I almost topled over the drinks as  i tried to slip through the impending crowd.

It was a staff day out and of all places they decided to hang out in a club…with loud music and skimpily dressed girls and boys who tried to grab a female’s behind every chance they got and the host of sweaty smelly bodies all in one room and ofcos the smell of booze and then of cigarettes. .

I felt nauseated.

“Whatever happened to a picnic down at  the hyde park or a decent bar off park’s street…or or even a karaoke bar….I love music…”…I sobbed

And ofcos everyone called me a bore and such a dove..

And quite frankly I didnt see the connection but hey…
“Was i? ??

I was Lucky to be home at about 12pm..
I couldnt skip because everyone was gonna be there..

Well except the bosses who probably had a decent hangout in a decent environment and probably had decent fun and plus the married decent workers who also had the decency to stay away..

It was supposed to be a two days activity..

Tomorrow was the Broadway fashion house…and we all got passes …
Well we were designers “somewhat”…

Which means everyone who is anyone in a fashion company would be there if your company could pull their own weight and get you a pass..
Apparently ours was..

I was excited about it.

I get to see first hand and not from tv or magazine works of the best top designers and their designs as they showcase their clothing line and designs…

And what’s more..
Having new work top models wearing them and walking the Broadway. .

But what’s more intriguing is that New Yorks rich elites had their kids on it..

“I mean  am talking about the hottest, finest, rich bad/good bachelor  boys and spinsters wearing the most beautiful design on the surface of the earth..”…Lisa said.

I bet she exaggerated just a lil bit…but the joy in her face seemed genuine.

“Just imagine. .!!!.
“A room filled with celebrities, hot beautiful guys and the rich”..
.”Oh I can’t wait”…

“Its gonna be super packed and fun”…
“The anticipation is killing me”….she was partdrolling.

“Er don’t you already have luke..what’s the excitement of wanting another man??”

“Well luke is great and all…but some rich handsome guy with an equally awesome body is just an icing on the cake and I wouldn’t mind that at all…”..she winked.

I shook my head..

“But how come we get to get into such a fancy event anyways…”…i was curious anyways..i mean who wouldn’t. ?

“Well dude …you realise who you working for?
“Z.designs & C.line fashion Company ”  has friends in high places…
“Made friends with top elite people and what’s more…
“Designed  beautiful works for actors and models alike …..plus she is high class…

“Need I say anymore..???

I got the picture so I shook my head..

“I wonder if we are going to get a chance to sit with them and be able mingle??…she was wondering now….and asking no one in particular..I had no answer to that so I wondered with her..

“Well according to the sitting formation. .you would be sitting with other interns from other fashion houses…

“You definitely aren’t getting up close and personal with those celebrities and the rich and famous…

“But I am!!… the voice had all of venom and that of pure joy.

We turned around to find the owner of the voice..

It was sherry..

She was the most obnoxious, annoying, jealous little brat.

And she ofcos was rich…
I wondered why she needed to be so mean all the time.

She was in charge of the fashion intern department. ..
And all she knew how to do was look pretty…make calls all day and bitch about what she has and planning to have..

And make intern’s life miserable.
And she apparently got whatever she wanted.

She didn’t know firsthand what it takes to be a designer..
All she knew how to do was. .

Always be the first to try on the dresses..
Be the one choosen to be at every event, show or celebrity face..
Be pretty..all the time and had an expensive aura about that..

Infact she wasn’t any important use to the company other than look fabulous…flaunt her assets to male customers and make them eat out of her palms..

Plus her father gave an helping hand to the Boss lady while she was up and coming..was a big help, and this was how she was repaying a debt..by hiring his brat and give her a good position..but all she knew how to do was be an ass.

Well..one could say she was important.
And she only took the job because she wanted to be close with the elite and celebs …

“Maybe land herself a rich and famous beau”…

We heard her chitchat with her equally obnoxious friends…while they breezed through on their way to another event.

According to the boss..
‘As long as she brings in the dogs..
We could allow her break a few hearts around here”…she told someone over the phone..

Well that means she gets a free pass for being a bitch.

Lisa threw daggers from her eyes..

“Oh don’t be heart broken liz dear…I would make sure to put in a good word for you..”

While she walked away..

“So you get to clean up after me…”

Her laughter could be heard down the hall.

“Oh I wish…I so wish I could break her tiny neck and feed her remains to the vultures. ..can I please”?..
Lisa begged me..

“Yeah..then I become an accomplish to what I didnt consent to just for the mere fact of being your friend…no way…”..I laughed shaking my head..

I removed my glasses and rubbed my eyes. I seemed to be aching..

“But we could pay someone else to do it!!!”….
The smile that broke out of list’s face was epic..

“Oh bella…have I told you how I love how your mind works..??.
“Absolutely am wickedly divine…I must say..”…

She wrung her hand around my neck and we continued to talk as we walked out..


I got to the location at about 5:45..
Lisa and luck had been there an hour earlier..
I wasn’t to blame..
I still had trouble mapping out the whole area..

It’s been like 6 month already..
I wasn’t slow..
I just had trouble with signpost..

Plus I noticed I didnt find my favourite necklace..

I didnt remember where I kept it nor when I wore it last or if I gave it out..
I felt sad for losing but I didn’t know where to look..

I drove in and found no space to park..
Silly me..
Should have taken liz advice and been here earlier I won’t be facing this delima..

I had to park afar off and walk down back..
Forcing my way thru the card that already caused a stampede at the entrance trying to catch who was who befor they entered..

Red carpet was by six..
I finally with all the strength in me pushed my way through to the entrance and waved my pass at the securities..and I got let in..
Not without some hissing and murmuring from the crowd..
I smiled. .

The hall was fulled packed..
I found the ‘L’s. Already seated…at the middle ..and other interns as well..
Glad they saved me a seat..

“I picked the best spot..so we can see the cream de la’cremes coming in…and maybe we could smile and catch a wink eh belle?”…

I nodded my thanks..

She sassahyed before us…shaking her tush and her pumped up chest showing too much cleavage and equally tight dress..

She took her seat right next to the celebrity stance…and winked at us..

We ignored her..but she didn’t. .she smiled wickedly..

Z.designs & C.line fashion Company Ceo walked in with her husband and took a seat right beside her and they exchanged pleasantries..

Other fashion houses and their CEOS came in talking their seats with an equally over excited girl or guy beside them…

Then the uproar began..
The screams and cheers and they began to walk in one by one..
The noise outside was deafening..

The new houses and camera men and photographers tool their cue and swamped the people coming in…

Flashes of light. .The click click of the camera and the excited cries of girls gushing…

The drama queen was equally in attendance..He began to fan himself..

“Oh I could just die…how magnificently beautiful can a man be”…He gushed..

I felt disgusted..
Luke shooed him away…
He really didnt like him close to him either..

I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket.
It was my mum.
I had to look for a quiet place..
I made my way through. ..and left for the ladies..

I didnt noticed when he strolled in…wearing a cab and a muffler..
Jeans and a suit…and with a dazzling smile..

Looking different but breathtakingly handsome..

By the time I was back..
Everyone was seated and the show had begun…


I was taking notes..
I was clicking my camera.
I was creating Ideas in my head..
And I was feeling totally overwhelmed..
So much creativity..
So much beautiful models..

And I never imagined to see males in their briefs merely few feets from me..
I was hot all over..
Lisa was partly drooling and Luke wasn’t liking it one bit.
She promised to make it up to him how ever he wanted it.
He began to smile
I wondered what she ment.

I didnt hear his name..
I didnt see him model in..
I was engrossed in something I couldnt remember. .
I heard the sharp intake of breaths..
I heard the girls scream..
Then I looked up..

He was absolutely georgeous.
His built was magnificent. .
He wasnt extremely tall or extremely big..on the abs..
He was just perfect and had a body of a Greek god..
And he seemed to be everyone’s fantasy. .

Strangely he looked oddly familiar. .
Like I had seen him somewhere before..
Those blue eyes..
They seemed to taunt me for no reason..
And like everyone i was staring..
Like everyone or maybe just me..
I was blushing..
Like I imagine him being close to me..
Or those hands..holding me or they have held me before. .
I couldnt tell which was which..

But I wasn’t the only one ..
While mostly half of the room filled with women thought off more X rated scenes with him..
Another also wanted to have be claws deep inside of him..
Like she just mentally marked him..For her delight…
Her eyes sparkled..

He knew the effect he had on them..
He knew it all too well…
While he walked the Broadway and got all the cheers he needed..
He usually didnt scan the crowd..
Before long they would feel his dressing room..

He wasnt just only rich..
He was the most sought after bachelor in town..
And he already gained the bad boy popularity  ..
He dated celebrities and actors..
He never went past two months..
He never liked to be tied down..

He was handsome..
Had a perfect body..
He always knew how to make them coming back..
He knew he was every girls fantasy and he loved it..
So why settle for one when be could have them all…

While his eyes scanned through the crowd quickly..
His gaze went back to someone he thought he knew..
Or had seen before..

The girl with the geeky look..
Hair in a bun..
That look of puzzlement…
Feeling misplaced or out of place..

He bad seen her before..
And he still carried her necklace in his bag..
He never knew why he kept it..
He didnt think he would  ever meet her again..
He forgot all about her after then..

She never crossed his mind untill now..
He smiled..

“Time to make a new friend” he muttered to himself..as he ended his Broadway walk..disappearing behind the curtains and away from prying eyes..



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