He woke up somewhat early..
Or should he say he didnt even have much sleep..

Sometime during the night he had found himself being awake..
The thought of wild feeling threatening  to consume him and the boner refusing to fall asleep.

He had cursed…and had thought to leave her side and sleep on the floor..
Just to escape the torture..
He didnt even know why he decided to stay by her side …and hold on to her…
But he also loved the feel of her..against him..and she felt so good..

Her skin was so soft..and her breathing relaxed.
He watched her sleep too…brushing her hair away from her face..
Tracing his hand over the line of her lips..
Resting at the nape of her neck…

He sighed.
And ran his fingers through his hair..and laid back on the bed..
Counting from one to hundred slowly..
When he got there..and nothing changed..

He continued from hundred to two hundred..
Then he began thinking about something..anything …anything other than the woman sleeping beside him that was literally causing his heaved breaths and hardness..

Slowly the time ticked away..
Every tiny move she made aroused him..just when he was trying to abate his feelings it rose again..

He chuckled.
And cursed at thesame time.
But he didnt let go of her….He rubbed her shoulders and her hands from up to down..when he felt a chill run through her and felt the goosebumps risen on her skin..

He took the covers that had found its way to the egde of the bed..pulling it up with his leg..and took it over their shoulders..and settled in ..trying to get some sleep…
That he did off and on..

By 6am he was up..
His shorts still bulged..
He decided to take a cold shower ..
He knew it would calm him down and clear his senses..
He didnt want her to wake up and see that he was hard all night and consider him a perv..

He looked at her over one last time..and saw that she still peacefully slept..
He thought of what he would give her for breakfast….
Then he rushed into the shower..
First things first.


I woke up to the smell of noodles and eggs..
And my mouth began to water..
I turned slowly. .
Remembering that there was a  certain male lying beside me.

How didnt I know when he woke up?
I checked the time..
It was a few minutes to 8am.

“Gosh I must have really slept peacefully”..I mused.

I am usually up by past 6am latest.
Maybe because I didn’t have a program class today..
Or maybe simply because I slept peacefully in strong arms..
I didnt know which..

I yawned lazily.
And ran my hand through my hair..
And parked it in a ponytail.

I yawned again..
“Gosh sometimes like this you just wish you always had a pair of toothbrush in your bag or a change of undies..”..I spoke to myself..

“But you only do that when you have a pre-plan of staying out and I didnt so go figure…”….I was talking back and forth myself.

While I had my bath I had washed my panties and hug it in his toilet.. I hooks it was dry by now.
I blushed when I realised he must have seen it..

“Why didn’t I remember to remove it or something??….I thought to myself..

I shook myself..its too late now anyways. ..I still blushed..

I got up from the bed..
And out of force of habit..
I mechanically found my hands making its way to straighten the bed..

I didnt know he had walked back into the room and was resting by the door staring at me with a smile on his face…
Watching me.

I finished and looked around turning slowly and tried to put everything out of place..back in place.
And looked up and turned to where he stood as I heard him clear his throat..

I straighten up..
“Am sorry I jus….”..I began to say but trailed off…

He just raised his hands  waving..  saying..
“Oh no…don’t let me stop you… I was actually enjoying the view.”..He winked

Walking towards me with somethings in his hand.
I recognised it was a toothbrush..a comb…. a short..and a fitted top.

“I didnt know what and what you needed but…”..He trailed off handing the items to me.

I smiled taking the items as he handed it to  me.
“I didnt know your size but…I figured you are a size 6 so…I hope it fits.”..He finished…walking away..

“Do you usually have such a good eye or this is one of those lucky guesses ?? !!… I asked his back…

He shrugged.

“Thank you!!…I shyly called out..

“Yeah Yeah. ..”..
He waves again behind him and disappeared into the kitchen..

I went into the bathroom to do justice to myself..



He smiled admirably when I got out..
Showerd and dressed in the top and shorts that suprisingly fitted.

I wondered if he was praising himself or how I looked in it.
I figured both.

I was indeed grateful for the thought.
He was quiet thoughtful for a guy..

“You look nice”…

“Thank you”…smiling.

I noticed he had breakfast set..and was waiting on me..

I slid into the chair he held out for me..

Muttering a “Thank you”.
He smiled.
“Does he ever say a you are welcome back? ..
I wondered but kept quiet.

While we silently ate and we spoke..
Well he spoke and I listened..
I was watching his mouth move more than the words he was saying..
But I managed to answer his questions.

He wanted to know about my family..
My hobbies and ofcos my fantasies..
I told him everything other than my fantasies..

I guess I was too shy..

I did tell him I had hoped to be a prim  ballerina at some point but that dream flew out of the window..

He laughed..
“I would have loved to see you dance though “…

“Well too bad buddy……not happening..”…* tongue out* forgetting.

“You have a nasty habit of tempting someone don’t you??   He leaned in as he said this..

I felt uncomfortable with his piercing stare..
I didnt get what he meant..
It took a few seconds before it dawned on me…
I shifted ….and muttered. .sheepishly


“Why do I feel like you aren’t the slightest bit sorry??…

I shrugged and buried my face in the mug I brought to my lips just then.

And muttered under my breath.

“Maybe because am not..”..

He nudged my feet under the table..

I laughed. He laughed with me and shook his head too. Watching me at the same time.
My phone rang..
Saved by the bell!!!


“Hain Babes….isn’t it time you start coming back??..

I looked at him before answering…
He got up and left me to my conversation..

” are you missing me??…I spoke back into the receiver..

Vicky laughed.

“It depends..
So what happened??
“Any juicy details.?..”…

She was fishing…but I docked like a fish away from the hook with worms and swarm far away…

“Curious much??…I tucked my feets under me..
And smiled.

Was he any good..?
Was it good?
Was it huge, moderate or lipstick -like?
C’mon stop being so secretive. ….i would tell you if it was me….”…

‘What was this…some guilty trick.”…I mused.

“Oh really now….will you?”..

She kept quiet.

“When are you coming home?..she asked instead.


“Well….now that am thinking about it..
Am really not in a hurry…but I guess soon..”…

Then I added.

“Don’t fret….”..
“Am in good hands..”..

She scoffed..

“Okay then. If you say so”..
I noted abit of jealousy in her tone…
I must have been wrong.

“See you in abit then”..

We said our goodbyes..

He came back just then..

I almost choked..
Did he hear her questions.

Well that would be totally impossible unless he got extra powers..
Besides the volume wasn’t loud..
Unless he had leaned in behind me for the duration of the conversation which I knew very well he wasn’t behind me.

So I relaxed..

“Er…what happened to us??”..my curiosity got the better of me..

“Well other than the fact that you lot are totally predictable..
What else?..

“What else what…??…still curious

“You want me to actually elaborate?
You answers actually told me everything”…

He had this mischievous glint in his eyes..
And then nodded when it dawned on me what he meant..

I blushed..
And closed my mouth just when it was begining to open…

“Oh you should see your face right now..
“I wasn’t sure before..
I was reaching and you fell for it..
So now I am undeniable right …and you just proved it”..

He muttered again with a knowing look.

I used the first thing that I could reach. .
And only blinked and took my hands to cover my


Escaping from my mouth when he exclaimed an…

Rubbing his head.

It was a project handout manual book he had by the side of the table..

“Oh dear am so sorry…”…I involuntarily reached out and rubbed his head..

He had suprise and then laughter in his eyes…
And then feigned hurt…exaggerating the pain..

“Oww Oww. ..”..He holds his head…

I felt somewhat quilty. ..
Maybe I shouldn’t have..

“Rebs is so mean”…He sobbed rubbing his head..
“It hurts”…when I rubbed it..
“Oww Oww. ..easy on a dude..”.

“Oh don’t be a cry..baby”
“I didnt hit you that hard”..

Atleast I hoped.
“Besides Sab was been a silly guy”…

He looked even more hurt..
And rubbed his head furiously..


Maybe it did hurt.

“Here lemme do that…were does it hurt the most..??”..I shifted my chair to take a closer look leaning in hoping I really didnt hurt him enough to  give him a slight bump

“If I look like qwasimotto but with a bump on my head not on my back tomorrow it’s your fault missy…”…He warned..

I ignored him..but smiled. .
“Does it hurt here or here..??….I removed his hand and replaced it with mine.

He was really a cry baby..

He moved his head from side to side..
“Yes here.”
No not there..
Yes here..A little more to there..
Okay down here…
No…oh oh okay here..”..

He had simply just moved his head around  and around, making me rub my hand around his face and the whole of his head.. in the processes brushing his lips to the inside of my palms and wrists…

“You are just being completely silly you know right…
It doesn’t seem you are hurt..plus I didnt hit you everywhere..
Just here..”…I touched the spot..
And saw him visibly wince..

“Oh am sorry…”..
I muttered. Now visibly worried. He did hurt.

“Stupid rebs”!!…my MiniMes spoke up.
I wondered where they have been…all so quiet. I didnt miss them.

“Shut up!!”.I didnt mean too”… I retorted back in my mind..

“Oh dear”…what can I do?
…have you got any ice or something…to help …else you would probably have a lil bump..

‘Am really sorry Sabastain “….I pleaded..worry spreading across my forehead greasing my face..

He looked at me..
We were just a few breaths away now..
I hadn’t noticed..

“Well you could do just one tiny little thing..”..
He said..bending his head to the side to look directly into my eyes..

“What I asked?
“Tell me..anything!!”..

“You could just kiss my head and the pain would go away”… He tapped his jaw with his fingers..

“Just that???”…I asked laughing. ..
Perfectly harmless..

“And your pain will stop?”…

He pretended being penseive..deep in thought.

“Well am no doctor …but I am also  aware that if you really and trully believe  …anything is possible. ..

“So yes…The pain will stop”..He concluded.
Seeming satisfied with his theory.

Well even if I had hoped for a completely different ask.
This would suffice..

“Okay!!”..I said leaning in and quickly brush his head with a kiss.

Feeling happy with myself. .
But he was frowning..

“What now?…

“Well I dunno…it seemed to have increased..
Maybe because you were too quick..thus..causing more harm than good..”…He was massaging his head..

“Yep still there!!!

“Ok so……?
Am to do it again?….curious

“Er Durh obviously yeah!!!…He replied acting uninterested…

I resigned myself.


“Easy now….I don’t want any bruises this time….

I rolled my eyes..

“Just shut up and come here..”..
I pulled his face towards me and bent his head and slowly kisses the spot..

I could feel him smiling.
Afterall i had his face in my hands..
For some reason…He raised his hands to his face and covered my hands with his and slowly raised up his head..

I searched his eyes..
He was smiling and whenever the smiles touched his eyes..it became bluer..
Sucking and pulling me in..

“See…that wasn’t half bad…I don’t feel a thing…Other than……” he trailed off…still smiling though..

My heart caught in my chest..
“Other than what??….more like in a wisper..

“This…”…He had moved my right hand away from his face and took it down resting on his chest..

I could literally feel his heartbeat that sounded like drums threatening to burst through. ..

And he never took his eyes off my eyes..still searching. ..more like waiting..for permission of some sort.
And we were just breaths away..

My hand still on his beating chest..
My other hand with his resting on the side of his face..
Eyes locked..
Blue sea against shimmering dark gold..
I subconsciously licked my lips and didn’t realise I ended up biting one of the corners..
force of habit..

But that was his undoing…
The last thing I heard before he closed the breaths of distance between us was..

…him swearing. .

My knees grew weak immediately his lips met mine..
Flesh against flesh..
And I opened up for him to savour the taste of my lips as he nudged it open with his lips and tongue..
Dulling my senses..
Rendering me without reason..

Eyes closed on both sides..his hand leaving mine at the side of his face and placing a finger under my chin lifting my face up to steady me while his other hand squeezed mine close to his beating heart..
I literally felt butterflies dancing in my tummy and realised the loud drums I was hearing wasn’t just his heart beating..but mine as well..as it did summersaults and backflips.

Sebastian was right..
Her lips did taste like sweetened honey with sprinkled sugar on top. .
And he couldnt tear his lips from hers..

He kept kissing her and kissing her untill they were both out of breaths…

And when they did…they just stared at each other…
Fighting the urge to complete  what they just started..

To be continued..



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