I must have..and then again !*Shrugs*



Okay I think I must have thought up something really  cool and intellegent to say..
Honest …I really did..
Don’t be deceived by my pretty smile..
I really can’t remember.

But as soon as I begun to type..it just completely flew out of the window..
Like literally developed magic wings and flew out of my thoughts..

I could have sworn I saw fairy dust on my shoulders because as I dusted the shimmery stuff I began to cough.

And that has nothing to do with the beef my  neighbours are roasting or should I say burning..
The smoke could blind you like a fog..

Not to mind that irritating sound of the cricket just outside my window..
I coundnt even find the strenght to go outside and crush the noisey thing because I was too absorbed in this Korean series of..

“Emergency couple”!!!

I actually began to wonder how I began to watch it..
Oh now I remember …
I hated Hated the whole Telemundu channel and the fact that every one o knew seemed to have joy in those soaps..when I literally cringed from it..

It’s just like watching a Nigeria movie..
Feels a little bit retarded..
I don’t know..
Maybe because they have too much wannabes and absolutely no spur for an actual superb acting other than showing excessive body, too much booze and too much twisted American accent you just wanna pull out your eyes..

One name comes to mind the most..
“Jim Iyke”…Gosh!!!
I always hated it when be acts like a bad boy just returned from the US with the fame accent and the constant use of “you know what am saying”..??

I literally had to stop watching home videos..
Their earlier movies/ where more it..
In the likes …
“Things fall apart”
“Check mate” etc. . Just a few out of the few good ones..

Then my love for foreign movies grew..
And then I stumbled upon an Hindu flick..again

“Kuchi Kuchi hota hai”.. I literally feel inlove with Sharukh Khan (I probably didn’t get the name right. Don’t judge me). *Tongue out.*

I have always loved Indian movies right after the ..
“Disco dancer”
“Snake girl” etc..

Then I re-feel inlove again as they advanced and their movies became sophisticated and more colourful and really interesting too…
“Main hon na”
“Pride and prejudice”
“Prem Prem” etc ..

I actually can’t remember all their names and their songs…I never bother to fast forward. .I just let it buzz all the way to the end.

Oh I digressed..
How did i get here..??

Oh I remember. .talking about how I begun to watch Korean movies..

And I said I detested Telemundu….
……Btw I loved mexican movies too (or where they mexican??
The likes of ..
“Katarina and Sabastain. ”
And one other one they also acted together. .
Can’t seem to remember. ..
Was it “Diego and……??”..* racking my brain*..

Anyways. ..

So I passed from putting of my tv everytime Telemundu soaps come on to borrowing a series..any one at all from a friend..just to pass the time…and he gave me ..

Wait for it..

*drum beats.*…*dum dum dum dumdumdumdum*..


my very first official Korean series I  ever watched and I LOVED IT!!!

No shame.
No shame at all.

If you don’t mind the substittleing ofcos..

When if you could watch a Chinese movie and an Indian movie with a subtitle ..you definitely can watch these…well..as long as you don’t laugh at their face expressions when they speak..

Btw…I believe when you remove the subtitle and use annoying voice offers it kills the movie for me..
Thus why I won’t bother watching Telemundu or zee..

Btw I love Zee channel..that was before they started using those annoying voice over. It kills the movie..it kills the emotion it just ruins it for me..

I actually love to hear their language. .feel their voice break when they cry, are happy or loving…
But the voice offer..very animated just…not it..

I rather just go buy a Dvd of Indian movies and enjoy myself..

Where was I. .oh yeah..

“The Heirs”..
And gues who my MCE was??

*drum beats again*..


Fans self..

It was just that he was or is cute.
His smiles is just breaktaking..

I literally cried..
He was or is a beautiful man.

This jas nothing to do with six packs and all those things..

He just wonderfully and gorgeously and handsomely beautiful..

As soon as I finished “the Heirs”…
I literally found myself checking out the Korean series (s)..

Well first for another one he acted..
“Boys before flowers”
“Personal taste”..

And bad boy..
“City hunter”..


Then ofcos I just continued down and found other interesting ones like..

“Playful kiss
“Empress ki”
“Single or devious divorcee”..( lol the man with the mechanical laugh”..

And a few others..

Like I said.
I feel no shame.

Yes I love movies..
Yes I can watch Indian , Korean,  Chinese,  mexican and American  movies..lol

Can someone please tell me why I ended up talking about movies??

I really and trully must have thought up something really cool and intelligent to say..

But it just developed magically wings and flew out the window..

But then again….*shrugs*

Deep sigh…

oh well…

I might as well..
Say good night..
Don’t let the night bug bite..
You are too old so I can sing you a lullaby..
So ama just give you a big hug tight! !!

Sleep well luvlies….


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