The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!!



*The magical effect of the drum beats as it rose to a  credendo..

The proprietrators of this beautiful noise had the fixated look but their countenance was of one hyperventilating. ..due to the rigorous use of their hands..

This in turn caused my heart to palpitated…as I equalling followed the rising of the sound to its climax….and the applause that followed immediately after and the shouts of..


And kisses blown and roses thrown to the stage as people rose in a perfect unison while their smiles radiated throughout the hall…like flashlights in a darkened mall..*…

I looked around and then I learned to appreciate how their gifts can magically make one’s heart merry…

Thesame way I felt just moments ago when I got notified…

So Yay! ! Am so excited.

Barely a few hours ago. I got nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by the owner of the blog


Whom I call awesome M.J

You should check out her blog..and then you would agree with me why I call her Awesome, not just because she has an awesome personality…from how we met via the blogging sphere from when she read and commented on  the blog,

To having interesting conversation with her, realising how down to earth of a person she was, she is also an amazing writer.

Quite informative and interesting her works are. I bet you woundnt disagree those are good reads..

It really doesn’t matter what inhibitions you have..why not stop by and take a tiny peek…you won’t leave in a hurry…

Ok so…
What’s the DRAGON’S LOYALTY AWARD about?..

A little insight ..

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is for the loyal fans and commenters, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or someone who follows and comments regularly. There are rules of course and here they are.


Accept the award with thanks. Give your readers 5 facts about you. Nominate other bloggers and let them know. The letting them know part is kind of important because if they miss your nomination post, they will not get their nomination nor will they see that you appreciate them.”…

Culled from #Mariajob

So that’s been cleared..

I “Sweetspectives ” hereby officially accept this Award with the humbleness of my heart and deepest appreciation of #Mariajob for nominating me.

I am indeed thankful that my work is equally appreciated to deem fit to be notified ..

This goes without saying how grateful I am for the thought. You are most definitely and really Awesome M.J

Now on to the second matter of the day..


  Gee lemme see * cratches head and then rubs palm*…

Here goes..

1). I love writting. Loved it as a kid..and it sort off grew on me. I usually don’t think. I just allow my hands do the talking..

When i say i dont think..I never ever prethink what I post..Most of what I write…my stories or what have you..I never had a character already pre – thought or a scene already arranged…I just put my hand to my phone and I write whatever comes to mind…Once am done..magic happens..I usually don’t know what next but the cycle starts all over again and then a story begins to form and make sense…
Sometimes I write the most when am sad..or happy or inspired by a certain event …but whatever I write is a spur of the moment kind of thing there and then..never pre-thought. …is that weird??

2). I come from a polygamous home…I have quite a number of brothers and sisters …and I totally love them..(secret¤¤..”Am the smallest among my siblings…but I love me..*Winks* My mum is awesome and I look like her. And what’s cool..we share thesame birthdate. .”January12th”..nice huh?

3). *leans in for a wisper…come closer I beckon”…”I am an extremely shy person. “..
Yes you have to believe it. Maybe that’s why I begun to write..Indepthly became my safe haven to pour out my thoughts. I just smile alot and rather listen. But I get really talking once I get to know you..a lil fun crazy a good way. Plus.. Am also an extreme introvert.
Give me a book, a movie, my phone with my WordPress app and Internet,  music playing at the background and am good to go..Locked in for hours. Oh please don’t forget food..not much..just enough. *winks*

4). I am a hopeless romantic. A sucker for love stories but my favourite would be mine.. (when ofcos I find prince charming who would sweep me off my feet and get my fairy tale ending) . Ok being realistic…just someone who adores me 100%. My default is I love too much …and I hate if my 100% is taken and never returned. So I guard my heart well…because once I fall I fall hard…and he becomes the luckiest man on earth.

5).  Finally….what’s the last…?
Oh yeah..I am a christian.  I love God.
And to add to these..A bonus if you may…I don’t drink alcohol, smoke neither do i club.

.this has nothing to do with my religious beliefs. ..its just that i never saw a reason i really never understood the connection or the combination or why people like it. Am a juice /mineral person and chocolate without
I am simply me. No pretends. No half – truths. .just amazingly unapologetically awesome me. And I love me..!!

Too much??.
Heh….a bit of selflove won’t hurt no body!!!!

And now to the last bit..

The bloggers I now nominate for the Dragon’sLoyalty Award are…
*drum beats again….dum dum dumdumdumdum *


Voice of dreams

Scarlet blood & Black skin

Dammy’s Blog

Glorious Result of a misspent youth

The punchy lands

Dreamspinner  Extraordinaire

Well that’s it luvlies….

Using this medium to thank each and every one of you for reading and commenting on this blog,
For visiting and following as well,
Or just simply giving me a good read…I must have liked what I read to put you up there..
Plus I feel every other person…reader, follower or commentor  or simply and observer or passerby..
Wether I know you personally or wether I do not..
For appreciating my works to give it a quick read…
You are are absolutely amazing and extremely awesome person….and I love you all.
Thank you for stopping by and participating in this community.
You are deeply appreciated..


Thank you…Xoxoxxo
         Love #Sweetness


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