RED (2)



It wasn’t all evil and blood and death.


Ever since she was a child…she had been overly covetous of what another owned..

She came from a poor home..and was from a family of five..
Including her parents and two sisters..
She was the last of them..

Her parents did all they can for their family..
Including working two jobs to keep the family afloat.

He elder sister Beverlyne made dresses for the town women..
And sussanar baked cakes and sold at the streets corner..
While dravena hated to help but wanted to bask and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Nobody questioned her actions.
After all she was but a child..
She was eight years old at the most..And was pampered as such.

Mother never made a fuss when she played all day and slept in..
Father doted on her and gave her an apple whenever he comes home from the days work..
Her sister made her a dress for every occasion. .
And she always got a cake for every birthday celebration..
She should have been a happy child..
But she wasn’t. .

Her wants and desires where insatiable..
And it continued to grow..


A long long time ago..
In the time of their ancestors..
Between the battle of two friends..
Whose greed of power and the love of one woman forced them apart for the battle of the lands..

They had loved each other from youth..
They had played as boys..
They were bathed together as children..
Their mothers were like sisters

They were among the teenage boys choosen to pass a task and be labeled a man.
A tradition passed down from generation to generation
They were not more than 15..among the thirty boys choosen..from each tribe.

A priestess. .
A virgin girl..who is given to service of their god of the land..”Macdiva” to be of service to her people.
She is gotten from a family whose household births a daughter of pure love…and without evil intent..

Her eyes shall be a mixture of gold and blue..her shoulder bears the birthmark of the moon..and she was to be the eyes and ears of the community. ..and devote her life for ever to the service of the gods..

She is said to be beautiful . More like an angel decended from heaven to dwell among men.
Despite she may be the desire of every man, She shall not lay with any man. .nor be enticed by him.
Her heart is pure and devoid of any evil.
And she shall remain a virgin till she drew her last breath.

All her will is to do good and avert her people of impending dangers and give instructions from the god..and speak with nature for the prosperity of her people while they till the earth to survive

And she shall live for two hundred years untill another of her kind is born..
Which is one in a two hundred years..
She shall be a goddess to the other four priestesses..of the other four tribes

Its been told…a priestess shall always remain pure..
In soul, in heart and in body..
Once a priestess is damaged. .
The land will be cursed and suffer for over a hundred years untill another is born and raised to take her place..
But not without sacrifices made to appease the gods..

And so..
It had been told and told and passed down from generation to generation. ..
Eventually it became more of a folktale..a myth..A legend of stories..

The generation who practised and believed it had long been dead..
There was a priestess. .
Who was old and frail..
Who remained a virgin and spoke peace and fruitfulness to the land and the people..

But that was it.
Everyone appeased a god “Macdiva “..
god of nature and prosperity.
Everyone went to the priestess for advice. .
She was considered the wisest ..
She may had been beautiful when she was young..but no one could tell.
She may had remained a virgin all these years..
But then again it might be tale – tell.

People stopped believing.
There were nothing out of the ordinary ..The older generations continued to live by traditions and their beliefs..
The younger generation were not to be tamed..

They spoke their native dialect. .A language called “Shuloke”.. spoken by the people of Shorbakla.. who were called farmers..because that’s how they survive..
Other neighbouring towns ..and different tribes spoke different languages and had a different main stay as well..

But they were the life of each..
They tilled the earth..provided food for themselves and their neighbours who traded with them for other amenities they equally needed. .

That was why..
Their god was named “Macdiva “..
And thought to be the most powerful of  the other four tribes combined. .

Because the earth was said to control both the god of water, air, fire and wind.
From the earth proceeds of all…elements..
And each tribe possessed a god for each..

There was the “Sribacho tribe….god of health “air”. In the North

“Sritricho tribe…god of peace “fire”..
” in the South.
“Srishacho tribe.. god of  goodwill “water” the east.

“And the Sridracho triple. . god of prosperity “wind”..

And all spoke a variation of their native dialect. .”Shuloke “… only the Shorbakla tribe had spoken the original dialect from time couldnt speak it even if you learnt..
But they understood other tribes dialect  …but a translator was needed to understand theirs.. and thus..
It was difficult for mixing amongst them.

Their tribe was called the supreme and..the distinct tribe..
The Shorbakla tribe..who habited the god “Macdiva “…
The god of all element and all gods..

The god of nature.
Of immortality of the ones who purely serves her. And only her priestess lived a two hundred years and some for the birth and rearing of another..
While the others have to come once every 20 years to deep herself in the pool of immortality for health and a few years to remain to serve their purpose ..untill they draw their last birth and replaced by another young one..

Which is born nineteen years prior to their death..
While their eyes are shut and their breath seizes ..Their mantles are  passed to the one who takes their place and continues.


“If a priestess of Macdiva is killed before her time..
All other priestess dies with her…
Which will bring the era of darkness and death throughout the land .”

So it was made sure that every priestess died a natural death..

the Shorbakla tribe habited the center, where all the tribes starts and end..

And there were a belief that each tribe’s priestess possessed the ability to  tab into their elements and use it for the benefit of their people..only when needed …

(and these was done in secret away from prying eyes..because the heart of man is desperately wicked and would want to take the power for himself by killing a priestess doing an enchantation and drinking her blood)

….and not to be used for devious means… which includes taking the life of another…else a darkness shall loom the earth and destroy all its habitants .

And all tribes came once a year.
Bringing together all their priestesses to bow to the sole priestess and serve her…and they in turn serve the god Macdiva. .
Seeking appeasement of the error of their people and prosperity all through the lands and four tribes..

And these traditional had been passed down from generation to generation. .
but over time people stopped believing in the existence of the gods and the power of Macdiva.

Because they had never seen any display of power..
Neither had their fore father’s had.
They believed it was just a made up story to keep peace amongst tribes and separate some beautiful girls to waste her youth and life serving some unforseen god made up to scare people to submittance. .

And thus the discord began..

Besides..never had they ever beheld a priestess use any form of power..
She prayed consistently.
She ardoned herself and covered herself head to toe..
She never laid with any man neither had any man touched her. ..

People revered her and treated her as a holy person.
People sort her out to bless and speak good things about their home..
To them it was just a show..

To them it was a waste of a beautiful young girl..
And they were just lucky or had really good genes to live a long time..
So really…
People stopped holding much belief..
Over time..
Though they practiced but..
Just for the same reason they were told..
“If you don’t bath and wash yourself. .you would smell”
“If you don’t would die of hunger”..etc..

So it was just a way of life..
That consistent lifestyle that could be changed..
Besides rules were meant to be broken..
Besides it was all ancient and who really believed in such things as gods and elements..anyways. .

“If you died you died. Your time was up.
If you lived a long life you lived a long time. You have good and excellent genes. You were a lucky bastard.

“If they didn’t have natural disasters it was because they didn’t have natural wasn’t because some god of nature was preserving their lives and keeping everything at bay..

“If you tilled the soil and you had good harvest..wonderful.  its because you planted at the right seasons and the spoils came in wasn’t because the god of earth blessed you.

“If the river flowed with clean natural spring..Good for health..and nutients to the plants and trees..its only natural.

” No forced deaths and fights amongst communities and tribes..
It wasn’t because the beast in man was tamed by gods.
It was purely because a man would rather go to bed with two arms and legs than kill another in his bed while he slept..

So really..
It was all folktales and myths..

And for that, the  belief went up in smoke as generations came and generations left..decades unpon decades.

Untill today..
This time..
Long ago..

When two friends ..
Who grew up playing and laughing and eating and fighting together ..

Realised as a young adult..that they had fallen inlove with the same woman..

It wasn’t the fact that they feel inlove with the same woman..
It seemed to happened to the lot of them..
But boys tends to settle it among themselves. .
And they competed for her love and the best man takes it all…

It was the young girl that they feel inlove with that was the problem..
She was born out of a pure heart and love..
A home were love grew strong..
A girl who was choosen amongst girls to serve the gods.
Not to be defiled..
In thought soul and in body..

But a girl that both of them dared to love..
A girl that both of them dared with the gods..

Thus began the evil of the land..




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