She watched from the corner of the room as the ladies flocked around the males in their dressing room..
Snapping pictures and exchanging numbers. .
The room was like a busy bodied area with horny flies..
Well they can have all the  pictures and numbers. .
She was going for the kill..
And she already had her eyes on one..
The Greek god look – alike …
Smiling his killer smile making the girls swoon with a lil touch…

She liked her men beautiful and bold..
And strong…
And rich..
And a bad boy..
It was time she got a man with good financial status and background..
Beautiful handsome roots and a sex god.
And he fitted the description.
All the embodiment rolled into one..

And he was breathtaking georgeous especially with those cloths off..
She licked her lips.
Drew down her bodies revealing more cleavage and went to his stand..
Bending over a lil tad much…

“Hello handsome”…

He looked her over appraisingly
“Helo you”..

“Am sherry…”…she said without straightening up…reaching out to flip the collar of his shirt..

“Hi sherry…?  He asked questioningly.

“Has anyone ever told you ..you got the most beautiful eyes?

“Well….”..He smiled.
Gets up…pushing through the crowed of women flocking around him and the other guys..skillfulling moving their hands from clawing away his skin for some sort of trophy. .

The girl named sherry followed him hard on his heels.
He loved the attention. .no doubt..
But he also..
Had something..
No someone else in his mind..
He needed to return that earring and he didn’t want to miss her..

He sieves through his bag..making sure it was still there…
He brings it out and puts it in his front jacket pocket. ..

“Hey dude”…

He stopped to shake a few of his buddies. .
And a promise to meet up during the week for an artist album lunch…

He busied a call from his PA…
He wasnt interested in another gig at the moment..

He needed to go away from this noise with someone less noisey..like that sherry girl following him around and trying to get her titties in his face..

Funny thing..they actually looked nice.
She looked …
But at the moment. …
The girl in the glasses and loose hair in a bun blinded him…
And he hated to be deterred from a mission..
And right now..
He needed a new fish..

So he ignored the girl..
Pushed his way through the crowd of people..putting on his cap..
Stopped to meet and greet a few people..
Hugged and kissed some chicks..
Shook a few celebs and high class people..
Afterall he was a rich spoilt bad boy..
He needed to live up to expectations and atleast act the part..

He looked around the room and was glad she was still there..

He walked on…
But the girl got ahead of him and stood infront of him…

“Hey handsome…what’s the hurry..”
She leaned in..
“Let’s go somewhere quiet and less crowded….”

She flirted.
On any other day..
He probably would have taken her on her offer..
Infact he had like a 100 offers right there in the changing room…
Maybe he would get back to them..
After he satisfied his curiousity with the girl…in glasses..

He smiled down at her..
She was trying too hard.
And she was too easy.
He hated easy girls..
Easy girls were a bite tonight and out the door…
He looked her over..
She really wasn’t bad looking..
But …

He sighed..
Looked up and saw the girl with glasses and her friends moving away from where they stood..

“Excuse me…er”… He sidestepped and heading straight to them…

“Where there hell is he going…”
She looked down herself..

Pulling her too way lower..and did the strut to him…

“Oh No you ain’t getting away that easily lav”…

she followed him…


“Did you see the boss lady?”…I asked..looking around..

“Yeah..she just left with her hubby.
Something about an after party for VIPS. ..”  Lisa said..

“By the way…
I don’t see how someone can stay sane with all these beautiful men in one room…
Argh am so wet right now?”…

She eyes luke…and laughs…
“Don’t take it personally babe…
I just love men”..

“You know sometimes you can be a slut..”…He feigned anger and made to move away..

She laughed and forces his lips to hers and plants a kiss on his lips..

“More reason why you love me..
Because I do things to you…you cant let go of me even in your dreams..”..

He pushes her away .

She pouts…

“I luh you papi”…in j-lo’s voice..

He laughed.

“You are forgiven.”

I gathered my stuffs…
“Ewwww…you guys should get a room….”…

“You want a kiss to bella? “…Lisa threatens after breaking from missing luke..

I shook my head…

“That would be officially gross and mentally wrong…and socially dyfinctioned.”.. I looked aghast.

“Then shut up”..

I stuck out my tongue..

“Can we go already…..my ears needs silence with all these noise…”

We moved away from our sit and then made it out to the exit..

“I parked a few walks down…should I give you both a ride?”.. I was already fishing for my keys in my bag

“Yeah and how are you gonna get back home since you haven’t really gotten a hang with the road maps in new york”….Lisa ‘ s hands were at akimbo like a mother hen questioning her baby chicks..

I looked up slowly and smiled sheepishly…

“Well….”…removing my glasses and rubbing my eyes… and then did the lashes and goofy smile at her..

“We just gonna take a cab”..Luke says unlinking his hands from his girlfriend and made to Flagg down a cab..

Lisa Links her hand with mine…

“You can wait and watch us…hmmm”….

“By the way…I didnt see sherry leave…I wonder where she disappeared to….”..I spoke more to myself but Lisa heard me..

“I last saw her running off into the rich bachelor male changing room..
So typical and predictable of her…
Up and personal my ass”..

We laughed.

And we heard it..The shrill laughter.
That laughter which seemed forced and we knew all too well…

We both said in unison and turned…

Just in time to see a man pulling her hands away from falling over his chest…and hugging him tight…

“Damn!!…He muted..

“You are trying to hard ..
Really I do appreciate the effort..well under normal circumstances I would welcome it..
Maybe some other time but I am trully in a hurry…”..

“Oh you will”…
That made her laugh her high pitched laughter..
It wasn’t even funny.
It made him cringe…

He nudged her away from him and Walked to the side walk…and stood face to face with whom he was trying to get to…

Lisa ‘ mouth was open…

“Close your mouth lis…you are drolling.”..

Okay it wasn’t me.
That voice wasn’t Lisa ‘s..
Well obviously. ..
And most definitely. …not sherry…
Because she wasn’t talking but staring at us..

He came and wrapped a protective arm around Lisa. .
“Dude don’t go there..
I know you may be thinking it but don’t go there..
This right here…
Is taken.
Guess by who.
You don’t scare  me with your money and cute look.
Ok maybe a lil..
But please anyone but here…”..

This was sherry..

“What are you bunch still doing hanging around here….
Don’t you have things to do like….
Go prep for tomorrow “..?
She folded her hands around her bosom.
Revealing too much..
I was visibly scared it was gonna pop out and blind the poor guy..
Or guys…

He doesn’t do anything but stares at me.
As though waiting for something.
Creepy .

And I gave him this look like..
And I said…
“Why are you staring”.


“Ok strange”..
He thought to himself.
Every girl would be throwing themselves at him now.
Literally getting all happy am here staring and looking at them in the eyes…

Well the girl beside her can’t close her mouth and trying to wringle out of that dude hands who seemed to be trying to made a statement with that singular art.
And this..
What’s her name again. …
“Cherby ” or what is close to spilling out her titties all over the pavement for everyone to see…

And her…
Her with the nerdy look..
Which he suprisingly found sexy was staring at him as though he wasn’t the sexy thing that fell out of heaven..
Like a bag if chips…
Everyday chips and not a cup of savory tasty…chocolate. .deeped in honey and all that..

He was taken aback.
“This is new”..
“Did I just lose my thunder ir something or she was just as blind as bat”…

He smiled though…


“Er awkward”…
I murmured.

“Helo. ..talking here”….
Sherrybitch said. .

“Oh can’t you be anything less than a kill joy sherry…..”..

Oh goodie.
Lisa has regained herself.
But why does he keep staring at me.
But oddly enough he looked so familiar and so unfamiliar at thesame time..

“Relax ladies…
No need to bicker..
There is enough of me to go around”..
He said…

Lisa scoffed.
Sherry feigned shock…
I rolled my eyes..
“Can you be any less cocky” I muttered..

She links her hand with the handsome stranger..
“Can we go to that delicious place we talked about just a minute ago back in—-

He unlinks hers from his…
And smiles at me…

She flushed.
” You three…get lost and that’s an order..”

He looks back at her and at us..
“Am I to guess you guys aren’t meeting for the first time….
Related?… sarcastically. .

She puffed up her chest…
“They work for me”..

He looked her over again..

“Oh you wish you do…” Lisa shoots back..

“They are interns…”.. condecerning look.. “in a fashion company that I manage one of the departments in…the Zanzebar designs and couture line fashion company out at brooks ville…I own these babies…..so..

She looks tries to pull him away…

“Stop doing that…”  he warns and removes her hands from his jacket.

“Damn she was annoying and darn right pushy”.. He thought to himself…

He realised he would hate her if she was his departmental head too.
Hell he couldnt stand her presence now.

And why wasn’t she talking nor saying a word or cooing over him.
It was beyond him..

“I take it you don’t remember me do you…” .??

Puzzled expression. ..

“Am sorry but am I supposed to?””…

Scratching his jaw..
“I always thought i’d make a lasting impression on someone..well especially for the ladies…

“Er…..I don’t think so”…

Lisa was nudging me…

“Don’t waste your time on her…
She is as dumb as she looks..
Let’s go handsome…I will be enough to blow your mind away…”..
Sherry purrs into his ears…

“Gee sherry…Can you be less obvious. ..” Lisa querried…

“He doesn’t look interested “…Luke inputted. ..He and Lisa exchanging knowing looks…

“No he isn’t! !!…” They concluded..

“I will make you three’s life a living hell if you don’t get lost this minute…” She pointedly threatened taking a walk towards Lisa making her go behind Luke’s back. ..

“You could try…
You are nothing but barks and no bites…
Plus stop embarrassing yourself…
You are outside and it doesn’t look good on you…”  tongue out…

Their bickering didnt distract this strange handsome guy from staring into my eyes…

“Really?… He takes off his cap and peers back into my eyes ..
“Not a tiny bit??”..

I felt embarrassed.
I hated not being able to remember people I met..

“Look am really sorry but I really don’t remember you.
But for what’s worth..
You looked amazing back in there..”

I blushed slightly remembering him without cloths safe for briefs and he did look breathtakingly handsome.

I felt My chicks growing pink..

” I second that…
You are like  a master piece from the Greek god himself…” Lisa fluttered her lashes at him and blew him a kiss..

Which ofcos made sherry turn red and more bickering..

He laughed..
‘Well…Thank you…er??..

“Lisa!!” Screamed Lisa. .

“Oh shut up you slut”
“You shut up you are the slut”
“Hey ladies am here …try not to sandwich Me…
But I must say an loving the feel if  four boobs pressed against me right now”..

He got two slaps to the head by both females..

I laughed at the scene before my eyes..
“Erm….I need to start heading home”…
“Am sorry”…

“Lisa..Luke. .come on. …I will drop you and take a cab home…
I don’t trust to leave you here…
This bickering won’t stop.”

“Yes…get going…”..
Sherry felt triumphant

I shook my head..

“Seriously “??
“I will be damned”…
I heard him say to himself..

“Last chance”… He asked..

I shrugged..

“I am really sorry…
Have a good night”…

I started to pull Lisa away making luke follow…

Sherry went back hoping to get the stranger’s attention. ..

Just when I could make the third step to the opposite direction…

I heard him call out…


I turned..Slowly facing the stranger..

Well everyone turned…

As recognition enveloped me when I saw what he was holding out to me…

“Er isn’t that your missing necklace? ??…

Lisa asked me…

Sherry looked shocked.

Luke just watched..

And I was the one with the open mouth..

And just like magic the scene of not so many days ago replayed in my head…

That not so oddly familiarity cleared..


So I did know him.
No scratch that..
I did bump into him…hard..
And those hands had held Me…
Lifted me and those eyes..
Had looked into mine boring a hole in my soul…

I blinked like a hundred times and my hand subconsciously flew to my throat…

And he had the sweetest smile on…

“Your fault..
I did give you the chance..
Now you owe me..
A double – owe
I don’t even know what that means or even there is a word like that..
But at the moment it seemed all appropriate. ”

He dangles it..

“Go ahead…take it.
I don’t bite”..

I did take it..

“So wait you were the beautiful stranger with the amazing reflexes and blue eyes that literally swept my girl here off her feets…”…..

“Ohhhhh…boy…..you definitely are all that she described but you are a killer bomb in person…” Lisa folds her hands and seemed to be basking in the moment as realization hits her…

She wispers in Luke’s ears and he nodded Understanding…

“Oh that’s him?….He smiles..

Sherry was confused.
And sherry hated being confused or not in the lope of things  .

“Er hello.. .what the hell are you guys ranting about” ..??

“Don’t worry you lik brain. ..
We don’t want it exploding all over the place abs soiling my pretty dress…. “…

“Am so embarrassed “… I said…looking down…

“Its okay…
I am Liam by the way….
And what’s your …
Or should I just call you four eyes?
Btw it’s kinda cute…

I smiled…taking his hand..
“Its Marybella. ….and thank you for then and for this ….
I thought I lost it”…

You are welcome…”  he reluctantly releases my hand….

“Have a good evening…ladies and gent”….
He says…
Just as a sweet ride pulls over…
” bella….”… He flashes me that sexy smile

He walks to the car as it was opened for him…

“But we weren’t done talk—-…..”..

He was gone.

Sherry fumed..
Lisa stuck a tongue at her…
“Bet you can’t get everyman with flaunting your assets. ..
Mayb my girl bella can teach you a thing or two….

We left her turning redder than a tomato and she walks off angrily to her car…

Lisa laughed all the way to the car…

“Go girl”…she nudges me..
“You must have given him a lasting impression bella….
“Oh he is so georgeous. ..
“Tell me you gave him your number or something…
Did you,?
“Did she luke??

Argh girl .
Don’t I teach you anything…
But for what’s worth..
I loved the look on sherry ‘ s face..
It was epic..

Lisa never stopped talking..
Not when I dropped her home..
Not even when I got home and my phone kept buzzing….

I laughed till I feel asleep exhausted..
And the image  of Liam. .playing all over in my head .



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