#Sunset ..Part 8



Sam didnt sleep a wink that night.
Damon must have fed buck…He seemed pretty occupied.
He was thankful for the absentmindedness…He needed the peace.

He had a long shower…and had to force Dinner down his throat.
He wondered if the little boy was doing ok.
Had he eaten?
Is he having difficulty breathing?

Argh!!! He was going crazy just been worried.

By 5am he was up. He couldn’t go for his routine run.
Buck was frantically dog pacing the room.

“Easy boi” !!!
“Pops got alot on his mind right now.
Tomorrow okay??”

Buck just whined and laid on all fours staring at his face. As though he recognised his uneasiness.

Dogs were smart. Infact after humans dogs were the next smart thing.
And a dog was a man’s best friend.
But in this case…it seemed as tho he was more of a family to him.

By 7: 55 he was begining to get really impatient.

“Where the hell was Damon??.
He had called him as soon as he got up and he gave a flimsy excuse that it was too early.
It’s almost 8pm and the punk wasnt even close to been here.

“Dude really?”..sam spoke into the receiver as soon as Damon picked on the fourth ring.

Rich deep laughter returned. “Take it easy champ. You sound as though you are on a life and death mission. I’ll be there in a few aii. Lemme get this missus over to work and I’ll be there in no time.”..Damon replied.

“How bout you just give me the hospital  address and the name and I would be on my way.  You don’t need to end your ….or whatever you got going on there just for me.”…sam said hopefully he would get the hint.

“Hahahahahaa..very funny”..Damon mocked back.
“Shut up and sit tight kiddo”.
“Daddy be there in abit”.. He laughs ending the call.

“Punkass”..!! Sam muttered realising the line went dead. Then he smiled to himself.

There was no out smarting Damon.  He was like the devil himself and likes to be in the forefront of things.

About an hour later he drives into the compound and …he horns..

“Come on boy!!…sam calls out to Buck.

His truck was getting fixed up by the mechanic. So he had to ride with Damon.  Who had a mischievous smile on his face.

“Wipe that’s smurk of your face”…sam threaten.
“Awww poor baby sam”
“Did you get any sleep? ??”…using his free hand to try and touch Sam’s face.

Sam ducks.
“Shut up and drive”…

“Yes mum!!…Damon replied laughing.


“Can we stop by the Mart for a second???

“Er…sure. What for???”


Few minutes later sam comes out carrying a bag of goodies.
Shoves Them at the back of the car and  enters.

Damon looks at him questionly.
“I can’t go there empty handed. He might need a few toys or some food iono…”..sam shifted uneasily in his seat.

“I didnt say anything”…Damon Puts the car on drive and pulls away.

Xoxoxoxxo xo

I had gone in to the kids  wards to do a routine check up on the kids.
Discharging a few kids who were ok to go home and recommended extra days for some others.

I was thankful that this week I had less children come in.
It was heart wretching seeing kids go through so much pain that sometimes there isn’t much you can do after drugs and proper care.

The three years old diagnosed with cancer had gone into remission…I was hopeful. Such a young child…so much life and opportunities ahead. Nasty fate. But I was thankfull…Miracles do happen.

“Doctor?.. a voice called behind me
“Yes please??..I turned. It was the mother of the little boy that came in yesterday.

“Thank you. Bran seems to be abit stronger today!!.

I smiled. “Well bran is a strong brave little boy. We would just keep him for a few more days..make sure he is stable and has no internal injuries..and he doesn’t slip back into unconsciousness…and he would be good to go home. Okay..Mrs?

“Er it’s Mary.  Just Mary. “.she replied taking my hand in hers and squeezing before walking away.

I followed behind her. I was just about to check up on lil bran anyways.


I walked in to see a few people in the room. I assumed relatives or wellwishers.

He had such pretty huge brown eyes when he looked up at me. My heart melted.

I asked him a couple of questions and he was responsible.  Checked his vitals. Listened to his heart and  checked his temperature.

“Well bran. You are the superhero around here. I bet you are like superman. Totally indestructible. “..I stated urging him to open his mouth wide.

He giggled. “Yes I am”…He tried to reply.

Everything was fine in there.

“Mum will you make me a superman Cape..Please? ??”…He asked just like a lil dove

I had to laugh..

Everyone joined in after his mum says yes and that she would infact throw him a superman party as soon as he gets ro go home and invites all his friends from school and he almost jumped up excitedly nearly brushing away the tray of food infront of him..

“Hey easy tiger’!!
I managed to say after steadying the tray..

*knock knock*

Two men walks in..
One seemed confident and a broad smile on his face..like a proud father
if I wasn’t mistakenly but he looked a lil too young to be the other guy’s father..

The other seemed uneasy and nervous and scanned the room quickly before his eyes rested on the lil form beside me…

He smiled a sad smile…and stepped forward..holding bags of whatever he carried…

The other one spoke..
“Good morning folks…Am Damon Stevenson. .and this is my Friend Sammy Michealson. ..He was the one driving the truck…..* he let’s his sentence trail off….

I wondered why he was smiling broadly. That one sure likes the spotlight..

Bran’s mother Mary  gets up and rushes to sam and sobs slowly and apologises for the way she had attacked him during the scene..

She repeated says she was sorry…but he shouldn’t blame her for her actions she didnt know and she acted out as a mother would…

He murmurs instead that he was sorry infact …He was driving the truck ..even if it didn’t hit the boy but his truck still did some damages and he was going to pay for but this despite it all…He still felt guilty somewhat and felt he was still responsible for the boy…and he was indeed sorry..

They talked for a few minutes with everyone soberly watching and listening…He must have said something concerning the boy because I had stopped listening and trying to distract bran from the solemn scene…

I heard her say…
“Yes please you can”.
“Doctor is it okay?..she looks at me questionly?

I looked up then. Realizing what she asked…
“Sure it’s fine. Now be a good boy bran and say helo to this Mr okay?
..I said rubbing his head and moves away from his side.. as he nodded.

The man thanks me and moves to take my place..

“Hey little man….how are you doing?..
I heard him say..

He had a deep yet soothing sound to him…

“Helo doctor…I must say you are doing a fine job here…”

The other dude…”Damon was it?”
“Yes Damon. Good memory….”he was saying. ..

I smiled. “That’s a perks of being intelligent..you have to remember things..else I wouldn’t be able to get my doctorate now can I ? Believe me it’s so easy..”..I stated smiling.

He laughs..
I turned around when I heard bran squeal..

Apparently the Mr had gotten him some toys and goodies and bran had seemed to warm up to him almost immediately.
His mother fondly rubs his feets and smiled and thanked the stranger..

Everyone had a thing or two to say.
I excused myself and left the scene.


About 30 minutes later my phone rang..
‘Yes please?..
It was my secretary..

“The gentlemen would like to see you…should I send them in..?…”..
I okayed it.

Two minutes later they entered and I asked them to sit.

“We would like to know how the boy is and if there is anything we need not worry about?”.
..The one named Damon asked.

He seemed to be enjoying himself and stealing the show.
The other one seemed downcast and sad.
Probably from the shock of what almost didn’t happen. No one would blame him.
Even if it wasn’t his fault and he narrowly escaped from running the boy over…it still tends to do a number on you..

He looked up at me questionly..
He had such blue eyes..

“Bran is a strong little boy..
I ran all checks on him and he is absolutely fine…due to the fall he went into an unconscious state…that’s because of the shock..so we did a crosscheck test on him to make sure he didn’t end up suffering from any internal bleeding of some sort..

All the test came out okay. Apart from the minor injuries that were superficial…which are being  treated…He should be ready to go home in a few days…

So they is no need to worry”…I completed …looking at him..

“His mother had mentioned you spoke of him falling in and out of unconscioness?  Isn’t that a thing of worry? He asked.

Damon didnt like nor been in the spotlight. I observed.

“Well it should be …but it happened just twice..and that’s why I suggested him staying for a few.more days to keep an eye of him. Like I said…we have gone through proper checks and procedures…bran is absolutely fine.
He is a vibrant young child and there is no cause for worry..

“That’s wonderful news.”…Damon claps excitedly.

He takes back his thunder.

“Now you can rest easy  champ and stop looking as though the world is coming to an end…”he nudges Sam.. who had seemed to have brightened somewhat…

“Well if there is anything ..I would like to be notified.  I would be more at ease ?…He asked me..ignoring Damon.

I smiled. “Be rest assured. You can drop your contact details with the receptionist at the front desk”…

*I was also thinking. Most people who apparently didnt have anything to do with the accident …well most arrogant men would have sued for manhandling because I heard bran’s mother did number on him.
Poor woman.
No one would blame a mother’s outburst.
But poor man too.
Despite that, kept in holding for hours untill a miraclous witness came forward. So I could understand his delima .

Still…why didn’t he go?
But he comes back to look for the child and not only that..he didn’t come empty handed.
They are a few good men around I see…

He cuts me out of my thoughts..

“I would also like to take responsibility of the fees..so if you can have your office forward me the necessary accrued amount I would be pleased…”he was saying…

His friend seemed suprised and taken aback..
“Dude? ..was all he could muster.
Am sure he doesn’t like suprises that one…

I was impressed.

“I would have it forwarded to you  before the close of office hours…

He smiled and made to get up..
Damon whistled but immediately composed himself and leaned forward towards me..
I raised my eyebrows questionly. ..

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?…
I mean for a doctor…extremely sexy…Damn. .”

I mentally shook my head.

I smiled…
I got up as well…

“Thank you for stopping by”..
I stretched out my hand to shake them.

Sam takes my hand in a quick and brief handshake and pulls away.
Murmurs a thank you…and backs away.

I also put my hand forward to shake Damon…
I already had a nickname for him..
I almost chuckled under my breath but held myself..

He might get the wrong idea…becuase he had taken my hand in his and lingered.

“I always wondered how soft a doctor’s hand was..now I know.”

.He turned my hand outward palm and the back…and ran a finger along it quickly..

I pulled my hand away..

He smiled. “Pardon me doc…I get really uneasy around beautiful women..but you are just completely out of this world..more like a beautiful angel…

Lame line.
I thought to myself..

Someone shared that same thought.

“Damon come on we gat to go..leave the good doc to her business. .”..He said…looking at me pitily.

“Maybe we can have a drink sometime?.or maybe coffee. ..or we just skip all that and I take you to dinner?..

He smiled broadly.
Am sure he thought that was his killer weapon to woe ladies.

“What do you say?..pick a day and I promise you I’ll be there and not a minute late”.

Ohhh he sure feels too overly confident of himself.
What is he.?
..some Greek god that would just make me purr like a cat and drool lust because he is just completely breathtaking georgeous? ??

I wanted to laugh and tell him he was trying to hard and besides…he had the worst pickup lines ever  for ladies and he wasn’t all that. He was like a 2 on my book of 10.
There were things that attracts me to a guy…and this wasn’t one of them..I felt sad for him.

I politely put him down.

“Sorry Damon.. I would have to decline. But thanks for trying. Have a good good day”..
I said dismissively.

I heard someone say but I didn’t bother to look up to find out who. My guess was as good as yours.

Someone must have pulled the other out of the room because I noticed the shuffle and nudging and fumbling with the door knob.

After they left..
I smiled…and shook my head again.



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