Nightmares are made of such things!!



I felt it even before I saw it..
It smelt of death..and of rotten skin..
It had a face  but I coudnt tell what it was..
It sneered and hissed and yet it talked.

It had begun every day ever since I turned twelve..
Every toss and turn..I hear it call
I couldnt understand why it never stopped..
But year in year became a song.

I was just a child yet it lured me in..
To speak to talk to just let me in..
I couldnt break off even if I wanted to..
It was never going to let me go even if I plead.

When I turned told me it was time.
Time for what it never seemed to not smile..
No one believed me when I told them all..
They thought me to be delusional and would put me in a strap..that made me shut up..

I would wake up far away…Wether a dream or reality I could not tell..
Drenched and cloths would smell..
Bloody and thirsty. ..was all I could make out but that’s just then..

Over cries and pleas fell to dead ears..
No one wanted to listen or one cared..
They said I was just a child..whatever I spoke off was just a tell – tale
They should have believed me but that was their big mistake..

And so the day drew near..
I remember Vividly because I was mute scared..
It or she or he..came out ..through the tiny window…Without a tear..
And I was nothing but a bag of fear.

I tried to scream but my voice caught in my chest..
My parents. .my beloved were simply down the stairs..
No matter how I struggled I couldnt hold on to the chairs..
It’s stench was suffocating I knew for sure this was the end..

Over the news I heard of one dead..
She was eighteen and hung without a head..
She had scars all over , limbs out of place…blood drenched dry she gave everyone such dread..
But all they could do was cry and lament ,  for they didnt listen when their little girl …spoke of her impending death.


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