The Promise!!



He looked into my eyes..
Oblivious of the crowded room
Not perturbed by the robed man standing not too far off..
Not concerned that all eyes were on us..
Today all that mattered was me..

Today all he saw was me..
My smiles and the sparkle in my eyes as I looked up back at him..
He had always knowned his world revolved around me..
Today he was proving it to the world..
Today he was making me his..
But yet he saw no one else but me..
Despite the sounds and souls in that same crowded room..

Memory flashed before his eyes..
Our paths he reminisced…how we got this far..

It wasn’t long ago…a few years or so..
He walked by the coffee shop..only to be swept off his feet by the most amazing smile..
Which wasn’t directed at him but got him captivated he couldnt move his feet..

And for a few minutes he stood there..
Forgetting why he was even here..
And instead of walking away when he finally found his breath..
He walks into the coffee shop..
Ordering a coffee he never wanted..
Only to talk to a girl he had never met..
Just so she could smile to him just thesame way she did that nearly stopped his heart and made it melt..

I must have thought he was crazy..
But i also thought he was cute..
Abit silly but courageous too..

We spoke for hours..
I didnt have plans..
But he cleared his own rush hours..

I had to ask him if he stopped to talk to strange girls every now and then.
He laughed..just like a little boy…touching my heart..i then realised just then the clock stopped.

Of course he said no.
Did I believe him?
Ofcourse no.
But it didn’t stop me from liking him nevertheless. ..
And talking to him felt so natural like we had been friends long before today..

He taught he was simply infatuated..but he couldnt stop his beating heart ..
Barely weeks knowing her. .
He thought about her every now and then..
He often found himself dreaming about her..
He often also misses her when she just left just a few minutes ago..

And so everyday, every single time he could make..
He made sure he spent with her..
It didnt matter if she didn’t say a word or simply smiled..
He just wanted to see her and knowing she was close by. .
And with that he was okay and would dare to face the world..

I remember it so clearly..
It was a cold summer night..
Just before he bade me goodnight. .
As he stood looking into my eyes..
And I looked back completely mesmerised..
He said he wanted to make me his..
To be his lady…his woman..his lover and friend..
I smiled and of course said yes..
Just before his lashes covered mine..

He was amazing..
He made me laugh and made me weak..
We weren’t perfect we both had our faults and weakness..
But we looked  beyond our imperfections and simply loved the view
Despite our ups and downs ..We were still going on smooth..

A year or two later..
He knew he couldnt possibly leave a day without her..
She had been the sunshine and rain in his life..
More than his woman, his lover ..more than his friend..she was his life and hell would have to break loose before he would ever let go of her..

And so on one calm night..
While she least expect any suprises..
While he fed her her dinner and watched her sing her favourite song and laughed over her funny dance moves..

When she leaned in for a kiss
He instead went on his knees
Baring her a gift…seeing the tears in her eyes…He knew he was pleased..
And the words of acceptance that came out of her mouth..when he told her he was hoping to make her completely his..was all he needed to hear was “Yes”..which she did agree and that was pure bliss..

So today he looked at her..
In all beauty and she was all his..
And to the world …This was just a public release…

Then he opened his mouth.
Pouring the words from his heart..

“From the first day I saw you..
Your smiles brought me..but your heart kept me..
It wasn’t just because you were beautiful…but your soul was undeniably beautiful..because it radiated and poured out of you washing and leaving me breathless. .

It wasn’t just because you said you loved me when I was incapable of love..
It was because I realised that I never knew I could never leave without another person until I met you..

You were my anchor in those dark nights.
You were my flashlight when the tunnel seemed all but bleak..
You were my smiles when I felt weak..
You were my safe haven when all i wanted to do was hide.

You never looked down on me.
You spoke , encouraged and lifted me up.
You were there when no one ever was..
You never left me not even when I  threw all my tantrums.

I used to wonder just how you did it..
But now I know you are my superwoman..

I love you not just because of this things..
I love you because of who you are and simply because you are amazing and a beautiful soul..

So today..I promise you..
To love and cherish you..
In sickness and in health..
It doesn’t matter if you are old and frail and all your hair has turned white and has begun to fall..

I will love and uphold you..
Even if you are down and hate my guts..
I will never leave you.

I will love you in your happiness and in your sadness. .
I will provide and protect you even if it means sacrificing my all and giving up my limbs..

I will love and be there for you..
Even if you aren’t there for yourself..
Because you have been there for me..

I will love you..and love them that we lovingly make and bring to the world..
I hope they have your eyes., your lovely smiles and big heart …and I hope they love me too..

I will love you till death do us part..
I pray we sleep in each other’s arms..even till the last hour…

I love you, tomorrow , always and forever..
I will surely be thankful to the God who made me walk by that coffee shop to be swept away by an angel with the most earth shattering smile..
Because on that same day she stole my heart and I didnt care because one day…I knew we would be standing here and we would be exchanging our vows…

I will love you always..
This I promise….”

He slowly wipes the tear that had silently leaked from my eyes with the tips of his finger..

When the robed man had finished his words and did sign of the cross..
Pronouncing them to the world ..
To the cheers of the crowd in that same crowded room…
Giving him the go ahead to seal the deal with a kiss..

While she had the most amazing smile on..
He leaned in..
Sweeping her off her feet..
spinning her around…
Before he slowly comes to a halt..and his lashes covering mine….
And I knew…from today and always.
He would remain my one and only..
My all..and he had everything plus my undying love.

I will always remember those few must have not being much..
But to me it was it meant the world..
And my most favourite part was..

“I will love you always..
This I promise..”..♡♡♡♡♡♡



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