#Sunset. ..Part 9.


Xoxoxoxox. .

His mood became reasonably lighter as the days passed.

He went back to working his shop
He went back to running with buck..
He got back to settling back into his life..
After all, he dodged a bullet more like..
He was thankful every day that lil bran was fine and better.

He went to the hospital everyday till he got discharged..
Bought him those things lil boys his age loved.
He became some sort of celebrity in the children’s ward..
All the kids were always jumpy and excited whenever he came..
Most of the nurses smiled too much and clinged to him a lil too much..

Strangest thing.
He wasnt abit interested.
He was just worried about the boy
And now he was well and back home..
He felt  better.
He dropped in every now and then to say helo. ..
He liked the little chap..
He Has so much life and energy.
For his age it’s to be expected..

But one thing nagged at the back of his mind..
He couldnt place a finger on it yet though.

His friend always insisted on tagging along with him every single time..
He didnt quit get it why Damon didnt want to give up his chase of the Good Doc.

She put him down easy..
And despite his other advances..
The woman didnt give a rat’s ass..

He always laughed and felt sorry for his friend every time she had to shut the door on his face and he left with his heart in his hands..

“Dude give it up already…the chick just don’t dig you….how many times are you gonna get a “No” before you really actually understand she isn’t the slightest bit interested….ah mean C’mon? ……..Sam had asked him one time..

“Maybe she is just playing hard to get you know”….Damon said…trying to convince sam or more to himself. ..

Sam shook his head laughing while sipping on a beer ..they were outside on his front porch while buck was sprawled at his feet as though he was inputting into their conversation or just lending a listening ear..

It was a cool evening..
A Friday night..
Country folk music playing not so far off in  the Jim’s lounge not so far off either..they were having a gig tonight so the place was in an uproar..
He hadn’t felt like going out tonight to mingle..

Damon had reluctantly stayed back to relax..as he said..

“Well maybe she ain’t into guys like you…maybe am more her type…”…sam was teasing..but Damon wasn’t deterred..

“You wish…look.
Am cuter, smarter and a broker …who woundnt dig a handsome chap like me?

“No. Am more handsome. More well built..I work out some..I got the abs to prove it plus…am a man who can hold down his forth..”  Sam continued his interjection..

“Believe it that woman actually like those men who can get on their knees and be dirty and still come out looking hot. I got that covered.

‘I don’t throw myself at them. They come at me out of their own volution..

“And to top it up…am awesome. They just love me…and I really can’t allow you compete with my awesomeness. ..you are my son…Son”…He brushes his knuckles to Damon ‘ s jaw..

Damon hits his hand away removing his face from the impact..

“Hahaha. ..very funny. I feel sorry for you.
If you believe what you say how come she ain’t drolling after you already and begging for your awesomeness just yet. ..

“Because. ……”…He trailed.

“Because what Sammy boy?
“You scared she gonna drop you harder than me?.

Now Damon was laughing because he knew he hit a cord..

“Well because…am simply not interested ….in those sorts..”..
He tried to reassure himself..

“What sort is she..
Please care to elaborate..”…Damon now his confidence is up and running and is a tad bit curious

“Let’s see..
To serious..
I bet she has no life going for her and probably got an older equally stuck up fiance at home eating mac and cheese..

“She wasn’t wearing a band so…”..
” but carry on…”..
Damon urged his friend..

“She has too much light in her eyes when she smiles…at the kids and too much worry..and her forehead gets greased from worry and too much concerntration. ..

“Which means that..
She is a hopeless romantic and also an emotional baggage…

“Oh really now?….Damon was visibly intrigued..

Plus to top it up..
She doesn’t have much fun going for her..
Always wearing glasses..
Hair up in a ponytail..
The only flesh you see off her is her arms and after her knee which disappears into her shoes..

“Which implies…I  can bet cash on that…that..She is more an introvert than extrovert..
She doesn’t take out time to really have fun..have a crazy night out and she ain’t spontaneous. ..
She isn’t a crazy-wild-and-free sort of woman..
And I bet also she has few friends and doesn’t let people come too close…and keeps them at arms length. .

“Stuck up, emotional baggage and beautiful if she takes off those glasses and pour down that hair…sort of …but she is a good doctor and knows her stuff..”..

Now he was done…
He looks at his friend who just had a stupid smile plastered on his face…


“Well…”…Damon was trying hard not to laugh”…it seems Sammy here was doing more than paying attention to little bran…He was assessing the lady doctor. …

Sammy laughed disbelieving. …
“Don’t be a crack head. ..its common sense deducing..

“No it isn’t. ..”…”It seemed you were actually checking her out and came up with things to cover up the fact that you find her attractive too but giving yourself reasons  not to throw yourself at her because you are a coward and a chicken and you don’t want to be rejected thesame way like me…….

“Am I relatively close”??.
Damon ofcos knew he hit it right on the nail..but he also knew Sammy woundnt ever admit that fact but being him…He said it anyways…just to watch sam try to wriggle out of the truth..

“Dude you talking trash.
“Whatever. …
“Am not interested else ama have her eating out of my arms and in my bed in no time….but nope.
She ain’t my type. .”…He said more to reassure himself than to reassure Damon .

“Huhum”..Damon nods bringing the beer to his lips…and eyeing Sammy from the corner of his eyes.

“I hear you.
“Don’t worry you ain’t breaking no guy-code aii….
“I admit and accept defeat…she prally don’t gig me..
Am too awesome for her…
I think my awesomeness blinds her..

“So you can try your luck…
You obviously dig her..
You got her all assessed.” .

He laughed..as he continued to talk..
“Btw!! When the Fxxk did you have the time to do that?
“Bad ass dude…

“So…  am permitting you for the mission…even if I know you gonna get smacked and dropped on your face hard….it still would be fun to watch you get a big No to go with Bucks big ass…

The dog raised his head as though concurring. .

The both laughed..into the night.


Nights latter Sammy pounded on what Damon said..

Was it true he found her a little bit attractive..?
He wasnt sure..

She was pretty and all that but he was right about the things he said about her..
He thinks..

But if he were to try. ..He knew he could get her …and they both be rolling in the sheets in no time..
He was sure of it.
So he thought he was sure..
Besides she never looks his way..

As though he doesn’t exist.
She ofcos acknowledges his presence all right when he had to find out if there were anything more with little bran,
Or to take about clearing of the bill..
Or just a friendly hello and how are you doing.

But other than that..
That was it..
She had this cool aloof presence looming over her..
Like she literally don’t have time for mingling and chitchat. ..
He really didnt think she was his type..

Or he was trying to convince himself so..
But why doesn’t she acknowledged him as a man..

A fine man for that matter that had all the nurses gushing and blushing all over him….throwing themselves at him. .
Everyone but her.
That was a tad bit strange wasn’t it?

He shook the thoughts of the Doctor from his mind and focused on other things..

Other women..
They were much easily..
Less stressful and he didn’t have to think alot to get them in bed..
He just had to smile and compliment them..and they were eating out of the palm of his hands..
And he loved it..



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