Gratitude! !!



Dear lord..
I know I have fallen short of your good deeds..
I know all I think about is just my selfish needs..
Do not turn away.. from me..Please help me pay attention  to your  every heed..
And help me not to ever forget to thank you on my knees.

Dear lord..
I know I must have said this like a million times over..
“I surrender to you..I give you my life today and for ever”..
Am just human..but that doesn’t mean I should try to manoeuvre
And continue in sin..forgetting that..One may just be..that its my time..and there goes my number.

Dear lord..
Forgive me..take me back to your holy corner.
Stay with me..Help me to not like the heathens in the gutter
I know it’s you..just you..who kept me protected..with your wings my cover..
I am grateful so grateful for your love and never ending love of graceful shelter.

Dear lord…
From a heart of a grateful servant.!!


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