Doesn’t make sense…



Over the past couple of weeks I have seen some disturbing articles..
About deaths, .about incidents and about anything what telling.

But what is more disturbing is our reaction to these things.

Gone are the days that the first time we come in contact with someone who is dying, or being chased or punished..
Or we are in a mist of what’s supposed to go down.
We have some certain compassionate feeling towards them or the act..

People just tend to stand by and watch the events unfold with glee and utter anticipation and what’s worse..
We tend to get first hand story …in our phones and then Internet it.

Not because we want it to reach the right authorities but because we want to be the first to Instagram it, Facebook or tweet it and be the actual one on the scene..
And I wonder if we don’t see anything utterly wrong with our reactions to these..

I read stories that’s are gruesome and heart wenching as crowd giving jungle justice to another human.
I for one think matters shouldn’t be taken into our hands…
Hand him or her to the appropriate authorities and let them handle it.

Instead they fetch the tyres and kerosene and light the match stick..
All the while the crowd is cheering and the culprit is begging for mercies and everyone takes out their phone and even dare to video it and take pictures and share as though they are the saints.
It’s just sad.

I for one believe no matter their crimes. They deserve a fair hearing and be convicted accordingly.
Taking another’s life isn’t something one should be proud of..

Isn’t something one happily posts on the social media to get 20 thousand likes and Instagram to get a billion followers..

I wonder how they are able to sleep at night..those jungle justice people.
I came to the conclusion that they don’t have a heart.

But what about those stand by-ers. Don’t they feel it just a little?
It’s disheartening and scary..
What our generation is turning into.

You don’t see people trying to help each other from their bad situation.
You instead see people feeding off your predicament.

You don’t see people rushing to call the hospital and police incase of an accident..
You infact see them rushing to the scenes and then taking selfies while lives slowly ebbs away.

You don’t see people trying to intervene when a woman is dragged out and beaten naked..
You instead see them find satisfaction and even join in just so that they can also have a feel or two of her assets and not to forget…she would be in the Internet in no time..

You don’t see people trying to curb the rate of violence. .
Instead you see people instigating it.

Gone are the days people actually cared for one another..
Cared for another life ,another health another Living thing..Other than animals for pets..

Their willingness to help is being replaced by technology and the urge to be the first to break such  disheartening putting it on every social network available .
It’s just pure wrong.

Where is the love?
Where is the compassion?
Where is the urge to save , to help, to be your brother’s keepers?

Don’t get me wrong?
Am not condoning criminal acts or devious activities. .
I somehow might have prayed people who cause harm to others should equally befall harm..
But it’s just a thought it doesn’t mean I actually would do evil to them..

I actually do take these words seriously..” Two wrongs don’t make a right”
“Don’t pay evil for evil”..
“Vengeance is for the Lord”..

Am not being religious…
Am just plainly stating..
“Give Honour to whom honour is due”..

In other words..there are authorities and securities incharge of protecting citizens. ..

Let them handle the wayward and the criminals..
They would make sure they have fair justice..

But how do we live  with ourselves…
When because someone burn him to death.
You strip her naked and touch her..and curse her to trot for you..
Someone is fighting for his or her life you rather take out your phone and make sure you get a good picture..
Children starving..its just a story for you…

Don’t we have a heart?
It doesn’t make sense..

Do you know what’s the saddest thing..
You must have done much worse..
Your were never caught.
So don’t paint yourself as gooddy-two-shoes and a saint.

“Let He who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Stop the jungle justice.
Stop the killings and manhandling.
Stop the ridicule.
Stop replacing fun for life.
Stop placing anything above the life of another..

You can help to safe a situation instead of snapping away.
You can avert a life been taken instead of watching and Cheering them on.
You can call the authorities and hand the criminals over and wash your hands away from spilling blood.

This is not a game.
This is not fun.
This is someone’s life..
You are just lucky it’s not you..

“Do to others what you want done to you”..

“Be your brothers keeper”!

Don’t let technology and the social media corrupt your mind to the extent that you could have saved a life if you had clicked on call Dail to save a life instead of clicking the camera and Instagram or Facebook it and it’s too late.

I have read a lot of disturbing articles recently about deaths…caused by unforseen circumstances,  out of control events..caused by one divinity or the advanced technology and whatnot…caused by terrorist..damn..caused by man…but the most disturbing are deaths caused by our hands..



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