Xoxoxoxox. .

It’s been a terribly long few weeks.
It wasn’t so long I got to new york
Interning for the fashion company..
“Zanzebar designs and couture line fashion company”..Sometimes called. “Z.designs  & C.line fashion Company”.

I was excited and all
Well…I still sort of am
But I didn’t realise it’s gonna be much more than I expected.

It’s not all glamour and fun..
Sometimes it could be screams and frustration as well..

Last week..
A customer stormed in ..
An intern had done something totally different than she requested for and she had a debunte to attend..

Imagine her surprise. .just minutes before she realised it was all wrong..
She had to do a last minute run in but boy was she mad..
She threatened to sue..
And that got Mrs Demmy Micheals really infuriated at the intern..

They offered to have another dress done…slash free..and delivered before the week ran out.
Even if she didn’t get the dress for her event as she hoped..she was getting a plus one for the damage and that she took gladly..

Victoria had been all cries and pleas when she was threatened with to be fired. She hoped for a week suspension instead.

That got everyone alert and seated up.
Department heads were thorough. .
Works were checked and crosschecked by the supervisory head and passed to Miss Demmy for approval before delivered..
Interns had the most scrutiny. ..but Heh! !…
It’s the Art of survival anyways..


I had made quite a few friends..
Ofcos Lisa and Luke opted to be my very first “best couple budds”..they fondly called themselves..
They were pretty cool..funny
.totally hilarious and sometimes  yuckishly gross..

One time they licked ices cream off their faces after douching each other with it.
I couldnt stop laughing at their silliness.

After work we go into town and they show me around new york.
I hadn’t really gotten a hang of the place earlier..even with mapping..
But thanks to them..
I could take a few drives around …mostly at night and weekends…
Enjoying the view…of the city of Angels..

“Damn!!..miss you gramps”..I wispered everytime I remembered her sweet smile.

I had some design projects due tomorrow..
I was up all night as I did every night since this week to get some art done..

I mixed a little of my own personal designs i did in school..
Taking Mrs Demmy ‘ s advice…
Dulling the colours on some and Brightening of others..

Created some new designs..
It was about 3am I finally set down everything..
I must have been so tired I didnt have the strength to even drag myself to bed..
I rested my head on my drawing table and dozed off..

The throbbing pain in my head and the sound of the alarm startled me out of my dream world..

Looking at the time..
I jumped up exclaiming. .

I think I must have been jinxed in some super powers because in one minute I was stripping and running into the shower..
The meat minute I was out of the door..

Barely had my makeup done..
Hair in disarray. .
Design book..laptop and art works dangling from my hand..

I pulled the car out of the drive way and blasting my horn at the so slow drivers ….who happened to be extremely annoying today..

“Shit shit shit shit!!!!”.
“Am so dead”…  a small sob escaped my lips..

If I wasn’t there in the next 20 minutes…
I was gonna be on her Bad side..
And that’s like the most scary thing ever. ..

I kept Horning. ..
“What the hell is causing the traffic”..?
I wondered fearfully..

It took another 15 minutes before the road cleared…
And I was speeding my way through Sunday. ..

I hoped I was invisible so I don’t get flagged down for a speeding ticket..

“Oh Lord please..
Just today..”? ..
I silently pleaded ….

By a streak of luck…
They seemed abit too concerned about a drunk driver and a wailing mother with toddlers to Flagg me down…

4 minutes to dead line..
Somewhere close to me I felt the constant buzz of my phone..

Without looking I knew Lisa or luke or Head of department was probably wondering where the hell I was…
That would be a question I would love to answer right after I got my work in…not before..

I skillfully parked next to Luke’s power bike..
In a swift second I was jumping out of the car..
Flipping over all I needed and was running down the pavement..

Must have been my rush..
My abit out of focus..
That I didn’t notice the stranger coming just right out..
I must have looked away that minute during my Brisk fast movement making sure I had everything..
I think I must have been running a bit too..

So when we collided..
Everything flew up…
I turned immediately hoping to catch them..
Like I was supergirl with freez power…
Or something close to that because I had the look of suprise…mouth open and hands stretched out and fingers looked as though it was sprouting out magic stil powers..

But ofcos..
I didnt realise I was turning wrong. .
I didnt catch anything because I was busy falling down just at the same moment…

I was already trying to mentally brave myself for the headlong..body hitting crash to the already mean looking hard surface to the ground..

I bet my last exclamation was..
“Oh bollocks and shmucks! !!…
Eyes voluntary shut tight and I was waiting for the thud..

But the strangest thing happened.
I was literally taking so much time to hit the ground.
Way to look.
“Why haven’t I landed..?..

I mentally asked myself before my eyes opened…
“Wait did i actually freez myself?..
“Oh shit…I do have magic powers..”..I chuckled and took a swift look side to side..up ..down…and froze..

I looked back up..
I was looking into a sea blue deep eyes..
And it was smiling down at me..

Then I felt the arms holding me up midair…

I turned red..
“Are you okay?”..The eyes were asking..
But how could they speak..
But I knew I was been asked..
Oh those lips..ok seen!!

I was turning redder at the moment..
“Are you okay?..
Now the voice came abit more concerned. ..The line crossed his forehead faintly. .

“Er yes I am”..
I struggled to stand up.

He actually had me carried..
No wonder I felt as though I was flying.

“Oh am sorry”..!. He said putting me down.

I looked at him puzzled.
How the hell did he managed to get me up in his arms that fast??

He must have read my mind..
“Reflex action I guess”..He shrugged.

“You really should look at where you are going…it would have ended up much worse if I didn’t move at the nick of time…”…He said..bending down to pick something. ..

“I..I. .am sorry”…
I muttered clumsily..
Fixing back my glasses..

Oh shit!!.

I quickly bent down and joined him…
We both got up bumping our heads together again..


We ended up laughing clumsily..
“Am sorry!”…

It came out in unison. .

“I have to go. .Thank you…”..I said hurriedly…running for the entrance..

“Hey…what’s your……”…He was saying but I was already out of hear shot…
He let’s it trail off…

He dusted himself..smiled and picked up his ipod and noticed something shiny..

It was a necklace and a starstuuded pendant..
Must have fallen up in the process..
He picked it up and smiled..looking back up the building..then
Walks away…

Xoxoxox. ..

“Marybella Heatherway  Smith??..

Hushed wispers. ..and shuffling feets..

“Marybella smith??
“Not here yet?..
“Okay next plea…

“No no am here.
Am sorry am here!!!..

I must have been out of my breath and looked totally disarrayed too..

“What is that?”..
I heard Tony ask…
He is the gay intern with the funny mexican accent…

“Don’t be silly that’s bella”…Lisa said hushing him up.

“Why does she look as though she slept next to a dumpster…and got dragged by the cat here…??..
Everyone laughed…

“Who do you ask like and squeal like a girl when you obviously hold your peewees and booze and shave like a man?…

He had this shocked expression on…
“Oh you are mean!!…He feigned hurt..

Luke gave her a high five..
“Don’t talk trash about my friend drama queen…now shuu go play with your toys..

Tony sasheys off.


By now I was behind the huge brown oak door facing immaculately painted red..nails..

Crossed legs and a tiger plaited tight fitted dress behind the table …
And she removed her glasses and gave me a run look over…

Obviously disturbed. .

“Should I even ask?..she said …her eyes looking me up and down…

I shook my head.

She went back taking a fast look through my work…


.. After a long pause..
She flipped to the next..



She flipped to the last..


“Bella…why are you standing?”..
She asked without looking up..

I quickly pull the chair and sit down…
Obviously uncomfortable. ..and nervous. .

“I like the first and the second…
It gives a welcoming and causal feel..

“A blend of both office and causal outfits..
So this would work..
You team mates equally had great designs..

Am impressed that you could also come up with something equally eye catchy..

What do you know…
There is up for you yet..”..
She said smiling..

“Thank you ma’am”..

“Now the trick here is not settling down on the drawings. .
I can tell you do have a fine hand..
But can that hand equally make this for me??

“That’s the question you need to be able to ask and answer yourself…and bring out on the fashion exhibition show by the end of the month…

I didnt answer.
I figured it was a rhetorical question
I waited..

“So….show me you can do more than draw…and I will let you have an opportunity of a life time.”.

“Now get to work….”

“Time is of essence.
Good work. Btw.”..

I thanked her..and stood up.
Does she always have that influence of keeping people mute or its just me..
I wondered..

I was at the door…
“And bella…..do something about your looks…
This is a fashion company…
Not a stray dog shelter…
Do take it seriously…”….with a dismissive wave of the hand….

I always breathed out when I was outside her door.

Wow she doesn’t need fangs and brooding evil looks to be scary. She was doing a good job already…
I mused to myself…

Xoxoxo. .
It was about lunch time..
With the duo and a few other interns…
Was when I remembered the event of the morning…

“Oh shit”…
Lisa turned…
She asked…Luke just stared at me..

“I had a run in with a guy this morning and I just completely forgot all about the encounter till just now….
Silly…”…I shook my head…

“Oh….was he cute?…..Luke eyed me mischievously…

“No girl forgets a cute guy…trust me..”..Lisa interjected. ..

“Besides what kind of encounter. .??

“His eyes were so blue…and he was so strong …I must have felt more like paper weight for him …”…I said more to myself than to them.
But ofcos it didn’t stop them from hearing….

“Er….you just met a guy and you were already in his arms?
“Girl that’s fast….”..Lisa voiced disapproving

“You didnt seem to have a problem making out with me on our first day baby..”…He pulled her hair playfully…

Hitting his hands off…”That’s different luke.
Bella focus…

I laughed..
“Don’t be silly..It wasn’t like that..
“I blushed..

“It happened so fast..one minute I was heading for the pavement ..next minute I was swept off my feet in mid air and opened my eyes to see this amazing cute face with equally deep blue eyes..staring down at me..

“I really don’t remember what he looks like..
But am sure I can tell if I see him again…
He seemed so concerned yet I was probably the one who ran into him..
I said again shaking my head..

“Awwwwwnnn”…Lisa and her boyfriend cooed.

I was blushing and laughing. ..
“Stop it you guys”..

“Awww .
But you don’t have to turn all pink just because a guy carried you and stared down at you as though you haven’t been held by a man before…”…she scoffed and smacked Luke’s hand from trying to fiddle ”
I looked away without saying anything..
I noticed her pause ..
“Don’t tell me you haven’t. ..?…

She trailed off when she saw i was literally redder than tomatoa puree..

I tried to do that face of…
“Keep your voice down…”…
And hiding my face at the same time and looking for an escape route..

Luke whistled..
Lisa laughed and then she smiled…
“I never had a virgin….

I threw daggers at her with my eyes..

She lowered her voice and spoke conspiratory

“I haven’t had a V for a friend…
By age 15 I had already been on third  base with my first boyfriend …
Piece of cake now…”..
She seemed proud.

My mama would have been disgusted.
I laughed.
This are the sort of friends my mum would warn me about.

“I didnt have time for boys.
Or more like I wasn’t interested and I wasn’t all that pretty growing up..”

“With braces..
Then croaked voice..
I wore glasses and everyone liked the girls who wore lipstick and showed off a lil too much
And all I wanted to do was play music..
Become a ballerina
And later arts..”

“I didnt have much interest in boys..
So it was pretty easy..”…I sipped my juice and stuffed my bugger in my mouth..

“You want me to hool you up??..Luke joked.
I looked aghast
Lisa nudged him hard.

“Oww!…He rubbed his side…
“I was kidding….”

“Shut up luke..”…
“Well atleast you’ve been kissed at least?…some streak of Hope I could detect in her voice..

If you call a peck on the check…a kiss…”..I shrugged..

The loud drop of her juice cup to the table startled me…

Luke was laughing.
“Should you even be listening? ..I asked him…
“Its embarrassing enough …

“Sorry lav…”..
“I can’t help it…
“You are such a dove…..

Lisa ‘ s mouth had been open for a few seconds…

“Fine. This has to be done.
Luke…kiss her”..

I nearly choked on my burger…
“Are.you crazy??…Inbetween chewing…

“Come on
We are friends and am giving you the go ahead to kiss my boyfriend.
You are permitted.
Am not gonna even get jealous.”

She taught for a second..
“Okay maybe I will…a little but it’s okay.
I will let it pass…”..
By now she was pulling Luke’s struggling form to me..

“Er Lisa? …Luke was saying..

“Shush babe…just one quick kiss…

“Ok this is crazy. I won’t kiss your boyfriend..

I pushed his face away laughing..
“You both are gross…
But no thanks..
Am good…”

‘Well okay.
You are right.
Bad idea..
Let’s find you someone else…”..

Luke must have breathed a sigh of relieve..
I don’t know wether from the thought of kissing me..or from the fact that his girlfriend was crazy.
I concluded …
Maybe a little bit of both…

“Er No thanks..
Oh shoot!!..
I forgot I have something to work on…

I lied…downing my juice and made to leave…

“Oh no you aren’t getting away from me missy..
We gonna get you kissed .
We need to find you a man…”
She forgot about luke and chased after me..

Luke got up and followed us..
I made to outrun her but she was fast..

We ended up laughing our way back to work..

To be continued. ..



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