..

She was inlove…she was happy. ..and He was just the man of her dreams..

Or so she believed…

Was she blind…not to have seen the writings on the wall.
Too deaf to listen when her conscious screamed..
Too far gone she didn’t realise that this indeed was a dream. .A fantasy that she alone lived and believed.

The lies begun…the arrogance..The Hidden truths…The pain and agony that followed suit.

He hid it well…but she somehow noticed the cracks on the wall..
She pleaded and begged…

She was just a girl inlove…
What did she know ..

Only that losing him would mean losing her breath.
Loving him was all she knew how to do best..

She catered and took care of his needs.
Her love and loyalty, commitment and trust never in doubt.

Who could blame her..
She had eyes only for him and that’s what she did..loving him was her waking and sleeping breath…

But love coundnt safe her heart from breaking again.
Love couldn’t keep her beloved at her side. .

You see..
Maybe it was lust or infatuation . .she could never tell.
Maybe she was his past time or bidding his time..she could never tell.
Maybe he found her simply gullible to his lies…she could never tell..
But from all his lies and deceit…”I love you ” was her favourite. .
Because that was what she believed and thus she never saw..

She looked past his faults..
All his ruthlessness and pains caused..
Everytime he hurt her she looked past it all..
Every tear that rolled down her eyes and she wished to let go..
She remembers his smile..And all she yearns is for a lil of that..
Everytime he said “Am sorry. I won’t hurt you again”…she believed him.

Who could blame her?
She loved him unconditionally. …
What is love without a lil pain..?
What is love if you have to give up at every lil crack and bark..
So she stayed.

Seconds into minutes..
Into hours into days .
Into months into years..
And all the while she never loved him less…

How was she to know that…
He never loved her true..
That he was just a lie in disguise…

Yet every of her being quaked when he touched her..
Every kiss..
Every caress..
Every wispered sweet nothingless into her ears..
Every “I love you”…she was lost.
Every passion and intensity when they entwined in a hot embrace ….burned deep into her mind…

She didn’t care of nothing but him.
His happiness her happiness..
His pain her pain..
She prayed for him..
Cared and loved him..

She knew then as she knew now..
She would give anything just to be with him for ever..just for one more day..
Till now…

Till now..

How was she to know..

Seeing him that day…

Was going to be her last.

He came…as beautiful and tall as he always is..
Handsome and breathtaking when he smiled.
When he held her at night professing love..
And in the morning all she Saw..

Was an empty  bed beside her..
Her body felt cold from where his arms was once..
Her lips felt patched and bloated…just from his kisses just the night before…
Her body felt warm…He loved her up all through the night..

But why does her heart catch in her chest…
Why does this fear creep up on her leaving her defenseless. .

And so she ran down the stairs..
Calling out her beloved’s name..
And all that Met her was silence and echos of an empty house..
And a rose and a letter boldly written. .

She stood motionless for what seemed like hours unending..
Tears rolling down her eyes. ..
Her heart beating so loudly she felt like drums where beating in her head..
She was screaming and yet she was silent..
She was choking because she was out of breath..
But she was breathing too..
She was having like a thousand plays of different emotions in patterns..

she seemed just like a lifeless human yet she was alife..

Her world had crumpled right  before her eyes..
Her lover was gone gone and he was here just a midnight..
Why did he come…?
Sometimes she cried to herself on so many nights
Why did he make her believe even in those last moments only to go in the morning light. .?
“Why did you come?..she asked in the dark..

She cried so much there weren’t any tears left..
Her chest had scars from beating her chests so hard she felt like choking when fighting for breaths..
Her appetite gone..her will to be happy gone..
“Her lover is gone..her love lost..her world crumbled”…
She felt nothing other than pain..pain and only pain..and she prayed for it to stop..

Nights went into days..
Days into weeks..
Weeks into months..and
Months into years…

And every time she shut her eyes. .
She never believed that seeing him that day was going to be her last..

That she had her last kiss
Her last hug..
Her last touch and caress..

Everytime she closed her eyes..
She saw his face..
She remembers every look in his face..
His expressions
The way he smelt..his manly aroma
How he looked  just out of the shower..
When he throws his head and laughs just like a lil kid..
She recalls the way he looks when he sleeps..
How he cuddles her and tucks her legs in when she sleeps..
How they played…
How could someone just let it all go…??

She never realised they would end…
End like this..
He walking out the door like the times they shared together didnt mean a thing..

That’s why she cried and Hurt so much..
What’s love when love couldnt keep them?

So as the days passed…
She still tried to reach out..

Who could blame her..
She believed in love…
She loved him…she couldn’t give up..

But every call went unanswered
Every message read and never replied..
And her heart broke every single time..
Soon…she had jars..jars of broken hearts..

She never ever imagined they end like this..
Never thought they would have their last kiss..
His name would forever remain in her lips..
His face engraved in her heart..
Despite it all…she loved him still..

Never a day goes by that she didnt miss him…
she still misses when he cuts her with a kiss when she tried to talk….she misses does rude interruptions. .it made her smile..

He was her all…
He told her..”I love you”

“So why did you go away”…she asked

But silence..silence..deafening dead silence..
It broke her tiny lil heart to pieces..over and over again..

So ..

..slowly she gets up from the floor..
Dries her tears..
Stops trying to call..
Stops trying to text..
She realised it was no use..
He never plans to change his mind..

She takes off his shirt..
Stops staring at their broke her heart the more..
She takes a shower ..

She takes her bag…opens her door..
Looks back just once…one last time..
Remembering all the memories. .
The love and the pain…
She tucked them in…in a far recluse place of her mind…Locked it away

Just like their last kiss..

It’s time…to move on…

“Just because something good ends doesnt mean something better won’t happen”!!!!




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