Spoken Words!!!!



Often times we speak without much of a thought..
We make utterances which when gone..can’t return..
Do we realise the damage we have caused?
Then we should never say words that hurts..

Often times we make such sharp retorts.
In our anger..
In our pains..
We simply let it run..
We may have felt bad after the trail is gone..
But we can’t stop the pain when it has begun.

Often times we wish to say things unworthy
It comes out all harsh and unscuffy
Have you ever thought to rather speak softly..
Less pain, less outrageous so it doesn’t sound like a symphony..

Often times we hope  too late to take back our daggers. .
Yes such hurtful words are Likened to knives and dangers..
They come out like fire…scorching anyone it meets like desire
It’s ever too late, when started to put out the burning coals of fire

Often times we know people must have caused us much worse..
And we want to return the favour twice as much..
Though it may feel right to just douch them as such..
But we may cause more harm …
“they deserve it”!! You say..
and we delve it out like it’s a must.

Yes yes…it feels just smart..
But does two wrongs make a right?
You should know better than that
It may hurt and we might burn..
But it’s better to look away and forgive than break a heart for a “Tit for a Tat!!

I know you must have heard this a million times..
But hey…who said it’s bad to give it a try..
God forgives. .despite our flaws and we arent even a perfect child
So who are we not to bless a heart than choose instead to make it cry..

Be careful of the words we speak..
Because once spoken it could break the weak..
There is fire in our tongue..
Even as Christians we should hold that sharp retort..even the good book preaches on the taming your tongue..
How much more…when we speak without a thought. .

The power of the spoken word…
Let it raise and uplift  .
Than  bring down and cause a rift..

I know it  can be hard..
But trust me..
You rather try..
Than be regretful when you can’t take those words back..

P.S#..Have a lovely week ahead Luvlies.
I hope am the first to wish you a fruitful week?.

         Love #Sweetness


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