Happy Independence Nigeria!!!


Hello luvlies!!!

First off…
I want to say Happy New month.
It’s October first and the 10th month in the year 2015 ….say Yay!!!!

And for that…am most thankful to God for His ever unending mercies and love and protection over my life and that of my family friends and loved ones and most especially for you reading this…yes..you…with the beautiful eyes and beautiful mind…you are awesome and am thankful to God for keeping you and your family as well.

It’s a new month. A month of possibilities and of breakthroughs and of favour and of uplightements and higher grounds. And my prayer for each and every one of you is that each of you tap into that realm of grace and blessings and love the father has willingly poured out from the goodness of his heart for us.

Afterall, we are his children…the love He has for us in immense and totally unconditional.
Isn’t that awesome?
Isn’t He just the best Father you’ve ever knowned?
Isn’t He just a great and mighty God??

Well I think He is amazingly awesome. And I love him not for what he has done or is doing in my life but most especially for who he is.
Just Purely divine.

Plus on the plus side…
It’s our 55th Independence  anniversary  as Africans most especially as Nigerians..
October 1st is a very sentimental and significant day in the history of Nigeria…The Giant of Africa. .lol

We got freed. Lol…gained Independence  so every year on this day , the  10th  month of every year we jubilate,  we celebrate,  sing songs of freedom and be cherry and happy and oh yes…
We wear our colour..
Green, white and Green.

How ever we want to adorn it doesn’t matter.
As long as we just join in the spur of the celebration which is pretty awesome.

So on that note..
I wish every Nigeria, home or Abroad..far and near…to the seven seas and whatnot..lol

A very very heartwarming happy 55th Independence Day.
And to top it up..

A very very happy New month.
And glad you all made it.
And I pray you all continue to celebrate each other..

And you my darlynes. ..are just amazing so I wish you all a glorious day.

Let that smile be one of content.
Let that love be one for forever..
Let that joy be one to overflow
And let that peace be one to envelope..


and most especially

Have a beautiful day luvlies…
Much love..always…


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