#DarkSide. .5


Xoxoxox. ..

“Maggie seems exceptionally airy and breezy this morning don’t you think vicky”…she asked her fellow colleague who just laughed and concurred…

“Oh yeah!!
“She does seem so…
“Very smilly and blushing at every second she has a chance..After staring into blind space….
“I wonder what is up her ass..'”..Tonia replied.

Ofcourse they weren’t hush-hush about it because I was just behind them while they “supposedly had a conspiratory talk behind my back”..

But it wasn’t behind my back it was just supposed to look like that when it actually wasn’t. .
When it was just a way to let me know..
“Girl we smell a rat…so spill fast”..

I whistled instead and bustled round the shop attending to customers.

Of course my smile was wider and my Hello was hyper…

‘Wow Maggie. ..you look absolutely ravishing this morning…what’s the secret”…?

Mr pipwick down the barber’s shop told me while he came to get “another scarf “for his mother.
It was the 6th one this week…

I had a feeling he either had too any women friends he tends to gift gifts to or…his mother wore too many scarfs…
But what would she do with all the  scarfs if he keeps at it.?.

“Oh well Mr Pip!!..its just a super amazing day today….nothing unusual from my other day to day moods”.
.I told him while i wrapped  his scarf and put it in a gift bag..

“No..today you look different…like …like…”…He was thinking…or stalling…

“Like she got massive blow this weekend and the image just keeps playing over and over in her mind…it would be a wonder if she ain’t dripping honey through her thighs….”..

Vicky muttered under her breath for I and tonia ears only because they were side by side to me now…..

I gasped and turned pink..

I quickly gave Mr Pipwick his change and excorted him to the exit…
Cutting him off from whatever he was still trying to think.

I think I would have wished for the ground if anything like “like you have just been sexed “…came out of his mouth..

I turned back and saw the stupid gurls laughing…

I shook my head…
Walking away…not angry but with a smile on my face…

“Oh they are just dying of curiousity”…I mused…”…just a lil more gurls. ..you are gonna wish you met him instead..

They followed me around all day…like bees hovering over honey..
But I was tight lipped..

After closing hours and then ofcos…
We went out for drinks at the bar next Charles resturant so we could hear the new play in town..

And as I imagined…
They both were literally biting their lips and squeezing their legs tight….and I was glad when tonia opened her mouth for the better part of five minutes with words saying…”Did he really do that…..oh Crap. Am officially making that good for nothing dude of yesterday be a good for something sex god. Why haven’t I ever had that done to me?..

She asked to no one in particular  and then to me..
“Was he that good”…

Mischievous glint made my eyes sparkle..
“He was fxxkingtastic”..

They both laughed at my choice of mixing words..

“What do you know”..
Vicky was saying ..in appraisal. .

“Lil Maggie went back into the sack with a bang”..
“No regrets?

“Hell No!!!

We chatted some more and even danced to the offbeat to the drummer’s beats and then went home…

Xoxoxox. .

He came every now and then..
We have been going steading for a couple of days now..

About 6 days…8 hours…55 minutes
And 34 seconds.

I was counting.

He was coming to spend the weekend in my house tonight.
I had everything prepared.

I often wondered why he didn’t want to take me home..

“Soon babe”..
While he was taking a dump in the toilet.
I left him to his manly business.

Besides he called me “babe”..
Which means he fancies me a bit more..

I was too content with that to concern myself with going to his apartment.

I didnt wanna rush things..
So I would wait..

I busied myself with making dinner..


I heard the sound before I woke up..
Or rather I noticed the change of sound in my house…or has it been like that for awhile. I wasn’t sure.

The sound was coming from the living room.

Bob wasn’t beside me.

“Oh right. .He must have fallen asleep on the couch in the living room watching sports..”..
“Men and their sports…its like their own personal mistress..you cant get rid of it even if you wanted too”..

I shook my head.

I got up..putting on my robe and went to the living room.

The TV was on.

The sound sort of deafening..
I picked up the remote and muted the TV. .

But Bob wasn’t there as I suspected..


No answer..

“Bob where are you?”..
“Don’t tell me you are hungry by this ungodly hour??”..

I called out..as I heaed him in the kitchen..

“Huhum. ..oh I am”…

Something was odd but I couldnt place it..

Ok. Good. He was in the kitchen.

I yawned..
I was so tired I realised..
I changed my mind about going to join him in the kitchen..

“Well…do and come back to bed okay..
Am going back to sleep…you know the bed feels empty without you”…?..

I walked to the room as I heard him say a faint “Ok babe”.

I smiled.

I noticed a glass of half empty juice..
I figured he was sipping it while he enjoyed the sports..

I gulped down the remaining..and left for the room..

I hadn’t turned on the light when I got up so the room was dimly lit.

I plunged myself back on the bed lying on my face…

He came in 30 minutes later..
And headed straight to the bathroom..

Okay. To empty his bowels..I assumed.
Then the shower came on…

I wondered why he was going to shower..again tonight..

But I was too lazy to ask or even turn around..
I wanted to but I didn’t understand why I suddenly felt really tired and weak..

Not too weak to move  but I was too lazy to try..
But I also felt tingly all over..
Like I was starved for days..
I couldnt sleep.
I couldnt exactly move but I could move..
And I was somewhat horny..
I try to shrug it off..
It remained…so I closed my eyes and willed the sleep to come..

He came out at about an hour later or so..
I felt the  bed dip in when he climbed ontop. .

I also felt his wet lips on my body..
I felt tired to tell him to stop..
I also felt good and willed him to continue..
It was like my body was acting on its own..

Before long I was naked..
The room was dark but my vision was blurred..
And he was doing all kinds of things to me with his tongue..

Something was different about bob..
I wanted to ask what was but ..my head was too tired to form the words to make my mouth move enough to say it..

He seemed content to do all the work..
His kisses wasn’t gentle as before. .
I wondered why the urgency was there…

His hands were abit rough..
But that was strange..
His hands had always been soft I often joked about him being too soft to do any heavy machinery work..

But i was too tired and horny to care..
While he aggressively entered and made love to me..
Something kept nagging at the back of my mind and I didnt know what..

I gave it up to him..
Every thrust I winced in pain but I wanted more..
Every bite to my skin I groaned but didn’t want him to stop..
Every suckle on my nipples I moaned and pushed his head down to savour it more..

It was strangely different but wildly good..
I didnt understand why I couldn’t see his face..
I didnt understand while his breath smelled differently or his abs seemed oddly misplaced ..
But I still accepted him and allowed him  rise me to the climax that shattered both of us out of our very core..

Causing him to slum back on my body..
While I weakly rubbed his back..
Feeling the ache of where he had been..
I noticed another strange thing…He snored..

But I was too tired and worn out and completely bruised…

“maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me…”..

“Tomorrow I will be bright and he would probably laugh at my ridiculousness if I tell him of all the strange things I was feeling around him…tonight..”..

“And he should take it slower next time…”…I realised I was hurting..virtually everywhere..
“It felt oddly strange…as though it wasn’t him”..

I mentally shook the thoughts from my head..

“Now Maggie you are being utterly absurd….”..I had to tell myself.

I turned and yawned and then sleep came..



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