Jars of broken hearts!!!(Heart in a bottle)



It wasn’t because it was you..
I had no recollection of the view
It was a long time ago I knew
That what i felt hasnt gone away long due

It wasn’t  because I was scared dear.
I just simply realised you weren’t there
When I hoped but then life wasn’t fair
But then again you broke my heart and left me alone to fare

It took awhile to let go
Knowing all I felt was just me being solo
My pains and sorrows you didnt know
But that was my misery and it bore a hole in my soul

Months and years went ticking by
But I didn’t understand why I still cry
Was it because I saw you walking by
or the fact that I knew I could never just say goodbye..

I know I should give you up now
It’s being awhile ..I should let it go somehow
But sometimes I still feel the ache and the groans of the muted sounds
It was the just like yesterday we laughed and kissed Laying on this sands.

I know I should let time heal..
But the heart is broken..how would I help it when all it does is bleed
Is it by forgetting he ever lived..
Damn!! I should just admit it..He is my very own archilles heel.

I know someday your memories will fade away..
Just like the heart in a bottle washed up down the shores way
Then I hope you don’t regret your choices someday
Running back to me ..because it will be too late..I won’t even let you say…

Do you know why.?..I would have to say
Because then I wanted to stay..
But you took my heart and walked away..
And you never for once loved me back thesame way..

But now I have found a new love
One who me.. adores ..who thinks an just a dove
I know he isn’t perfect..but he opens for me the door..
Into his heart…and that’s why I am sure..
I will forget you and I won’t  ever remember you anymore..

Goodbye my beloved.
The one that never stayed but was loved.
I wished you well.. even if though you never meant well..
But this is my farewell
And for today and forever..concerning us.. this is the end..



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