How bad can it get??


Xoxoxoxox. .

Do you ever feel depressed about your life. .
At any point in your life..
Have that very depressing feeling…
Very low
And downcast feeling..
Like you failed..
Or like why is it that you…just you getting all the shit you know..

Like are you the only one in this whole wide world who gets to be completely messed up..
Like the whole universe hates you.
You aren’t worth shit that’s why you feel like shit.
Like literally nothing seems to be working out for you..

We are taking about the no job…
The last one had you eating out of your hands..
Are we talking about Lousy friends who seemed to be around you only because they were benefiting and probably don’t even know what your best colour is..
Or that horrible boyfriend who don’t give shit about you no matter how much you try..
Or is that loan that refuses to pull through..
Or wait..

Is it that your kids are being totally rebellious and hate you because you refuse to let them pierce their earlobe and belly bottons and have a tattoo or go crazy and wild with some crazy and wild friends..

Or wait..
Is it that feeling you get at the pit of your stomach when you walk in on your husband banging your best friend with her ass in the air on your matrimonial bed..

Or gee..wait..
Is It when you find out that the lady next to you who got started like 6 months ago got promoted because she was willing to give the boss a deep throat and some anals …and you have been working your ass off day and night for that company for the last 7 years of your fregging life…and your promotion request keeps bouncing back unread..

Oh Crap ..

Don’t tell me it’s that feeling you get when you realised that you are broke and be out on the streets begging for treats…

Oh no shut up….
Don’t tell me it’s that really suckaholic one ..
When you walk into a shop to ask them if they have a space for a cleaner because you dropped out of school and didn’t and couldn’t go back to finish and you see your friends…
All flashy.and rich…spending money and looking wonderful and someone screams…

“No way…isn’t that…claira ? ”
Don’t you just wana die?

Do you feel depressed and feel as though everyone has given up on you and life can’t be any more worse…??

Don’t be!!

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

I know sometimes we wana scream
“Fuck off” to everyone and be left alone and wallow in self.pity..

But sometimes we need to get up.
Dust ourselves and start again.

Keep moving.
Keep walking.
Keep dreaming…

Everything would be alright.

If we wait for someone to tell us that..
And help us to.our feets.
We might wait a pretty long time..
Sometimes we need to be there for ourselves.

Shit happens.
Shit always gets to happen.
We deal with it.
And move on..
And make something out of out selves .

The world is bog enough for everyone to shine.
So pick your center stage and sparkle.



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