#Darkside. …4


Xoxoxoxo. .

He seemed exceptional happy this morning .
He even smiled at the milk man that came for a refill every weekend.
He tipped the pizza boy generously and closed the door on his jaw dropping open mouth.

He even opened the door for the elderly lady rolling her crutches in..at the supermarket.
He took his buddies to lunch and even paid for it.
He called his ma and sister and checked in on them as he did once every week..

They leave out of state…
Since he couldnt see them every now and then except twice a year because he moved around alot and he refused to give them an address for that lone fact..
He never stayed in a place more than a few couple of months..
They seemed content at least with calls..
He loved his mother and sister..
And he would do anything to protect them..
Even from himself.


Growing up he had always had this side to him that screams uneasy..

From when he was a boy..
He hated the fact that his friends always had everything and he didn’t.
He always found away to destroy, hide their toys or make them cry..

He Hated his father for being a pussy and got beaten up every now and then because he couldnt hold down his own..but he always found a way to puncture their tyres and run his bike over their pets for good measure…

He hated that his mother had to work 4 jobs to keep up while his father drunked away and splits with half her savings leaving him and his sister nothing to leave on..

That’s why when he was 18 he tracked his father down in a whore house and choked him in his pee..

His father was too drunk, too sexed and too stoned. ..so it was easy..
No one traced it back to him..

For all they knew he was at a party out of state with friends..
Oh yes he was…at some point. .and then he wasn’t and then he was..
Try asking a bunch of stoned teenagers am sure the answers were abit too sketchy…but he was there alright and that’s it..

Besides. .no one thought to suspect him.
It was ruled as a drunked stoned accident…”a man stoned enough and choked on his pee”..
It was a laugh for days unend for him

He hated that his mother had to sleep with men for their upkeep..
He always listened behind the door..
Her loud moaning screams That was more of pain Than pleasure ….because they pounded away…Sometimes she came out with a black eye..bruised lips and scars that she always hides from him..
He remembered  breaking an arm..
And mashing another’s face in the wall..
He learnt to fight in the streets..gave him an egde

The hated that he had to drop out of school to work at a mechanic shop when he was fifteen. ..
He hated that his sister was constantly raped by those men who taught that his mother was an old drag they needed something fresher and more life..
…He got into junevile for cutting  his cock off and giving him to eat..
He got lucky..
He was given a few years..
When he got out he told his ma and sis he needed a change of environment ..

He hated that no girl liked him because he was dorky
He hated that he couldn’t hang out with his friends becauss they thought he wasn’t good enough to be in their clicks..

He Hated that every summer they had fantastic stories of where they had been and where they will be..
He loathed the fact that they always had new cloths , bikes, houses, summer flings, sex and grew beards and he was called a freak because he could skillfully dissect a rabbit and lizard because they were too chicken to do it and had been locked up.

He hated the fact that the only girl he ever really liked only was friends with him because he did all her homework and carried her lunch box and waited outside while she had study classes supposedly with her maths teacher..

He hated that he finally was curious enough to check…
From the hole he punctured through the door knob..
He saw her bend over …and fix his cock inside her..
He saw her parted chicks..
He felt the sound of his hand as he slapped her butt hard and pressed her throat and pulled at her hair…
He saw how she exclaimed in excitement and began to rock him…
He was rough…and she enjoyed it…
It went on and on..

That was the first time he got really blood thirsty…
The urge to kill and end a life..
The sudden urge to have that same power of women..
To hurt them the way she hurt him.
To screw them the way she was being screwed but much more harder and much more painfully..

He realised he was hard..
And it was the first time he enjoyed wacking himself furiously till he exploded as he watched them through the hole all the while he was angry and his eyes turned to red slits..
And he went home and began to plan …

He knew how to use tools..
He knew how to use a knife.
He knew how to fight…
He was angry
He was sex starved and crazed
He was mean and strong..
He had so much hate inside him..
For the world..who saw him as trash..For women..beautiful women who didnt give a shit..for the men who used this women he so wanted. .
It was a bad combination but that all made him into something sinister ..
Everything summed up and made up his Darkside. ..
And he loved it..

So when he decided to have a taste..
When he crossed over fully and embraced his Darkside. .He loved it.

He changed his appearance. .
He became a nerd..
He even seemed attractive to the eyes..
He became an handyman
He became a tools man
Infact he became anything you wanted him to be..
Just alluring enough..
Catchy enough..
Pulling enough..
All the while slowing drawing you in untill he gets you where he wants..
Then he delves in for the kill..
He always never leave a trail behind..

His first kill was her..
The math slut fxxker…

He always smiled and grew hard when he remembered…

She was a great Fxxk
She screamed as hell too..
But he enjoyed every minute of it..

It was out in the open camp ground in the forest..
He had followed her after fitness class
All the way to her house to pick up a picnic basket for her random picnic trip with friends..
He got her halfway and diverted..
She never made it to the picnic nor home..

Her eyes widen with suprised.
He enjoyed the chase..
He got bored later and tired her to the tree..
He must have done all his fantasy marathon sex on her..

He enjoyed tasting her down there.
Watching her trying to squirm excited him even more..
Must have been a couple of hours before he gouged her eyes out..
Pulled out her fingers..
And bleed her dry and buried her remains behind a turf tree trunk deep in the forest..

Her body was never found.
The math teacher wasn’t an easy kill because he was bigger and stronger.

He drugged him during his beer with his friends..
He disguised as a waiter…waiting tables
While he was  dozed off and carried to his car by his friend..
He faked a call to one of the buds and caused a scene inside the bar..had him running back in..
While punches were being thrown..
Table and chairs smashed and broken bottles and loud music…
Perfect cover..

He had approached the dozed man..
Chopped off his head with an ax and placed it back on his shoulder..
His limbs followed..
And then his tongue …which he nailed to his chest..

Suprisinglying. .
It took him less than an hour…
He put the car on drive and let it go..

He was found hours later rammed into a wall..
Streets from ..there.

And from there…
He couldnt stop..
He didnt stop..
He loved the feeling too much to give it up…

So he planed his next kill…
The next…and the next..
Moved from place to place..
Leaving behind a body trail..
And he was lording it like a boss..

Untill he met Maggie. .
Beautiful Maggie. .
Untouched for months..

Lovely smile..
Lips pouted as though desiring to be kissed..
Perky breast…He envision her pink nipples. .
And flat tummy that disappeared down to the v-shape contour between her legs…

And that’s what kept him awake most nights. .
And he knew he wanted her as he has never wanted anyone…

But he knew girls like her as girls before her wouldn’t love him..
But that’s the more reason he was going to have her…and have her he will..

For months he had planned..
Anticipated. .

That little setback of her hookup last night boiled his blood and toppled it over..

He was going to make her pay like he always did to the girls..

She reminded him to his first young teen crush..
She was going to get it like she did..
But she was  going to make him feel good too..
And this time he was going to make her enjoy it….the way he never did with girls before..

Was this love??
He chuckled to himself..

But he was going to have to get rid of the fxxker who dares to touch her first. .then he would have her all to himself. .

He remembered the new tools he got from the mechanic shop…
And felt really good.

He was in an exceptionally good mood this morning. .
He was in fact very happy..
He even winked at the girl showing off a little too much cleavage his way..

And allowed her give him a BJ in the man’s toilet..
He even enjoyed It…
And didn’t feel the slightest urge to choke her with his cock…
He didnt like that sort of attention..

Besides. .He was in a good mood..
He whistled happy tones all the way home..
And waited..


“Come over to the Darkside. …we have cookies”..

He chuckled wickedly to himself…..


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