“Tonia don’t you think we should go by Maggie ‘ s and make sure she is fine??

“Its been over a week since she sent a message been sick and won’t be able to come to work…”??

A worried look crossed vicky ‘ s face..
Even as she bade the customer goodbye after bagging his items..she couldnt really put on her exceptional smile.

“Maggi hasn’t ever been the soft one..
Even for a slight migraine she choose to work instead of being home..
She always said it made her feel stronger instead of lying around feeling sick..

“But it was surprising that she has been a full week out…it was very unusual and calls for worry..

“But her messages was “sorry loves..I got the flu and am so messed up and won’t be at work for a bit.
Tell the boss will ya?
He can cut it from my paycheck for the absentees..but don’t you worry…am fine. Don’t come running to check on me..am not a baby and can take care of myself…If it gets worse I would go outter town to see Ma. Kisses. Mwah”” vicky quoted.

And ofcos they smiled about it and didn’t worry…untill now.

Tonia sighs…

“Well i suppose we should vicky but she did say she was fine and don’t need smothering. ..”… Tonia replied .
As she busied herself hanging back the tested cloths on the hangers.

“Yes still….but she hasn’t called and hasn’t picked any of her calls.
It just goes to voice mail. ” vicky wasn’t deterred.

“Maybe she has gone out of town to her mums”….Tonia pointed out…using the message as a reference

Vicky thought for a moment….

“Well i suppose she has.
But it won’t hurt to check in on her…
We could bring her some soup from her favourite resturant that she loves so much…and do a nightcap with her..
Afterall she is our friend..and no matter what… when friends feel down and want to be alone….what do the other friends do???

Tonia smiled..

“Friends would listen and go away but bestfrkends would keep the door in stick it out with them till the end”..

“Aha..that’s the spirit.
“I will get the soup after work..”

“And I the movies and bread to go with it.”..

They both felt satisfied with their mission planned and continued about their business.


My body felt like i had been run over by a billion trucks..

My head felt like it had continously been splited open and sewn back together like a million times..

My lips felt patch and i felt constantly dehydrated.
My insides felt funny..
My eyes could hardly open more than slits. .
My voice was hoarse and I could hardly speak. ..
My boobs felt like I had claws for fingers clawing at them and the tips of my nipples must be sore as well..
And most especially. ..my private area looked and felt like the 300 had been in there and out like a million times..

I didnt understand why the hell I felt so sick..
Was I dying..
Where was Bob..

Oh no..Bob was here..
He has always been here..
Taking care of me..
Cooking..feeding me..
Bathing and then doing me..
But I was so down..
Couldn’t he atleast cool it with the libido…like he was on a sex drive.
I always sobbed..Everytime now..
I always bleed..too
It felt as though he wasn’t making love to me but ruining me somehow..
It hurt so much..but am too weak to stop him…

Or maybe I wasn’t sure what i was feeling or seeing or thinking..
I felt so hurt and pained…and I was probably hallucinating. .
Sweet Bob had been here with me..
Promised to call in saying I was sick..

Yes..that’s it.
Am sick.
That’s why I feel this way. .
That’s why I feel Bob was different.
That’s why I feel he is raping me instead of making love to me..
That’s why I keep seeing things or feeling strange..
Like i was in a constant hangover..
Head in a migrane and eyes hardly seeing just one but double..
What was wrong with me?

How long have I been like this?
Shouldn’t I be in the hospital?
Shouldn’t Bob be worried?
How long now?
I can’t tell..
Is it hours?
Or days?

Oh that’s ridiculous
I Vividly remember. .Other than waking up..
Cleaned..feed…Fxxked. .feed…showered or bathed…and back to bed..sleep..
Am always drowsy..
I can hardly walk..
He carries me..
Oh sweet  Bob..
But why do I feel so strange..
Why does this feat creep up my heart..
Why doest Bob talk.
Oh Lord ..what is wrong with me…

I turned and tossed around on the bed..
The room was dark.
No the room is always dark.
It always has been as long as I can remember.
How long ago did I walk into the kitchen and watched Bob by the sink?
How long ago did I drink that juice and fell asleep?
How long ago did I hang out with my friends at the bar and went to work?
It felt so long ago and yet it doesn’t. .
Does this scene seem wrong..?
I feel uneasy?
But what is it???

Argh….I feel so sick…

I yawned again….and slowly drifted off to sleep..

Somewhere across the room..He was smiling.
Bob that is..
He watched her from the corner of the room..

Should he classify this week as the best of his life yet?
Well…He couldnt say.
He would have wished she was completely sane during everything but that was her fault.
For allowing herself bring defiled before he had her.
He was supposed to have her before anyone. .

But who is to say he wasn’t having fun.
He was..
He got a drug from his friend from the pharmacy..
Well he got all kinds..
Pretending he got a lot of sick relatives and got some douch quake doctor to write out some prescription. ..After telling him what and what he needed..threatening with the police ofcos and shutting him up with a few dollars.
He went back a couple of hours later and slits his throat and shoved him into the Trunk of his car and drove him off  a cliff. .

A lil dose every few hours keeps her half awake and half asleep..
The downside is she has constant headaches..feel..weak and not completely sane.
Or rather make her feel sick..
That though she would be aware of what’s happening around her but she wouldn’t be entirely sure what is real and what isn’t. .

He needed her to be half awake when he had her.
And had her he did.
He would have wanted her to beg him to take her all the time but that would have been wishing for a lot.

He snickered.
If only she had an idea of what he has been feeding her..
Oh the bile that would rise up in her throat. ..that’s a sight he wishes to see..
Well he was soon getting tired of her..
He was getting bored…
Soon he would have to do away with her..

Maybe today ?
Maybe tomorrow. .
Or maybe just today..
Well he hasn’t decided yet..

From the outside of her house everything looked normal.
Her neighbours were told she was out of town for the week..
He was her boyfriend who came and left …
Keeping an eye on the place..
Nobody questioned him.
No one suspected him.
Plus they only saw him once every two days and he comes and leaves..

But he actually doesnt leave. .
He leaves the house for supplies and then comes back after dark.
He makes an appearance at work so no one suspects his absence.
Everything was going according to plan..
But the stench from the other room was begining to nauseat him..
He got a chemical and douch the room and the bag with it to  the smell and chase the flies..

He really needs to move along soon..
Maybe tonight. .
He reasoned..
For now…He watched as she tossed and turned…
He smiled..
He felt stirred and looked down and realised he was aroused again..

Maybe he would keep her alife just for one more day.
Tomorrow. ..
He sneered.



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