I woke up with a searing headache…
The room was dark..
Or rather thick covers was used to cover the blinds to make it darker..
I wasn’t sure..

I couldnt tell what time it was..
Wether it was now day or still night..
My whole body felt soar.
As though I was run over by a truck..
I didnt understand why..

“Where was Bob?”…I wondered.
I felt sick.
Really sick..
Am I felt equally patched and hungry and my vision blurred..

” perhaps I was hungry”..

Memories of the night or rather hours earlier came back to me..in bits of pieces..

He…Bob had made love to me..
I remembered.
I also remembered something felt odd.

He wasnt gentle..
His breathing came in hoarse breaths. .
His thrust was painful..
I felt myself and winced slightly.
Yes..I was soo soar down there and it hurt alot..
My lips felt bruised..
My nipples felt tender when I rubbed my chest..

“What was wrong with Bob?”..
Or was I just dreaming?”.
“Why did my head hurt so much as though I had one two many drinks”?..

I remembered the only drink I had was the cup of left over juice.

Maybe Bob spiked it with some harsh alcohol..while he drank it.
And I don’t drink …and he knew that..and He woundnt be leaving spiked drinks Laying around because of me..

He probably didn’t think or know I would wake up in the middle of the night to drain his cup of juice.

I shook my head trying to free myself from the dizziness but it was over powering.
And my head felt as though it was constantly being knocked by hammer..and the sound was deafening humming in my ears..

Every little sound felt as though it was a loud siren let off in my head.

I tried to get up..
I did shakingly..
Vision still blurred and doubled..
I left the room..
I could find my way around even in the dark or blind folded..
So that wasn’t a big deal.

He was whistling.
I never heard Bob whistle.
“Well there were a few things I didnt know about him yet..
So I wasnt in a hurry”..

I bumped into everything I came in contact with..
“Ouch “…when my side hit the kitchen table.

His back was to me..
He seemed smaller..less broad.
What was i saying..
I could hardly see my way..
I shook my head.

And he seemed to be washing something from the sink..
I smelled food..
My tummy sank..

Why was everywhere dark?
If I wasn’t mistaken i could swear it was dawn..but…

“Bob?…what are you doing in the dark?.”..

I drew out a kitchen chair and sat down holding my head..

“My head hurts like hell…what was in your juice..??..
“Mmmm smells nice…I think I could eat a.whole cow..watcha making?:
“Isn’t it too late to be up…”

I yawned..
It was taking over me again.
But I was so hungry and my eyes couldnt open more than tiny slights. .
And all I could make out were shadows..and the migrane was getting worse..

Why wasn’t he even talking..
I looked up..
I knew he was looking at me..
I saw him smile..or rather I could make out his set of teeths..

He brought a plate of food infront of me..
It smelled good..
“I didnt know you could cook Bob”..
“How divine!!!.

I couldnt find the direction to my mouth..
I was making a mess on the table and then floor and my nighty..

He slowly sat beside me and fed me..
“Aren’t you such a dear Bob..”?..
I spoke between mouthfuls and raised up my hand to touch his face

He hits my hand away..
I was startled.
He saw my expression then he smiled..
Taking my face in his hands and plants a forceful kiss and then shoves the remaining food down my throat…

“Bob…about last night or earlier..”..I was confused
“You were abit rough..
Take it easy tiger..am fragile “….

“Don’t worry love..
It would be better next time..”

Did he sneer?

“Time to wash up love..”..

He lifted me up and carried me straight to the shower.
Stripping me…and letting the shower run as he scrubbed my body..
I winced at every touch..

No he wasn’t gentle.
A tiny fear began to build up..
Why does Bob seem just a little different. ..

And then I felt him harden..
I was soar goddamnit. .
But I didn’t want to hurt his feelings..
He did cook me food and fed me..

He didnt bother turning me..
He ran his hand down my breast and squeezed.
Biting the lobe of my ear..
While he grabbed my butt with his other hand..

He then bent me just a little so he could gain access..
And he forceful entered me ..and didn’t stop despite my muffled sobs..

we had made love in the shower before.
Bob had always been a gentle lover..
But today..today..He felt like a stranger..
And the fear in me built up a tiny notch more..

I must have bleed a little..
I noticed dark coated colour while I washed off when he was done..
I had tears and water running down my face..
But I didn’t want him to think he hurt me..
I didnt want him to feel guilty..

He toweled me dry and carried me to bed..
Went to my drawers and brought out a clean nightie and helped me put it on..
I was silent..
My head still hurt..
My vision still blurred.
I felt weaker by every passing moment.m
And for shits sake the room was equally dark..

I prayed for morning to come already.
But i really really felt awfully sick too.
I may have to call it in in the morning..
I looked at my bed side.
I noticed the bed side clock wasn’t there..
Neither was my watch..

“What time is it Bob “…I managed to ask..

“Time for you to get some sleep pumpkin “….

He pulls me to himself as he climbs in beside me..

While I rested on his chest..
He wispered into my ears..
“Sorry i was rough…it won’t happen again”…

He was sorry.
That meant he didn’t mean too.
I calmed myself and I felt the feeling of fear leaving me.

Then again…

I was knocked out before another thought  fested in my mind…



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