Say Hello to Goodbye….



Hey I know it’s been awhile..
I know the hurts hasn’t gone by
Even the dawn comes after the sunrise..
I still can seen your face when you smile…
It’s been crazy still and I can’t tell why..
Even after all this while..
All I do is cry..
Yet I know I have to say goodbye..
And move on with my life..

I loved you ..gave you all I had..without asking nothing back..
You took it all and didnt give me your heart back..
It was like I was never on the right tracks
But despite my heart was on the line..I didnt hold back..
You were my rock my anchor and my everyday superpack
You were my everything and that’s one thing I can never take back.
When I love I love…why would I want to say “I love you” and take that back?
That would be ridiculous and I’ll be the only one at the sideline standing without my back.

There were good times and bad times
I smile to myself when I remember all those silly times
You knew just how to make me yell sometimes. .
You also knew how to make me uncontrollable weak all the time..
And I know I’ll always miss you all the time..
But I would have to move on..
My heart they say will heal in time..
I don’t know how long or when..but I pray it does happen soon this time..

I must have hated you when you walked out of the door without a reason
I must have cried and felt broken when you didnt want to listen
I must have felt like a ghost of my former self totally unseeming
And I walked through the doors and thought i saw you walk through them as well …dreamily
How am I to go on…Without you macsteamy?
How would I be able to love without you my macdreamy?
We watched the grey anatomy together and laughed when I nicknamed you with the Steamys. ..
We were like fire and ice collided …
How was I to know you would be gone..
With my heart hanging from your sleeves..
Now Am a slave deep in my misery..

So I know I have to let go…
It been a while the torture needs to float ..
I have to get by without you..I can’t stay…I have to go.
I have to survive…I have to me strong.. for me..I have to know..
I can survive without you..its a go
I have to let the hate go..
I have to let the rage float..
I have be be able to get by on my own..
Without hope of you for tomorrow. .

I have to admit…
I miss you..
Damnit! !

But I Tried it all…you didnt stay..
I might as well…let the feelings all go away..
I’ll say hello to Goodbye and find my way..
I might stray along the way and wish to run back to you.. but no way..
I have been there done that…I have to make sure I never find my way back to you… come what may..
We are never getting back together..that’s a must say.
You and I. ..that was then and only then…so I’ll back away..

It took a while for me to get used to.
I didnt completely comprehend..even when you said you had to..
I tried to reach out…you made sure I didn’t need to..
I tried to disconnect. you i can’t lie to..
It didn’t work…all the while I just wanted to run to you..
But hey….I need to let you go too
I have to get by without you..
I need to find true love that would hold on to me  the way that you didn’t do.

It’s okay…I don’t hate you anymore..
I know I miss you..but I have to stop doing that from this time on.
I will be fine without you…I don’t need to love you this much for long boo..
It’s time to say hello to Goodbye. .
This feelings…forever it’s gone…

Sometimes i sing along the lyrics of shontelle…
“Say hello to goodbye, cause it’s gone forever 
No more try, you and I 
Not now, not ever 
And I’ll get by without you 
I’m not going back again 
I’m not going to lie to you 
Cause, that was there and only then. 

Say hello to goodbye ……””

Isn’t it ironic…
Funny how I can relate.?

This is my rendition..
Surrendering all my hurt and love to the memories of bygones…
Don’t ever say I didn’t love you..
Just know you were the one who never wanted to stay..
But it’s okay..
My tears eventually would dry..
My heart would eventually heal and let go..

And I’ll survive. .
It didn’t kill me…
It made me only stronger..
And I know I will love again..
And maybe this time…I pray it’s something and someone true..

So I forgive you..
Now I can let go..
And move on…
I know am gonna miss you.
Maybe forever love you…
you know i could never tell a lie..

But this is my rendition of feelings. .
This is where our journey ends..
This is were my story ends…
This is where I let go…
This is where I learn to live again ..
This is where I let the lights back on..
And follow the tunnel to my flashlight..

This is where I say goodbye…
This is where our chapter ends..
Never mind I wish you well..
Now I leave to find my sunrise..
This is where I’ll never look back..
And I know this is where I’ll be just super fine..

Here’s to kisses to a far away stranger..
Here’s to a love that got away..
Here’s to saying goodbye. .
Here’s to the faded footsteps in the sands of time..

Let it carry the feelings and float into the far away sea..
just as the face of a stranger fades in that same pace..
This is my rendition. ..
This is my last tear..
This is my last wisper to that stranger name..
While your memory slowly fades away..

Say Helo to Goodbye. ..

*she gets up from where she sat..dusted the sands of her feets…picked up her sandals..and strolled barefoot along the beach…untill she slowly faded away slowly out of sight…
At last..After a long while…she finally had a faint smile on her face…she knew she was going to be okay. And for that she wasn’t scared.*

PS# Just because  something good end doesn’t mean something much better woundnt begin.

PSS# There is always light at the end of the tunnel…never believe everything comes to an end…there is progress ahead..have a lil faith.


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