Chidinma was barely sixteen when she began to notice the boys provocatively eyeing her..
Like she was a cherry waiting to be popped.
As though she was a ripe mango waiting to be licked..
Or she was more like some sweet fruit hoping to be sucked dry from its nutrients..

Well that’s the way she felt..Everytime she passed by the boys hostel on her way to the school’s cathedral for evening mass.

Well she knew why..
She thinks..
She had reached puberty early..and had began to show her womanly features abit too soon..
She was the envy of most girls..
And the desire of every boy..

But she wasn’t interested in these things.
She was raised in a good christain home..
Having vain and sexual desires was a no-no in her books..
Well according to the bible. .

Her mother had told her.
No her mother had profusely drawn her ears until it hurt..

Study must be top most.
Books and bible and motivational books are only reads..
Friends. .well…fellow bible students ..
Movies…christain movies ofcos..
Not those nigerian flicks that screams promiscuity and what not..
Or those foreign movies that nudity was more a clothing than nothing..

Her life was school, church, home, chores, books and the circle begins all over again..

You might think her life is boring .
Well she thinks so too.
She so wants to break free but obedience and sense of duty kept her put.

She so wants to hang with friends and go for parties, drink and maybe kiss a few boys and break a heart or two..and Maybe, just maybe “roll under the sheets”…the way she heard those nasty girls fondly say when talking about the “Do” with a boy..
But her religious beliefs kept her grounded.

She sighed.
Her life was boring alright but she didn’t half mind.
She knew her mother meant well..

“Nothing good comes out of all these..”..she said.
“You will end up damaged and ruined before you know it…and maybe the scar might run too deep sometimes it might be too late to come out of the water choking you.”
“Its better to be safe than sorry”…she would continue to say..
“Not because I don’t want you to enjoy the moments of life..
But only that you enjoy them when you are ment to…not before..but when”…and she would walk away after delving out a wise saying.

Chidinma knew her mother meant well..so she listened.
Or did she?

To be continued. ..



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