Nightmares are made of such things..too



He had bullied me as long as I can remember. .
He was the master’s son..
He had it all when I had none..
Yet he slammed it across my face as though it was my fault.

I see him eating like a buffoon. .
Swaggering it along …leaving crumbs on the floor..making me pick it up after him..
No making me do it with my tongue..
While he laughed at me..and spat on me..

I Hated him
So much so..I wish he would choke on his food and slum…
I woundnt help him.
No I wont help him.
I swore it..

I was a lil over fourteen..
When I noticed his father take him up the tower..
Every night by eleven…or a lil over the 12th hour..
I followed them on tiptoe one night..
Hiding within the shadows with my black cloak..perfect within eyesight of their looming presence..

At the stroke of midnight. I was sure..because the old master’s clock chimed..
I noticed something strange. .
I noticed the master had somehow developed extra hands..
And a tail as green as a lizard ‘ s. .
And his son wasn’t the least perturbed..
He too began to hiss as though a snake…but yet his face was that of a leopard and his body was that of a wolf..

Then I realised the door to the atic opening..and two strange men walk out dragging a lil boy not older than myself to the middle of the ground…

He was blindfolded…
And he had a birthmark of the stars on the right side of his shoulders.
He was wimpering and crying..
The strange men…had hoods covering their faces..But something felt oddly familiar about their movements as though I knew them somewhat..
I wasn’t sure..
But my concern was of the lil boy..
Who had begun to cry when he was unveiled..

But he couldnt  scream.
Why wasn’t he screaming..
I noticed something else.
He was bleeding from the mouth..
When he opened it…
His tongue was not there…

Fear had begun to grip me..
I couldnt move..
I should call for help..

As i watched..
He was held down and ripped opened from the chest down..
While the master and his son feasted on his insides…
I had begun to scream..
Or rather…
I heard my scream so far away from my body…

And then the last thing I remembered was both of them turning towards the shadows of which I hid..
and then I fell to the ground. ..and fainted. ..

I woke up hours later..
Sweats breaking from my forehead..

I was in my room.
How did I get here?
I couldnt remember..
But I remembered the scenes from the night. .
Fear gripped me like it did..
I must tell someone..
The lil boy’s parents maybe…

As i ran down the long halls…
Through the long narrow stairways…out into the passage..
Through the gardens and out to the chapel..
Passing the young children playing by the pool..
Into the congregation of the crowded people…

I slowly noticed that everyone I passed was faceless and wearing a hood..
And the lil boy of yesterday which had died but still stood before me…and watched me too..
What was happening?
Their mouths began to move..
The master and his son..stood at the head of the golden chair…
He stood and he sat…I couldnt possibly tell the difference..

I realised the children by the pool had begun to chant..
I noticed the faceless people had begun to surround me..
What was happening?
Was this a dream or was it real..

Large clawly hands grabbed me..
Long tongues licked my body..
Blinding light as the sun rays hits the dagger as it was displayed before me..
I screamed..
But everyone could hear me..and they did nothing but relish in it.
What was this?
Where am I?
And as I struggled. ..
Fighting them off…
The more I was broken and stilled..

They marked me..with something smelly and with a foul odour..
While they striped me they continued to chant..
I could understand nothing yet I understood this..
“He is the last of them”
Last of what?
What was I a last off?
What did he mean?

I cried and pleaded..
“Let me go”..
But all I could hear was chanting and the smell of death and the sight of these creatures before me…

And so on my shoulders. ..
I never knew untill now…
The birthmark of a thousand stars was found..
And while my tongue was cut out..
And my insides eaten..
All I felt was pain and the grip of death…
As everyone came and drank a pint of my blood..

I was alife and yet dead..
And slowly I faded off as though in a sleep…

I woke up hours later..
Sweats breaking up all over my body..
And yet again I found myself…
Back in my chamber..

Laughing at the lil boy who I had forced to lick with his tongue bread of crumbs I had crushed under my feets and spat on his head.



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