Chidera had always been a popular amongst the boys..
She was catchy and curvy..and had all the right figures and had been around quite a lot..

She was barely 18 years old..
And a science student in s.s2.
She had been the envy of every girl during her time..and a delight to every boy under her skirts..
Untill Chidinma. .

She did it for fun..
She claimed she was the best..
And she did it for money too.
Afterall. .
It wouldnt make sense if it wasn’t lucrative money-wise as well..
Above all..she did it because she could..
And everyone.
Well..The boys and men loved her.

Whenever she had free periods. .
She was sneaking into the boys hostel..
Or during classes..
She usually sat at the back…Seeming the class was always crowded..
She was either been fingered or she was the one doing the stroking. ..and she always had a straight expression..
Only the male student would have an expression that is not describable. .but misplaced for class. .
She always carried along a huge sweater which she spreads ontop his lap..so no one can really tell..and he was usually slouched over his desk..

Besides there were more students than they ought to have in a class room.
No one could really tell what was going on at the extreme corner ..
Afterall it was a community grammer school…

Chidera was not one to be bound by religious beliefs and what young girls her age shouldn’t indulge in.
She lived her life the way she pleased.
She smoked.
She drank.
She had click of friends who adored her..and treated her like a queen because they wanted to be like her..
And she took them under her wings like the slutty mother hen that she was and showed them the ropes..taking  a cut from their proceeds like the business minded girl she loved to be.

She even had some male teachers licking out of the palm of her hands..
Afterall she gave it up to them the way their wives couldnt..

She always had a cover whenever she went to see them..
“Private lessons in their office paid for by her parents..which she had constantly ”
She never read..never studies and yet she never fails.
She was enjoying her life..
Untill Chidinma happened…

She had never felt threaten by another girl until she too noticed some changes in Chidinma who was a nobody a year or two ago..
But she just blew up ..feeling every area that were previously hiden or flat..

But that wasn’t what was upsetting Chidera. .
Every girl had breast and butt and some were lucky to have shapes others where as straight as a pole but..manageable..

But Chidinma looked like someone who was especially shaped and carved from the land of beauty..by the gods.

Coming back from the long holiday to school..
She could barely recognise her
She had to do a double take like. .
“Is that who I think it is”…sort of double take..

Her anger was that the boys and male teachers had started to notice..too
And that was bad business for her..
And she knew who and who has been poked in school. .and who wasn’t.
And she knew Chidinma was as untouched as a baby..
And men’s tongue always start to flab and droll over fresh blood and before someone says “jack robinson”..she would be old school..and she wasn’t ready to step down as queen of the wild jungle..

She liked that she was the one and only one who gave them such pleasure and fulfil their sexual cravings
And only allowed her girls when she was tied of a particular boy and tosses him aside to her devotees..

And she loved all attention…
She loved to make them droll.
She loved the way every eyes followed her.
She loved to see the front of their shorts tighten abit when Jnr desires to be let out. .

She loved to be the center of it all..
But Chidinma threatened all of that and that wasn’t a good thing.

And the worst thing was..
She might notice too and then would want to exercise her prowess..Chidera thought.
And she wasn’t going to sit back and Let it happen..

So she decided to do something about it..

“No one would want something already damaged right “?..

She smiled wickedly and a plan began to form in her mind..


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