#RebeccaBrown…Cont. 9



Sebastian looked at my face staring hungrily at my lips…
He was usually the kind of guy who just went with his feelings and thought.
But he wanted to be different for her..
All he thought about must nights was how she would feel beneath him..
Now he had her pinned and his heart was racing and his mind was going wild..

To torture him more she had her eyes closed and lips slightly parted.
He so wanted to kiss her.
But he didnt want to be that guy that takes advantage of the situation just because…

He really liked her.
That fact he was sure.
Did she like him?
He knows she does..
But how much…?
Heh!! He coundnt tell..

He was fighting the battle to just close in on the kiss…
She was probably expecting it..
He was gonna kick himself after now but hell! !
That’s the price for being a gentleman.
Kissing her would have to wait.

Instead..He released one of his hands from pinning her..and brushed her rumpled hair away from her face..
She slowly opened her eyes..

Sebastian adored the way she looks at him..
As though seeing them within his soul..
Shattering him to pieces with just that one look..
He almost gave in…

Instead he mentally shook himself..
And smiled..
“Don’t worry…”
“I don’t bite..

He flicks her nose instead and pulls her up to sit.
He noticed her blush..but turned away so she doesn’t feel embarrassed.
“Awwwn aren’t you a cutie”…He muttered under his breath.

She smiled.
Rebecca tried to comb her hair with her hands to she could get it into a pony tail since it was dry..
He stops her..
Taking her hand in his..
“Let it down..”..He runs his hands through her hair..enjoying the feel of it  and tentatively rested his hand on her shoulders..she must have froze..just for a second…tiny brief second..then he felt her shoulders slowly relaxed..
She didnt turn though. .He was glad..
He pulled her to him..to rest on him..
She didnt refuse ..

His back against the wall and her back against his chest..
He held onto her hands and played with her fingers..
“Are you okay?..”

She simply nodded.
“Why are you quiet then?…
He felt her smile.
“Am not..am just…enjoying the moment…
“No one ever told you to just enjoy the spur of the moment???…she asked looking up at him..

Her forehead rightly below his chin..
He looked down at her..
“Well…i was told but If I did…we probably would be having a totally different conversation right now…”..

She looked away and playfully counted his fingers..
“Am sure it would have been an interesting conversation. ..”..

“Oh really”? He laughed in exclamation. .

“Well you will never know”…I challenged.

“Don’t dare me missy”…He threatened smiling. ..but he had a mischievous glint in his eyes…

“Am not…I just know…when someone is a chicken and I rightly like to point it out…”..I smirked. …and flopped my hair to the side..eyeing him..

“Oh no you didnt!!…fire in his eyes now.

“Yes I did.
Bite me!!!…..*tongue out*

When I realised it…I jumped up just at the same time he did…
Before I knew it he was sharing me round the round and I was laughing and screaming…

He finally caught me..flips me over his shoulders and carries me back to the bed…

Back to been pinned down.

And by God I was begining to enjoy being pinned down…

He seemed all too masculine and strong..and gentle all at thesame time..

I just wished…

I stopped my.thoughts from running miles ahead of me.

I was still laughing because now he was tickling me.
My frantic pleas didnt stop him..

“Will you do it again??…..He chanted like  a beautiful song..
“Huh huh huh??

“Are you going to be a lil naughty girl again?”…my squirming all only made it worse..
I literally had tears rolling down my eyes due to the excessive laughter..

“Okay okay I won’t I won’t! !!….choked laughter..



“What?…suprised question and he continued. .

“Oh shit!! I promise…Please. stop..am gonna pee!!…I pleaded.

This made him laugh uncontrollable and let me go..
“You are.such a girl you know that right”..??…
He said.
I nodded smiling.
“Thank you for noticing. ”

“I infact noticed…alot”…
He released me completely..but didn’t pull away..
I was still laid back facing him..He pops up on his elbow so he wasn’t fulling resting on me and laid down beside..
Facing me.

We stared at each other for a minute.
Subconsciously I had my hand up..reached for his face and ran a finger down the bridge of his nose..just when I was takings it off he caught it and brought it to his lips and slightly brushes them..

Staring at me.
My heart caught in my chest.
I could literally feel my heart racing.
I hoped he would help to simmer it down so it doesn’t burst out of my chest..

I knew I yearned for those lips..
But it seemed as though he was interested but wasn’t. .
It was confusing.
I was going out of my mind.

I always felt it was also cliché. .
Coming over to a guys house..
Ofcos it’s figured that stuffs were gonna happen ..
But I didnt want to be among those lots things happen to just because it usually should happen just because a girl and a boy spent a night in thesame room..
Too cliché. .
He pulls me too himself..resting my head on his chest…still holding onto my hand..
He tilts me head placing a kiss there instead..and a last one on the tip of my nose..
I smiled.
And closed my eyes and listened to his heartbeat.
It rythme was soothing..

I slowly slipped into the conscious state of sleep..
I was a light sleeper..
But he was a peaceful sleeper.
He didnt snore..but just held me in place..

I felt as though I was gonna ruin his hand in the morning from the pressure of my weight.
I pulled away and backed him..
Thinking he was deep in sleep after a couple of hours..
But he followed me and turned as well..
Cradling me from behind…

I never realised how much i would love being held on till tonight.
I tucked my legs backwards between his and he pulled me even closer to himself..

“I apologise in advance if you feel anything uncomfortable “…
He wispered into my ears..

“I won’t be able to help it…am sorry.
But I still won’t be able to not hold on to you..but if you get really uncomfortable and pull away I would understand.  Am sorry..”..

I tried to turn and look up at him to ask what he meant..but he stilled me..
“Moving will make it worse..”…He chuckled..

I didnt get it at first..
It took about 58 seconds for what he meant to register. ..and when he held me tight…it took another few minutes to realise his breathing had increased and changed somewhat and his heart was racing…

I felt it just when I heard him mutter “fuck”!!
Under his breath..

I blushed and became hot all over.
I should pull away..
I thought to myself but I didn’t.
I loved the feel of his arms around me..his strong legs tucking mine Inbetween his..
His breath on my neck..
And the way his bulge felt between my back chicks..

I knew he was suffering. .
But he wasn’t gonna pull away.
I didnt want him to either..

“Will you be okay?”…I asked him shyly…

I thought he had fallen back asleep..
But the rock I felt behind seemed to alive for the owner to have dozed off.
I had to believe it was impossible to remain completely sane talkless of falling asleep..

He sighed.
More like taking deep reassuring breaths in and out..
“As long as you stay still and don’t do anything tempting…I will survive”…

I felt him smile behind my ear.

“Or do I have a feeling you would want to dare the bulldozer right now?…

I blushed..and hide my face on his arms..
And shook my head.
He laughed.

“I thought so”..
He continued..
“But I rather hold on to you and go through the torture than crawl to the other side of the bed and still go through the torture. ….

“You are like my special brand of heroine. .
It doesn’t matter if I don’t taste you nor sniff you..
I senses are completely intoxicated by you…
I just get high simply by the thought of you…
So you already know the amount of trouble you are causing….”….He finished..

I smiled.
Not knowing how to respond to that confession…

“Go to sleep lav….daddy would be just fine”…He urged.

It must have taken a few hours for me to forget the nudging  bulge behind me…
I also wondered how he managed to stay completely sane all night..

Did he even get any sleep?

But to be honest I was secretly glad..
He wanted me as much I did him.

I was also grateful he was such a gentleman.
And the fact that he just got extra bonuses for taking it like a boss…
I tripped for him all over again.

But that tiny detail was for my knowledge at the moment…

I closed my eyes and fought all feeling threatening to burst out..
And tried not to dream of strong arms and lips just a turn away…
And the mysteries of stories untold if I could Damn the gods and make a man sway…

To be continued..
Xoxoxoxox. .


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