#RebeccaBrown. ..Cont.11


Xoxoxoxox oxon


I ignored the question..
I had a few laundry to do..
And I was bent on doing that without any disturbance and she was bent on getting every detail out of me and I was bent on not telling…

Well not yet anyways..
Besides it was only a kiss.
Aren’t I allowed some little privacy to bask in the memory of it??

I knew she had other things to do instead of stalking me..
She carried a chair and sat down beside me and stared at me..

I didnt look up.
I kept washing..

“C’mon. ..you spent a whole night and half of a day with a guy and you not gonna tell me if anything fun went down?…

“We watched movies..listened to music and laughed and slept. ..told you already”.

“You know I don’t mean that….I know you guys did it…you not gonna tell me and give me all the juicy details and how it was?….

“Er….does it give you some sort of high to listen to juicy details..?…my eyebrows were raised now..

“I just want to know”…she gave an uneasy laugh….


“So nothing……

“Lair!!!. Pointed stated.

I paused and looked up.

“Oh really now…
Ohk then..since we are talking here..
“Mind telling me where you were the other day…when you went off with one stranger and disappeared for hours..unreachable…and you didn’t bother giving an explanation other than not being with your phone or it was on silence..

“And see..we both know… you never keep your phone on silence and your phone is your priced baby…you have it on you at every point in time….”…

I was ready for her.

“Well….I was ….at….with….there was….I don’t even remember. …
How do I even explan what I don’t even remember. …”..she folded her arms.

“Dude that was just two days ago..you simply have chosen the selective amnesia thingie…it really looks good on you..

“Soooooooooo? …It was my time to ask her.

“Soooooooooo what..???…she was evasive.

I can do evasive too.

“My point exactly.”..


“Yes really Nicky…dear!!!

She kept staring at me…and the looked at the bucket I had my things in and was washing..it was all thick foamy ladder. She smiled and,

She deeps her hand into the foamy water and decided to douch my nose with it…and made to run away..

I ran after her with a hand full of foam…
She definitely needed a new mustache anyways. ..
“Mrs santa clause would fit just fine!!!.


It’s been over a week they saw and it was killing him.

It took all the strenght he could muster to watch her walk out of the door not to pull her back in and finish what they started that day..

But he didnt want to scare her or take advantage of the situation.
He didnt   believe he could stay sane throughout the night but he did.

He didnt believe he could stop kissing her but…well..He managed to do ..
When all he wanted to do was carry her back to the bed and kiss and taste every inch of her untill she begged him to take all of her..

Even the thought of her beneath him was driving him crazy..
He didnt know how he would react if she was looking up at him with those sultry eyes…
Pouted soft lips..
Soft enticing body..
He would drive her like a mad animal untamed.

She was going to be the undoing of him.
He knew it.

But this compulsory excursion was just wrong timing.
Every section had a different destination..
And they were to be out for two weeks max…
It was literally excruciatingly at best.
But he had no choice. .
And neither did she.

“A necessary evil”..she had said and they had both laughed over it..

“Would it be awfully cliché if i were to say…”I miss you Rebs”??”…

He could tell she was smiling even if he couldnt see her face over the phone..
When he spoke to her just a while back..

She was lying down on her back..and was holding the phone to her ear..


“But Hey…I do!!..”..He was sitting.
His two roommates were bickering over some trivial issue..

He got up and left the room.

“How much”….??..

“Well let’s see….about 110 over a 100.
And equate it to one needing air to breath. .and top it up with one whose heart beats more times than he can count when the thought of you crosses his mind….that sort of how much I miss you…does that work for you lav?

“Hahaha. Fair enough. I can work with that..”…Rebecca said…

“What are you wearing???”


“Ofcos silly…what kind…


“Nightie or pajamas??


“What kinda…..and then colour?”..

“Really now?….she was laughing..

“Am dead serious. .
Or are you shy?
“C’mon you spent the night in my house..
I got to see your cute pink panties Btw….
And for bonus…
I had a taste of your sugar-coated honey lips..
“Don’t I get a free pass???

“Oh my goodness..you weren’t supposed to…am so embarrassed. .”….
He could tell she was literally covering her eyes with her hands .
Be could just imagine.
It made him laugh.

“Don’t be. .it was a cute one..
I started to wonder how it would look on you..alone…

“Naughty are we??.

“Well…..hopeful or wishful more like”.

“Bad boy”..

“I can be a bad boy for you anyday. .
No complains. .
“And I won’t be suprised if you even like it…”..

He was resting on the rails.
There were a few people about..
It was past 11..
Lights out by 12.
Securities were patrolling the grounds.

“I don’t like bad boys…:

“Oh really…?
“But you would like what bad boys do??

He didnt know why he asked that but he did anyways.
He didnt know if she got his meaning but he waited anyways..

Long pause..

“Hmmmmm mm. …
How is it going over there…?
They running us like crazy here..
Nicky is snoring already..
And Anita. ..you remember her..
The girl with a large front …she had a fight with quiet Nancy. .
She had been on the phone for the better half of an hour telling anyone who cares to listen her part off the story…playing the victim..

“But ofcos we know better..”

Sebastian smiled.
She was smart to.
Skillfully being evasive.
No worries..
He was a patient guy.
No need to worry.

They continued to talk following the thread of her conversation instead.

When they said their goodbye..
He went back to the room..
The bickering had ended.
He was glad..

He threw himself on the bed..and after a few minutes there was a knock on the door..

One of the guys went to open it..
Exchanged Greetings and handshakes were exchanged.

He didnt bother to turn.
He knes who it was..before the person nudged him..

“Asleep already??”..
“Being trying your cell but your number been busy..”..

“Well because I was on the phone dumdum!!!! Obviously. .”…
Sebastian murmured under his breath..

“So are you gonna help me with what I asked??”..

“You came all the way to ask that..
You know lights out in a few right?.”..Sebastian had decided to turn…placing his hands under his head like a pillow and stares at his friend with a puzzled expression on his face..

The joke was lost on the dude.

“You were on the phone..I couldnt get across to you “..his friend replied.

“No really you came all the way to ask that..and you couldn’t exercise a lil patience till tomorrow. ..well during lunch time??”…Sebastian was smiling now..

“Guy..your line was….” he trailed off when he noticed his friend was laughing at him..

“Asshole…”…He took the pillow close to him and flogged Sebastian with it who was already roaring with laughter..

“And you are just slow my friend.”.
“Go and hug you pillow dude…let the ladies be…you aren’t even fair game..”.. Sebastian joked.

“Whatever..just do it son…leave the rest to me..”..

“Ofcos the rest is all up to you..
Ama just put the foundation. ..
But dude…is this just for fun or..you dig the whole package?”

“You know I got more at stake here if anything goes wrong…and I ain’t willing to jeopardise mine for your fun??”..Sebastian sat up just then looks his friend in the eyes and warned.

“Relax son. Don’t fret!!!
“Just do your part…lemme in on that..
I gat you.”

Sebastian seemed relaxed somewhat.
The first horn with off..
Another two and then lights out..

“That’s your cue bro…now get…before the head count finds you missing from your bunk…now scoot!!!.


Quick handshake and then he was gone before the second went off.

Sebastian picks up his phone and then reads a text massage that came in and then replies it…
Then he deletes it almost immediately.

In another few minutes he stared into nothing in particular..
While music quietly played from his phone..
Before sleep took over him..



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