Damon leans in by the doorway as he watches his friend struggling to knot a tie..
He laughed..and strolls in..

“You know…its really not all that difficult to knot a tie…
“C’mon son lemme do that for you..”

He hits his  friend’s hand away when he tries to refuse the help.

“Don’t be a puss..”
“Anymore fuzz and I will be tempted to smear your hair with some spit jell…
You know how mother’s like to smoother their sons..
I could do that for you…
I got alot of spit to go around…”

He winks.

Sam felt disgusted.

“Touch my hair ..and I would ruin your face with that sledgehammer I have out at the back…”…sam threatened.

Which got Damon roaring with laughter.

“Awww you should see your face now…
Relax couzin. ..I rather be exchanging some fluids with some pretty damsel tonight…

He winks.

“Argh can you be any less obvious ..less pervy and a lil ..I dunno…less sex freakish all the time?

Sam asked. Moving away from Damon and assessing himself through the mirror.

He wondered if he looked too over dressed.

He was wearing blue jeans that seemed to fit ..Brown boats..and a blue shirt tucked into his waist. Black tie and a black jacket to go with it…

Yes he felt over dressed.

Damon on the other hand was going without a jacket..and a tie..shirt opened two buttons showing his chest and carried a cowboy ‘ s hat.

“See who is talking.
The man who screws everything in skirt..”

“Well…its all mutual comsented.
Plus I don’t go out of my way to seduce them and chase them..”

Sam interjected.

“Bullshit Sammy boy..
You and I are thesame..
We just have or use different methods to get our spoils…
Besides…am open and honest about it..
But you are just shady..

“Like I know am going be scouting around this party for one…openly..
And I know you would too…but you are gonna deny it.”…

Sammy thinks for a second..

“Well…If I see…am not gonna refuse it but…you are the guy who preaches faithfulness and Being a one lady’s man and yet you have ..what’s her name at home…”Briannna or lucia and now you are going to get laid with some bianca I suppose”…

Sam shakes his head and walks away..to the living from..
Which had Damon following behind him…

Laughing. …

“Its Tina ..
I think…”

He seemed Confused.

Sammy scoffed.


“Whatever man..am just gonna have fun tonight…
And if I happen to get a bite. Of one of those lovies..fantastic. .Besides the whole place would be crawling with chicks who would be dying to have a man all over them..

It would be rude to say no now woundnt it?”…

Buck had been playing with a bone and then chasing his tail in a round circle..
He went to Sammy ‘ s feet and then laid down..licking the juice of whatever the bone had..

He rubbed his head..and got up..
Taking his keys…
Buck followed on his heels.

“Am just going out because am not in the mood to be indoors…and plus you weren’t going to let me rest in peace..about some stupid “Don’t let a brother go out to a party on his own”
Plus..vicky – sue won’t let my phone have a minute of rest…

I swear she drives me crazy..literally!!!

“Sam that woman just needs you to get in there..pushing all those fine titties to your face and shaking that bum like she has been starved for years at you and you ain’t biting it..

Why aren’t you ..anyways???”

“Because…I dunno.
She ain’t my type..

An image of a woman wearing white coat..hair in a pony tail and classes flashed infront of his eyes…before the vision faded..

“These days no one is your type..
Are you losing the thunder Sammy boy?
Everything okay down there?…
Damon indicated…pointing at his friend’s manly area..

“You need me to test it…?.”..
He was laughing.

“Fxxk off perv”…

“Let’s go before I Chang my mind…

“C’here boy. “..
He motioned for buck..

He was going to drop him at the pet shop..
His old friend would watch him till he gets back.
He hated leaving him at home when be was out for hours unending..


“Oh you look so divine Rebecca Darlene!
Vicky – sue says praises me..

I had originally gone for a simple black over the knee dress…long sleeves and a shawl..

She looks through my wardrobe picked another..

It was a short floral plaited dress..
Abit huggy…short sleeves..and a v-neck too

I remember that dress. ..
I bought it…for a date and never put it on..
When I realised the motive behind the date..

A hotel room with number 234..
Champagne and lingerie..and then a Jacuzzi. ..
All on a first date.


I cancelled last minutes and had thrown the dress into my bag and forgot all about it..

I had reluctantly worn it when vicky – sue said I looked like a school teacher in my first outfit.

I hadn’t really had time to do some shopping plus..I was okay wearing my office cloths…

Which didn’t require me to play dress up and be dolled up..

She wanted me to pour my hair but I stood my ground…I liked it in a bun..

“You have such lovely hair..you should let it down you know…”

I shook my head.

“No thanks…”

“But you ain’t wearing your nerdy doctor specs today ….Rebecca please don’t look stocked up.” She querried..

And continued..
This is more like your debutante…”

She pushed my glasses out of reach..

“Yeah right. ..Please “…

I rolled my eyes..

“I have been seen pretty much around town and lots of people know am running the clinic so there isn’t a coming out okay…”…I corrected.

“True…but no one really sees you outside your doctor coat and nerdy glasses…everyone says you are too serious and uptight. ”  She says folding her hands over her large bosom..

She had on a very revealing short dress…it was red and showed too much cleavage that made me cringe. .and her heavy makeup was the worse…

“I am not uptight”..I turn around to stare at her..

“I just have other important things to do like…safe a child’s life and be with my family and all that..
I don’t have time to mop around all day..searching for men to devour…
No offense “….

I turned back facing the mirror.
If I was going. . I wouldn’t go without my shawl..

Atleast the dress wasn’t revealing except a Tiny inch above my knee..
It seated well on my body…
Slim on the waist and then flowed ..A-cut to the knee…hiding the exact curve of my hips…
Atleast it wouldn’t draw much attention to that area…
But my boobs was a different matter…
Because of the v-neck. .shape..of the dress…

It deeped a lil inside..and because of my perfect erect bosom…it would catch any one’s eye..
The shawl would take care of that..

I wasn’t a heavy makeup kinda.person..so I did a light one..
So I had a nude look going for me..
Finishing it with a touch of faint red lipstick..

Tiny Studs for earings. .a watch to tell the time and when to escape and my bag..
For phones..
Wallet and pepperspary. ..
“You always have to be protected”..
Ma’s voice in my head.

“Oh darlyn ..none taken.
Atleast we admit we want a man..
Like you who act as if you don’t need one..

Am doing you a favour so you don’t die old and bitter and alone”..

She pointedly said..

“Well I wasn’t complaining. ..hell I didnt even want to go to to some stupid party out in a ranch full of those people having same thoughts you do now”..

“Oh hunny. ..
I don’t mind…but am ma do it anyways…
Besides. .I wanna be the one to show you around. ..Being new in town and all..
Plus you no longer flat liz…you a beauty..
So you…should be happy to have the likes of me as a friend who is willing to do just that…
Plus….I want you to see how am gonna make that delicious man fall over his face for me….

I rolled my eyes..

Who cares..

Argh!! Ma see what you got me into???

I silently sobbed.

“C’mon liz lav..let’s go stun some men already…”.

She said breaking into my thoughts.

I wished the ground would open and swallow me already..

I know am gonna regret stepping out of my door tonight..
I thought to myself.

And followed her out of my house …locking the doors and turning off the lights ..

As though I was a sheep following the executioner to the slaughter house like a sacrificial lamp.

Tsk Tsk Tsk! !!.



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