“Stop it Peter!!
“Let it go of it…..

Natalie screamed at him…and ran after him..
He had dragged it out of her hand when she had earlier refused him to peer in..
He snuck in  behind her while she cooed at it and was turning red all over..
But he just laughed and wiggled out of her reach in a fast body she chased him..

“Nope I wouldnt”…He replied..

“Peter am gonna kill you if you cause any harm to it…I swear I will””…

By now she had tried to corner him …hoping the wall from either side to side would prevent him from running plus the escape route was so narrow she doubted he would fit through…

She smiled a knowing look of..
“I got you now”…

And he had the snare look back in retort going for him …which read..

“Oh you wish….am alot smarter than you…’…

He replied her still..

“You talk to Much for a chicken you know”…
“You can’t even kill a roach…
“Dude am literally pissing my pants….”..

He stuck his tongue out at her..
Playfully dangled what she was after infront of her and docking it out of reach whenever she thrusts forward her hand to get a clean win..

“Oh….cry baby”…

She dived in for the kill but he did a home run just then as she moved just a little to the right…He took his chance and flew…

“Peter just give it back…”…
She didnt give up…

He was facing her and dancing and blowing kisses at the way she was blowing kisses to the picture and gushing all over it…

She turned white and pink…and then deep red…

“Oh she was mad”…Peter thought.

“But not nearly enough”…He mused…

She was calculating his second move and before he could think to jump over the chair away from her impending attack..

She kicked the tool just in time ..
This causing him to topple over hitting the ground..

She dived in and they both struggled with the picture…

Both squeezing tight not wanting to let go…

“Peter for petes sake just let go..and let me have it. It’s mine!!!
“You are gonna shred it you little shit! !!

….she was literally fuming and breathing heavily from all the running..

“Yes I am!!!.
“Yes I am gonna shred it.
Am gonna shred it repeatedly”…

He threaten as he rumpled it in his grasp…
Fighting her off and hitting her hands away from prying his hands open. ..

She had no choice..
He nudged him where she knew he would hurt..

And hurt he did..

“OwwW shit  Thalie”….as he fondly calls her as he groaned and turned in pain..

Forgetting and opening his hand as he crunched on the ground , knees curled up, hands between his legs , his eyes closed and face constricted as the pain of what she did washed completely over him..

Rendering him helpless..

She squealed in delight..
Quickly collects her rumpled prices jewel…

She plastered it on her thighs as she opened the rumpled picture up and began to smoothen it’s rough edges. …

All the while oblivious to the whimping teenager…on the floor..

She raised it up and smiled when she realised it wasn’t totally damaged. .

“How dare you put a dent on his handsome beautiful picture “…she snared at the cramped up form on the ground..

It was the picture of the most handsome and most popular jockey player in school.

And all the girls gushed over him..
In his present and absence..

He had managed to autograph his name on this particular picture..

It took her a couple of months to sum up courage to finally get to talk to him..

Well she didn’t really talk talk to him..
It was a lot of murmuring nonsensical and dropping food all over herself and being completely clumsy..

He had walked over to take his laptop from the seat beside her and he mistakenly dropped his wallet on the ground..

Before she could be the good samaritan to tell him..

The other girl stalkers beat her to it..and was gushing all over him..
Smearing his shirt with her lipstick..

He just laughed…and because he was standing close to her table and she had a napkin just by her side due to the fact that she was eating…

She had offered it to him..
More like she had dazedly offered it to him to wipe it off…murmuring what he coundnt hear…but he understood her because she had her hand outstretched with the napkin..

He had thanked her…used it and looked up..
By then…
She remembered she was eating but didn’t quite understand why her mouth was standing open but her food was just not finding it’s way in..

Instead it found comfort on her cloths..
And yes…
She was the talk of the school for a little over two weeks..

But for what it’s worth..
Despite that he must have laughed at the sight of her..
Already knowing the kind of effect he had on the female species and absolutely loved it..

He muttered a “Thank you”…
And handed her napkin back to her..

But noticed a picture between her books..

It was one of which he had brought home the trophy for the schools team on their 13th win..

Yes…He was handsomely beautiful..
He even praised himself.

And as everyone watched..
He took out his pen.
When I say his pen.. I meant totally customised…

Yes  his family is like totally wealthy. .
So having a thing as a customised pen was the very least of things he had customised…

But he bent and signed his name on it..
And addressed it to me..

He couldnt get me to answer to
“Whats your name??…question..

I was too busy staring at those wonderful eyes and making a complete fool of myself..

He looked at my book…and then scribbled my name..

He smiled and walked away..

It took a good 10 minutes for the portion of his presence to wear off to actually realised my state.
I had to run out trying to drown the jeers and laughter..

Straight to the washroom..
I stayed there till school was over..
Completely out of sight..

Ofcos I didnt have a change of cloth and I was already feeling totally embarrassed.

While i tried to fruitless wash off the stains..
Feeling absolutely stupid for being a mute puppy before him and couldn’t say a simple “Hi”..
But instead showed him what an absolutely poor table manner I had..

But when I remembered the picture..
I would close my eyes and smile and blush..
And I knew I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again just to be that close to him..

But for what it’s worth..
“I had my very own autographed and his  signed name addressed to me”..she happily laughed..

“A thing of joy.
My own personal gift..!!

When she was content..
She had carefully taken out a picture from a frame on her desk…

Folding the picture into half..
Completely hiding her irrelevant teddy she was holding..

Her defence. .

“Am too old for teddies ”

She fixes her picture back and that of her jockey player side by side back into the frame and smiled at her achievement….

“Oh don’t we just look lovely and absolutely together ??”…she asked…turning around to face the teenager..

He was still whimping in pains..

She felt a jolt of guilt.
She shouldnt have hit him that hard..
Not there …not at all..

She went to him..
“Does it hurt that much”..

He hissed and didn’t answer her and swore under his breath..

“Am sorry Peter. .but it’s your fault..
You were  being a total ass..”..

“And you were being a love – sick puppy”…He spat back and groaned in pain.

She hit his head..

“Oww Wtf! !”..

“That’s for being a jerk!!!..”..
Then she goes to the kitchen and gets ice wrapping it in a cloth and brings it back to him..offering it to him as she knelt beside him..
A worried look on her face..

“Maybe this would help”..

“That’s if it’s not already broken..”..
“If I can’t use it properly or be able to father a child in the near future am coming after you”..

She knew he was exaggerating but she still seemed worried..

“Am sorry I didn’t mean too.
“How would you know if it’s broken???
“Is it really broken??….

“Gee how will I know…??”..
The ice was between his legs now as he winced from the coldness ..

“Maybe you could ask Cynthia. .your hottie friend to come over so we could give it a try…”…He asked mischievously
“Oh you perv!!!”…she said in disgust. .
Trying to hit him again…

“Hey hey…The dude is already in pains and under going repairs thanks to wanna top it up???

“Where did this evil come from??
“I know am all good and saintly…”..
He told her as he shifted a little distance from her.

She had to laugh..

Her parents thought she was the most aggressive from the pair..
But he was the most devious and mischievous from the two..and they didn’t even know that.
She shook her head.

But no matter how much they fought and quarreled..
They still shared an unseparatable bond..
Well as they should be..
Afterall they were twins..

Despite that he started it and she eventually had to hit him..
She still has to smoother him..

So when she went to get a can of chocolate from the fridge and ploped up on the chair..
She didnt push him away when he crawled over and rested his head on her bosom and opened his mouth to be fed.

when he had had his heart’s content..he eventually curled up and rested his head on her thighs and closed his eyes..and began to snore away not to long there after. .

She smiled and began to rub his head..

Despite how much naughty and how much tantrums he throws and shouts the house down..
Wether it was his fault or not..
Wether if you get around to punishing him or not..

You would still be the one at the end of the day to smoother him and pamper him..
It wasn’t a duty..
It just came naturally …
And later as a force of habit..
Though they were 16 now..
Still he always became a child when he is with her..

“Whenever mum was out of town..
She was next in line”!!

He had always told her.

“Naughty muffin”…she fondly said

No matter how crazy he gets..
She still was gonna love the naughty nugget. …

She yawned..
Throwing her head back..
And began to snore lightly as she closed her eyes and allowed sleep take over..

Though they weren’t identical..
But they shared similarities in everything …
Even they feets curled up thesame way on their own accord..

Their mother comes in a little over an hour later and found them asleep on the sofa..

Without another word..
She takes out her camera and

Plastering their forehead with kisses ..and leaves them to their dreams.



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