My Boss-Again!!!



It would have been perfectly okay…
Infact remotely okay if he didn’t have to shout it down our ears every morning and every now and then.

As soon as we get into the office by a few minutes to eight..
He rounds us up in a prayer gathering…

He preaches as though his life depended on it.
He threatens to rain down curses on anyone who dares to speak evil against him…He said his tongue carried fire.
If we doubted him we should read the bible.
Quoted a verse affirming the power of the tongue.

See Am not a pagan.
Am an occasional church goer.
Ok lemme not lie .
I go some couple Sundays in a few months. .
But I attend the gathering yea?
Even  not an ardent believer like those prayer warriors I still know how to quote psalm 23 and all that.
But I don’t carry it on my head and force it on people.

Don’t get me wrong.
I love the Lord.
I pray one day he helps me live righteously and without sin.
Am still hoping for that prayer to be answered. .

But men..
Life is hard.

Being a guy. A cute guy for that matter.
A banker and got the right height and Abs and killer smile…
The girls no de let me rest.
Me sef don tire..
But I love the ladies.

And no.. am not a womaniser..
I just can’t say no to a beautiful woman.

Especially Amara.
Damn that girl is like a 10/10 in my book.

She got the right shape and curves..
Her twin towers are just perky and rightly firm..I bet they are as soft as they look.
Her lips..

Her lips are just divinely kissable…am sure it tastes like sweetened honey..

The way she flustered those eye lashes at me everytime I walk by..
But she is playing hard to get refusing to gimme her number..
And refuses to go out with me..
But giving me this green light..
Am lost of what to do again..

But that’s where the problem started.

See like every other day..
My Boss comes into the office..
Carrying the biggest bible ever..
Makes us have 15 minutes of shouty worship and preaching..

Then he goes ahead to tell us..The men to flee away from women…

If they weren’t our wives or intending wives..
Why must we engage in promiscuous sex and all that.

That we all will burn in hell.
Its sin.. and yadiyadiyaas…..

He said that even if we look at a woman lustfully we have sinned already without even acting on it and it would make God angry.

See I believe in the Lord and in his good book.
I know what he says is true.

But ..
My hormones be going wild everytime I see Amara.
And the girl isn’t helping matters.

She comes to work looking breathtaking beautiful..
Wears those a lil above the knee..a little  show of cleavage and then leans in and says..
“Helo handsome how was your night??”..
Am all lost in those eyes…

And she still refuses to allow me tap that.
That’s just mean

But that’s not even the problem.

Whenever I and the colleagues plan to have a colleagues hangout. .maybe in a bar or club or karaoke bar..

Oga boss says if it’s any of those he is not allowing a dime from the welfare package for staffs.
He wouldn’t be part of helping people to go and commit all sort of sin in the name of fun.

He has a duty as a man of God to help bring people..wayward people like Christ.

.We don’t hate him oh.
But the man dulls us big time.
He should cut us some slack abeg..

Na only be be spiro?
Ah be him won lie say he didn’t do worse than us when he was out age??

Omo the package dey turn belle. I swear

Infact he did make us attend his church a couple of times and programmes..
Eventually I deviced tricks and excuses to skip it.

When you see him talking to a lady..
He stands very far..
He never touches them..Other than to shake their hands..

Once a colleague dresses abit too short or too exposive. ..He threatens to penalise and all that..

So we always on our guard.

When ever we have birthday parties or gathering at the office..especially holidays or send forth. .

“No alcohol!
“No cigarettes
No worldy music as he fondly calls it..
No hugging and no touching
No man and woman sitting in a dark corner except married or engaged…even then sef are restricted..

He got so many rules up our asses that it becomes boring to even attend.
We end up fixing an after party and literally blow the roof up.

We had a nickname for him..

He was so spiritual that we finally had to admit that he trully was a born again ardent believer of Christ that followed his preaching and did no wrong. one was perfect  but hey…
Oga boss made us feel ashamed. .

Even me sef I con de think twice about my life..
I have to you know..cut down on some sinful things..

But Amara  …
That girl gives me sleepless nights..

I literally wake up with a boner every morning and go to bed every night.
Sometimes a quickie takes the edge off but…
If it’s not Fanta it can’t taste like Fanta.
The coke might cool me down the thought of the Fanta gets me all riled up again in ways my thoughts if one could peek would blush continously…

My thoughts could literally disvirgin a virgin and give one multiple orgasms. .

Oh things I could do to that girl..If only she would let me..
And I’ll make her say please nicely…and literally tell her to bend down and burst it open for me..

I should stop literally too lil Wayne mehn…He gives me crazy ideas..

“But Amara!! God de look you with 3D camera’…I told her recently when she smiled and refused me again.

My paddys had laughed at me.
Saying I had lost the thunder.

“Guy girls used to fight over you”..
Tim said over lunch..

“They still do”..I retorted.

“Well….. “he seemed to realise it a true but continued

“Then explain why Amara be giving you the hard to get thing going on…”?

“Omo guy me too I understand!”…I replied in our native tongue.

“Sometimes I have to literally look myself in the mirror…and check me out. Damn I look good. I know I look good and all that shit. Am the total package…but she still just not sending me. It hurts me. Am literally going crazy.”..

Tim laughed.

Dolly and Cynthia pass by…
Stopping at our table..

“Hey guys “..they chorused..and looks at me..

“So we thinking of going to the club this Saturday. .you wanna come with”…Dolly asked…tentatively touching my shoulders..and brushing her legs beside mine..

I smiled.
See the ladies loved me.

“Well..I dunno…”..
I was saying.

“Sure we would love too…”..Tim said excitedly..

“Er No. .We just wanted handsome over here…sorry jim”..Cynthia said…and looks at me..

“Its tim”…
“Yeah whatever”…Cynthia said..”..I said tim.”…

‘Say Yes please??.:..they both chorused..

How could I refuse
Amara wasn’t answering me…
Atleast two okay ladies needed or were practically begging for my company..
I knew I was popular demand and by the way…I was hawt.
I know it and they know it…

“Sure why not …would love too”..

They squealed in excited delight…and Dolly leaned in for a brief hug.

“Thanks darl…”…while she leaned in..she made sure I had a clean view…

Someone clears his throat from behind making us jumb..
We knew who it was even before he spoke…

He began …
The bible warns……….

I lost my appetite just then….because he took the rest of the 20 minutes we had for lunch…

And excorted us back to the office and told Cynthia to see him in his office..

He always liked to see people in his office..

Kinda reminded me off my days in school..
Whenever you messed up and when the principal askes for you to come by his office. are done for…
You either get the scolding for your life or scared of being flogged or worse expelled…
The memory flicked pass quickly and o brushed it aside..

That’s was not even the disturbing part..

It was on that Friday now..

Having agreed to following the duo clubbing…

Well they had other plans..
They took me to remotely enclosed vip bar..
More like a place of pleasures..
And the cool thing about it was..
They wear you don’t know who is who…or can’t identify anyone.
Your identity is strickly comfidential.
And entrance was highly expensive..

I wondered how they found this place..
Or why even.

They said they knew a few people plus they liked to explore.
I realised something..all of a sudden.
They always seemed very much close and always always…i mean always always together . And they weren’t even sisters..friends but…come on! !

There is reason I stressed that.
Now I knew why they asked for just me.

By the time we had settled in in our corner and the drinks came and the music began to take an effect..
I had already taken in everything happening around me..

This was like a strip club plus sex place all put together.
Wasn’t my  kinda scene…
Am a gentleman like that..

I like sex .I like woman but I was decent enough to take her out..treat her to sleep fun and good meal..and if she wants to come over to my place …and it has to be mutual agreement ofcourse…we take it to third base..
But these really wasn’t my scene…

I was already thinking up an excuse to use..
Tim would freak out if I tell him..
Before I could ask the question lingering in my mind…
Dolly and Cynthia had already gotten into the mood…

They had both  began kissing and caressing themselves..
We had the mask on by now..

I laughed.
So I believe it was safe to say they were aiming for a three some. .
Every man’s dream right…

“Gosh God shei you see how wicked the devil is eh??
Am literally trying to be a good guy and stop all the women and all that shit..
And now he got these gurls pull this one me….”.. I cried within..

I was fxxked.

Tim is gonna flip when I tell him..

I crossed my legs to avoid my boner from showing..

They got all sluttly and sexy literally taking all of it off…
No one could see their faces..
I was the only one who knew who they were..
I looked around..

Really no one cared.
Everyone was in their world..
Even doing worse.

“This was the place of evil.
Soddom and Gomorah!!”

Am sure Oga Boss would have screamed and brought down the building with preaching and chased everyone out here after making them feeling guilty of engaging in sinful pleasures..

But Damn. .
I was thinking straight..

They had gone on all fours and Dolly was playing with those titties while flicking her from the under with her tongue…

I needed to get out of there…

Cynthia had begun to crawl towards me..Dolly followed suit..
I wanted to get up.
They held me down..

I am crazy I thought.
I should be taking of my cloths and riding them..Both of them hard as I see a couple of guys doing…

But…I wasn’t a saint..
But i wasn’t this kinda guy either..

Maybe a change of scene and a little privacy would have done the trick..

But the moaning and groaning and smell of sex was getting me high.
No doubt.
I wouldn’t lie…
But….Damn. .

These gurls were not making it easy for me..
Dolly her breast pressed to my face and rubbing them..
Urging my mouth open..and Shoves one of them nipples..urging me to suckle on them..
I bite me lip instead..
While Cynthia played with my trousers. .pulling my hand away and forcing my leg open…and pushes herself between my legs..

They not had me pinned.
I was slowly losing control..
Almost infact..

I had begun to enjoy..The tentative kisses Dolly was pastering my face with..
I had even allowed my lips to brush against her breast…
I had even let go and allowed Cynthia fondle with my zip..
It was when I felt warm lips around my cock I froze…

It felt good..
Damn it felt good..

I told myself I was gonna get you…and leave…in a minute. .

Both those lips was working wonders..
The breast had me confused..
I grabbed her waist and felt her bum..and pressed her to me..

The mouth continued to and slow…I was as hard as a rock..

I felt chilled all of a sudden and realised she had stopped..
I opened my eyes just for a second…and only too late realised why..

The mouth as been replaced with something warmer and wetter..

It slid in ever smoothly..
I looked at Dolly ..she had closed her eyes..and next thing she began to rock me..

It was then I jumped up pushing her away..
She was startled. ..

“Who the Fxxk screws a totally stranger without protection? ?”…I asked this to myself more than to them..

I must have been crazy..
This place..them…all of it..

Shit it felt a good still I had to mentally beat my self and threatened my boy to stay down..

“Aha baby what’s wrong now??”..Dolly asked…disappointed
“You were enjoying yourself weren’t you just now?…Cynthia followed…

I indeed I had to admit.
But….Argh! !!!

This shit ain’t happening.
Not here. Not tonight.
And moat definitely not with them.

“We haven’t even gotten to the hot part yet..”..they both giggled fondling themselves. ..

I looked away as junior was making a return.

“Down boy!!”..I commanded..

He was Stubborn like that.
I didnt care.

“maybe some other time..ladies…I have to go. But don’t mind me…carry own…”…I said backing away and arranging myself..

They seemed disappointed but not perturbed.  In less than a minute they had some random guy in their shackles and he seemed all too glad.

I shook my head.

This is definitely not my scene.

Finding my way out..

She walked past me..

Completely in the nude..

Well all the ladies were cmpletely in the nude or half nude..
But there was something completely different and familiar about this one..

It was the way she moved and leaned into the guy and what she said next that made me stop dead in my tracks…

I must have obsessed about her for months..
Pratically carved out the way she looked naked..
The way she leans into me to talk to me and she always purrs in that sexy alluring way..and she always said it exactly thesame way that I had memorized the line and I could tell her voice from a mile away even if I was half asleep..

And she said..” Helo handsome…..


I couldn’t move.
Well..i did eventually to get closer to be sure..

My mind was playing tricks on my..

By now..they guy was all over her…
I watched from a a little distance.

I must be wrong…
I have to be..

They never would take off their mask..

How could I tell..

Only one way to find out..

By now the way the guy was pounding her on and out..
I felt too disgusted to eve  get a hard on. .

My heart was beating in my chest..

She was sitting on him now..
Her breast were heaving up and down as he went..
She was moaning and urging him on..
Throwing her head back and kissing him hard..

I walked infront of her..
He seemed oblivious of my presence..He was too absorbed in the moment..

Her eyes were closed..

I took of my mask then I called her name..


the way her eyes shot open immediately ..
He was still pounding her by the way. .and the continous up and down movement was still going while she sat on him..
All nude..and in view..

I noticed her eyes flash..
I noticed her eyes recognised me..
I registered the shock in those eyes..
And then i turned and walked away..

I didnt look back.


My Amara.

I was lost of words to speak..

“See girl I de die for and she be acting all hard to get forming for me..

“She was nothing but …one of these..”…I looked around and didn’t even have a word to describe them..

Argh I was just ….
Infact.. no words..

I was already almost at the door now ..we had to pass through a dark alley so we don’t get to see our faces when we take of the mask and from there disperse through dark routes and end to our different places..

I was too absorbed in my thoughts I  mistakenly pumped into this man..and a lady he had just finished with because he handed her an envelope and spanked her ass..

I heard the kpas sound just about the same time I hit him..

“Oh am sorry “…I said…apologising

He had dropped the phone he was holding and had to fish in darkness on the ground as he bent to look for it..
Apparently he was about to make a call or whatever I don’t know..

“It’s okay “..He said.
No harm done”..

He finds it and walked off.

I shrugged and moved two steps forward and I stopped dead in my tracks again..

“It’s a effing lie!!..I literally screamed..

I ran now instead of walking…untill I reached him …I tapped him..
He turned…mask was on..

To hell with this..

I removed it…literally tore it off his face..
He was too shocked..too suprised to even think to stop me..
And lo and behold…

My boss!!

I had to scream. .

Na you be this??

I was shocked..embarrassed for him..sad..appalled and even angry..

I forgot all about Amara ..


Oh things had to change from Monday mehn…

Tim was gonna flip..
Infact double flip..

I came in strolling like a boss..

Even infact said hi to the lesbos. ..

Amara couldnt look at me..
I didnt even care sef…

“Guy where you de?”…I buzzed tim up..

“Behind. bro”..

I turned and smiled at him broadly. .hanging up.

“You woundnt believe what am gonna tell you..”..

Before 8am the jist had gone round like a viral Chinese wisper..

We all eagerly awaited the everyday morning devotion..

He strolled usually but not too Confident …eyes darting here and there…still with his big bible..

We actually all have gathered sef waiting for him…patiently and excitedly..

He clears his throat and was about to start..

The slandering began. .Tim was the ring leader..
I just sat back and watched the scene unfold…

“Haaaa Oga Boss..

“God is watching you with 5D glasses…
You case de okigwe shrine”…*local language *

Was the last thing i heard tim say  before everyone burst out laughing and he walked off  shamefully..
Well i nicknamed it ..

“Boss-Again walk of shame”…

into his office…and locks himself in…

I smiled.

It would have been better if he didn’t treat everyone as dirt.
When he was much worse..

I laughed wickedly..

Amara was next…

She left crying.

As for Cynthia and Dolly. .
The guys actually hoped for a chance..

I wasn’t even interested..

I was a gentleman…
And I liked my women decent..

I decided to turn a new leaf..

But I was a guy and a fine one at that..
I just needed to focus more on important things and let the women be




4 thoughts on “My Boss-Again!!!

  • Boss Again indeeed!! Lool. This dude no try at all, so he likes to spoil decent babes abi, then e moves to d next, and d next, what does e think e would end up with for a wife?? The likes of Amara undiscovered of course. No judging, just saying!

    • Lols. Don’t mind him. I think he sort of feels justified to have a decent babe than have one too damaged …still…it doesn’t change the pot from being black. Lol none taken Awesome M.J

    • Yeah I feel you. He just got angered that the forming Amara didnt want to give him but yet was acting like a goodie two shoes. As for Boss…another entirety all together. Thanks darl for stopping by.

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